Its been about four weeks. I've been trying to learn a new language for work. My manager asked me to learn french. Almost everyone else in the work place, can speak two or three languages except for me.

What should I do?

I've been up every night till midnight then waking up at 4:30 am.

My skin looks horrible I don't even want to tell you about my eyes. Thank goodness we wear masks. It's cheaper than make up, less time consuming aswell.

I'm going to have a test in a couple of weeks. I'm going to fail. Praying is not going to help me. I can not even write my name in French. I am going to lose my career.

Lets see

Language Tutor Needed Urgently

Must know French and English

Speak and write fluently.

$25 per hour.

Payment cash after the first lesson.

Text 647 123-4567.

Hopefully I'm offering enough pay. Not too little that noone will not respond. To be honest with you I have no idea what to pay.

One task done just have to pray that there will be applicants. Today is Thursday hopefully the applicants will apply right away. If not it's just two weeks away.

That's enough for one day. I'm going to sleep know. If I continue to teach myself I'm only going to get more mixed up. I'll go to bed earlier and wake up a little later to get some sleep in. Not too much later I want to check if there are responses before I go into work.

I have been working here almost five years. My manager hardly ever speaks to me until she asked me. The times are changing I just have to go with the flow.

My nights go by fast and my days take for ever. I really like my position. I'm on the computer typing from a voice recorder all day. The company just got a big client that only speaks French.

Look at that I just put my head on my pillow. The alarm clock is already ringing.

Regular routine, for week day. I'll charge my phone while I'm getting ready for work. I have a couple of hours still.

I went out the door into the car. So much traffic this morning. I'll pull over and get a cup of coffee. That way I can check my phone to see if there are any responses.

The lady at the coffee shop asked.

"Would you like your regular?"

I responded

"No thank you

Ill take a medium please!"

I'm going to have a long day I don't want to be sleepy later."

She couldn't believe it.

She handed me my medium coffee.

As I was walking out the door

I heard a couple of beeps on my cellphone. Looks like someone is responding to my ad.

I looked at my phone. There's like five responses. No wait six and seven. I hope I'll find someone with all of those responses.

Ill randomly respond to number four.

Ill respond by text.

What should I write?

Thank you for reading to my post.

Do you have any references?

Oh no why did I say that? It's sounds silly. I'll wait five to ten minutes. I don't want to be late for work.

I looked at my phone there was a response.


The person said.

"I have two."

"Ok great!"

I said to the applicant.

"I'll message you around noon."

As I stepped into the office my manager was making her coffee.

She turned around and said.

" Good morning"

"Good morning!"

I responded.

I barely took another step.

"How's the French going!"

I paused a couple of seconds.

"Difficult at first but I'm getting boat it now!"

She smiled and walked away.

I just lied to my manager. I don't even know if she believed me or not.

By Sunday it will be true.

I took a couple more steps.

Oh no! She's walking back this way.

I looked to the right and then to the left. I'm the only one in the hallway. She's coming to talk to me. I'm so nervous I felt nauseous.

"Mint, Mint!"

Darn I can't turn away there's no where to go.


I responded

"We have to move the test up to Wednesday.

Do you think you will have enough time?"

Of course I paused.

Then I responded.

"Of course I'll be ready!"

That afternoon I messaged the applicant. We were setting up a good time for both of us on zoom. The first one Friday. I better set a reminder. I can not forget this.

The rest of the weekend went by so slow. Except for Thrusday night. I cheated and went to bed early. Sure enough Friday arrived. I woke up on time, with the help of my alarm clock.

Another long day at work. Not this evening though. I have to come home fast without stopping anywhere.

Today went by extremely fast. Busy typing all day long. No questions from the manager. I got home fast too. I live about fifteen minutes away.

I heard my phone ring. It's the lady whose tutoring me. She's just confirming the meeting.

The first meeting was really hard for me. I had to explain everything over and over. Saturday and Sunday evening were better. I finally was able to read and write alittle in French.

I do not have to tell you Monday came around real fast. My manager was in the hallway again.

" Mint Mint!

Are you ready?

Test day. Test day. I wanted to phone you but today is just Monday head office have the wrong date. Are you ready?"

"Yes! Actually I am."

I responded without a pause.

"Here it is two pages half hour."

A half hour went by fast.

Guess who was there?

"Ill get you your results by the end of the day."

"Thank you."

I said.

The end of the day came soon enough.

So did the manager come back to my desk.

"I'm here as promised.

With your results!"

Contact you passed!

You'll be getting a raise!"

"Really thank you."

I was so happy I smiled all the way home.

Inspired by Reedy promt.

August 13, 2020 18:05

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