Drama Mystery Suspense

"This is HORRIBLE!" "This is not happening right now!" Sherry cried. "It is impossible, I can't be pregnant!" "I can't be pregnant!" She screamed.

Sherry and Casey had been married for 5 years but together for 7. They had both finished College and had their careers and were ready to start their family. They tried to conceive and after no success, they gave it a break. It took a toll on their married life as well. The one thing that Sherry wanted to give Casey was a baby and nothing seemed to be happening. She noticed after three years that Casey seemed to be less interested in her and his work hours got longer and longer. The dinner got colder and colder, until dinner was an option not a necessity. Sherry felt like she needed a break from it all and that is where things took a deep dive into the Sea of Deception.

"Sherry are you okay?" "Why are you crying, baby?" Casey asked.

"Please, Casey, just leave me alone, I am fine!" "I am just emotional, but nothing that you did!" "I have been all over the place all week." "I am just upset because I really want you to be happy with me and I just don't think you are happy with me!" Sherry cried out. "I am happy with you though, where is this coming from!" "I have never said anything about not being happy with you!" "Where is this all coming from?" Casey asked again.

Sherry and Casey had a very rough past, they were so toxic together but so terrible apart. They have to be together even though they can't stand each other half the time. They are truly an example of a LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP. Knowing what she knew, Sherry had to get out of the room, out of the house! This was awful and she had to fix it before it got out of hand!

"Casey, listen I need to go for walk, I need to clear my mind!" "I am okay I promise you, just please leave me alone and let me clear my head!" Sherry begged as she ran past him and out the front door. "O--okay I love y---." Casey said.

Casey was so confused at this point and the thing is he was feeling the strain and wanted to set the record straight. He had no idea that Sherry actually felt that, he did not want her. He had taken on extra cases at work because he wanted to surprise her with her DREAM HOME!! He decided to go into the bathroom, to see if he could uncover something.

"Hello, Sherry what is going on?" "This is a surprise to hear from you!" He said. "Shut up and listen to me, this is bad, very bad! Sherry screamed in the phone. "What are you talking about, what is bad? He asked. "I took the test, I took the freaking test and it is positive!" "This is not happening right now, I can't be pregnant!" "That will ruin everything!" Sherry cried. "Oh my did, you Casey yet?" He asked. "Wait, wait are you saying that I got you pregnant!" He asked. "No I did not tell him and what the hell do you mean by that!" "Who else would I be pregnant from, we both know my husband, your son can't get me pregnant!" Sherry fired off. "It is over I will never bounce back from this, Casey will never forgive me and I don't blame him." Sherry pointed out. "I have to tell him, eventually!" "He will know and my marriage will be over!" Sherry cried.

Casey looked in the trash can and there it was, staring him in the face!" "He moved closer to the trash can, and sure enough he saw two lines! Casey was overtaken with joy and it all made sense so this is why Sherry was crying! This explains the mood swings and the reason she has been so angry, lately. But, for him it made things even better, the new house and now the new home, things were falling perfectly in line. Casey, ran into the bedroom to grab his phone so that he could ask Sherry to come home! He had alot to tell her now! He had planned to tell her about the new home this weekend. He had it all planned out, now he has even more reason to tell his wife the good news.

"Tom, I am over this, I can't do this anymore!" "Me and you that was a mistake and it is not something that I will ever do again with you!" Casey, deserves so much more than what you or I have ever done to him!" Casey, has been good to me!" Sherry yelled. "If he was so good that you ran into my arms, he was so good that it took his daddy to get his wife pregnant!" Tom laughed. "You are a BASTARD and I can see why Casey has nothing to do with you!" Sherry cried. "Listen, Casey is my son and although we have not had the best relationship, I don't think that the baby you are carrying is mine!" Tom admitted. "I am not the father, I AM TO OLD NOW!" "There is no way that this baby is mine!" Tom stated. "THIS IS A NIGHTMARE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T GET ME PREGNANT!" "CASEY HAS THE SAME CONDITION AS YOU!" "ONE OF YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!" SHERRY CRIED. "My life is over I am done, this is simply not happening!" "You have to know that you can still make babies, you idiot!" Sherry yelled. "Oh no, he is calling me now---- I have to go----- I will call you tomorrow, we have alot of things to talk about!" Sherry said hanging up.

Sherry took a deep breath and walked back towards her home. So much was going through her mind and she had no clue what was going on or what the future held for her. She was so happy yet sad at the same time. There is no way her family would be able to be saved. She slept with her father in law and conceived a child. She is having her husbands brother or sister. How will they be able to bounce back from that? No matter what she had to go into the house and face her man. She sticks the key into the keyhole and turns the knob to unlock the door, just as Casey opened the door!

"Sherry, I was so worried about you!" "I have some things to say to you and I have to get it out." Casey said. "I really am tired, Casey!" "I am not in the mood, I just want to sleep!" Sherry cried." "Sherry, I know you don't want to hear what I am saying right now but, I really need you to hear me out." Casey ordered. "I know I have not been the best husband to you the past few weeks, but it was a reason for that." "I was going to save it until the weekend but I found the test in the garbage and I am so happy, baby!" He yelled. "This is huge and I will make sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need." "Casey, this is all so sweet and all but I have to tell you something!" "Like I know how bad we wanted the baby and everything, but there are somethings that may change your thoughts about this!" Sherry said." "Sherry there is nothing that you will ever say or do at this point that will change my love for you and our child." "Casey, you are so sweet and so clueless." "I can't hurt you anymore than I already have." Sherry cried. "I have to tell you------" she started a knock on the door interrupted her. "Who could that be at this hour?" Casey asked puzzled. "I have no clue?" Sherry replied equally shocked.

Casey gets up and walks to the door, Sherry is close in toe. He looks through the door hole and sees, Tom! He swings the door open and says, "Why are you here?" "Yeah, why are you here, Tom?" Sherry added. "Well, hello to you guys too, I was in the area and thought I would stop in and see my two favorite people." Tom joked. "Okay, it is almost midnight, you live 45 minutes away and we are not your favorite people, so again why are you here!" Casey spewed. "Well, I will get straight to it, A man named Bill Smothson, called me today about a home that I made a bid on, only I never made a bid on a home." "I told him I believe he was speaking of my son Tom Casey Brown Jr." Tom said. "Wait, what is talking about, Tom?" Sherry asked puzzled. "What is going on here?" She asked again. "I was trying to surprise you but since the secret is basically out, I have been working super hard and long and for a reason." "I made an offer on the house you have been dreaming about and they took the offer!" "We got the home, we got the home!" Casey said. "Oh my God, we got the HOUSE!" Sherry cried as she ran towards Casey! "Wow, that is great I love the fact that you two are happy and you are getting the home you wanted and with a baby too!" This is great!" Tom shouted. "Wait----you know about the baby?" Casey asked. "Uh------Uh I overheard it!" Tom lied. "Casey, I called him when, I left!" "I wanted to let him know that I was pregnant and-----and!" Sherry stammered. "Say it, Sherry!" "Say, what you wanted to say!" "You called the REAL FATHER of the baby, right?" Casey said staring at her. "Casey, it was a mistake, I was hurting and drunk because I could not have a baby and it happened." Sherry cried. "I am so sorry, but how did you know!" "I mean how would you have figured that out!" Sherry asked. "I found your phone one day and I followed you and I watched you meet with my father and sleep with him!" Casey cried out. That is why I brought the house. That is why I gave then his phone number!" "It was my plan all along! "I also went to the Doctor and I had been taking sperm enhancers to get my count up and at my last appointment my swimmers were way up!" "The baby that you are carrying it is my baby and I will take care of the baby, but you and me, yeah that is done!" Oh and you have to be out of this house by the end of the week." Casey said picking up his keys. "Wait, so this was a set up!" "You knew I was sleeping with your dad and you never let me know that!" "You telling me that I am loosing my husband and my dream home?" Sherry cried. "Hey, you will bounce back, besides I think my ex dad may have a spare room for you, GOOD-BYE!"

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