Stage Fright

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Christian Inspirational Friendship

" Oh, Wow this stage sure is huge"! Dan, I don't know if I can do it, I'm looking down at the stage and I'm visualizing how many people will be in the audience as I walk out on the stage to share my newly found tone in my voice. I'm really scared, I don't think I have ever performed on such a beautiful stage as this and as I am standing here with you, Dan looking down, I actually feel butterflies in my stomach, I mean this stage is so wide and long and it has so many seats and windows, and " Dan look at the walls, they are so beautiful and hollow". Dan, What do I do? How will all the people hear my new found tone in my voice? I think I should practice up hear as I we are both looking down at this stage just to see how my voice will echo. Ok, I think I'm ready to belt out my first note, " It is colorful, it is beautiful", aww weight, it doesn't sound right Dan, my voice it's pitchy, it's not the same as it was prior to the surgery Dan. " What surgery Sue"? Well it's a long story, but let's sit here on the stage and I will explain, about 11 years ago I was diagnosed with nodules in my thyroid and I had to have a lot of medical test done, and was later diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, I ended up having surgery to remove the nodule from the right side that ended up being six times larger than what they prior measured and that actual nodule removed saved my life, but also took my first soprano voice. Dan my voice was everything to me, and the stage was where I used my voice to make people happy. After looking down this stage and practicing my song, I don't have the confident to perform on this stage. I'm sorry Dan I have to leave. " Wait Sue don't leave, I can help you with your voice so that will feel comfortable as you did before your surgery performing on this beautiful stage that you have performed on so many times." I will have the voice coach work with you, don't give up on your passion for singing just because you can't hit the high soprano notes that you were able to hit before, just sing notes that are comfortable to the new found tone of your voice, we prepared this stage just for you, because we know you love the stage and love to perform on the stage. We will support you Sue and we are here for you, and believe in you, we heard you sing on this stage many times and know that you have a beautiful voice, please don't let your Thyroid Surgery make you give up on singing. I will take your offer Dan and try the singing coach that you are referring me to, and I will practice because practice makes perfect, well at least for me almost perfect. There is Essie now, Hi I am Sue and Dan told me all about you and I am grateful that you are going to be working with me regarding my voice. Nice to meet you, Sue, I'm Essie Eubanks and I have been doing vocal coaching for over 15 years and the good thing for you is, my mother had the same surgery you had many years ago and we both were able to nurse her voice back to a comfortable tone that suits her new found tone as you call it, and she has been happy every since . However she doesn't have the same voice she was born with because she had the surgery and things were tweaked as she says, but she still has a beautiful tone and she can carry a note. Now tell me what problems are you having with your voice. Please have a seat and here is some tissue for your tears. Ok, well I have been singing since the age of about four in church, at funeral, family functions and I even did a Gospel Album with a Gospel Artist and I used to travel with a choir and perform all around in different cities, but I noticed after my surgery I could no longer hit the high soprano notes and I have been a soprano all of my life, my screaming voice even changed, I would tell myself, well at least I am alive and the nodule is gone and maybe if I practice and drink warm tea and aloe juice my voice would come back. I did all of that and I even went to Speech Therapy for about a year, but my voice didn't come back, so it's been a challenge because I want to sing the Gospel on stage like I once did and encourage others with beautiful sound. " I understand Sue and I will help you as much as I can, but I need you to understand that, sometimes during surgeries, things may change for a person and the body part may act different, so although we may not be able to get you back 100% how you were born, we can make you comfortable. Let's start by doing breathing exercises and repeat after me. "Thank-You Essie, I will see you at the next rehearsal on stage"! I am back on stage, I am so nervous, look at all the beautiful seats, the walls, the windows, the floors and I wonder how many people will be in those seats, well let me not worry about that and drink my tea and aloe and start practicing. " "I'm trying to hold my breath, Let it stay this way" Claps, Claps, "Wow you sound amazing Sue," Aww, A Thank- You Dan, it's because of your encouragement that I didn't give up and your friend Essie is a real life saver. I can't wait to perform on this beautiful stage and make the crowd proud and although my voice isn't what it used to be, I survived the Thyroid Surgery, I was clear of Cancer and my new found tone sounds amazing and I still can encourage others through song. Dan I am ready for you to open the curtains to the stage, I have no more stage fright. Thank-You Dan and Essie!

December 09, 2021 01:33

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Sarcastic Kate
21:45 Dec 15, 2021

Really sweet story full of encouragement and triumph! The characters were realistic and likeable! The story believable and hopeful! I would work a little bit on pacing... there were moments where the progression unfolded at too quick of a pace, so to make it more realistic, I would signify time gaps or jumps when necessary... also keep an eye on homonym words (words that sound the same but are spelled differently) such as "weight" versus "wait" or "here" versus "hear" but that's just the English teacher in me! Good job overall! Nice read!


Sanae Dillard
07:06 May 04, 2022

Thank You, I needed that, because I'm an emotional writer and I write like I talk, and I actually was that character with a name change. I am really trying to improve my writing skills. I appreciate your critique


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