Fiction Holiday Kids

"When will he be here," five year old Joey asked his mother. Joey, a very energetic boy, dressed as a lion, was looking forward to having his Uncle Jake take him trick or treating. You see, Joey was very close to his Uncle, and enjoyed being around him.

"Uncle Jakenwill be here soon, Sweetie," Joey's mother answered. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Joey jumped up, ran over and answered the door. Uncle Jake stood there dressed as a storm trooper. "Hi, Buddy, how is my favorite nephew doing today?" Uncle Jake asked.

Joey jumped up and hugged his uncle hard and said, "I'm doing good."

Returning the hug, Uncle Jake said, "Go use the bathroom now. Do you need anything else?"

"I have everything I need, Uncle Jake," Joey said as he ran over to the bathroom.

"Are you doing ok" Jake asked his sister.

"I'm doing good, just a little tired from work today. Thanks for taking Joey trick or treating so Bob and I can have a night out."

"You and Bob deserve to have a free night once in a while. Besides that, I know Joey will have a good time with me."

Just then, they heard the toilet flush. Uncle Jake called out "Wash your hands too!"

Joey came out a minute later, wiping his hands on a blue hand towel.

"Uncle Jake, I'm ready to go," Joey said as he hugged his mother. "Be safe, honey. Stay close to Uncle Jake."

"Yes, mom. I will," came his reply.

A moment later, Uncle Jake helped Joey get into his SUV and be buckled up. Once Uncle Jake got in and buckled up, he asked, "Are you ready, Buddy?"

"Yes," exclaimed Joey. On the way to the first neighborhood, Uncle Jake was helping Joey get ready for everything they were going to do that evening. Before long, the car stopped, and the two of them got out. Joey grabbed Uncle Jake's hand as they walked up to the first house. They rang the doorbell. When an old lady with grey hair answered, Joey said excitedly, "Trick or treat!"

"What a cute lion you are!" Exclaimed the lady and dropped some candy into the pillow case they were using. They did the same thing at the next house,and the next.

Fifteen minutes later, they loaded up in the SUV again.

"Joey, I'm going to take you someplace special next. Since we can't see what you have yet, we will get you something special now."

"Yay!" Joey was having a blast. A few minutes later, they pulled into the local McDonald's. When they went inside, both of them got a free ice cream cone. Then they went out for another neighborhood, and started trick or treating again. Before long, the one pillow case was full, and they switched over to another one. When they arrived at the third neighborhood, Joey got excited when he saw his friend from school, Conner. The two boys started talking excitedly about everything going on that night as they went to the houses. Once they got done, Joey gave a big yawn.

"Are you tired Joey? Would you like to call it a night," Uncle Jake asked.

Joey happily replied, "I'm ready to go home now that we got a lot of candy."

"Ok. Let's get you home," Uncle Jake said. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at Joey's home, and went inside.

"Mommy, we saw all kinds of costumes. Uncle Jake took me to McDonald's for ice cream, we saw Conner, and all kinds of spooky stuff," Joey said excitedly.

"That all sounds wonderful dear. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes. I love doing things like this with Uncle Jake," came Joey's answer.

"I hope he wasn't too much trouble for you," Joey's mother said.

Uncle Jake said, "No, he was no trouble at all. Joey is a good boy."

As Joey's mother pulled down a bowl, she asked, "Did you get creeped out by anything?"

"No, I didn't. A couple of decorations surprised Joey but he held onto me twice as much," replied Uncle Jake.

"Hey Buddy, you need to go get cleaned up a bit. Change out of your costume and into pajamas," Joey's father said.

"Yes, Dad," said Joey as he jumped up to get ready for bed.

"Jake, thanks for taking my son out tonight. You see, your sister and I really needed a night out ourselves," said Joey's father extending his hand for a handshake.

Reaching his hand out to meet his brother in laws hand, Jake said, "It was my pleasure. I'm happy to do stuff like this with him often." The two men walked out to Uncle Jake's SUV to make sure that they got everything out earlier. When Uncle Jake noticed a dark spot on his silver SUV, he was surprised. He pulled out the keychain flashlight and turned it on. "It's blood" said Uncle Jake. "I better get this cleaned up quickly."

"You need to come in and say goodnight to Joey first. If you don't, he will be hurt," replied Joey's father.

Uncle Jake agreed and the two men went back inside the house. Joey, now dressed in his red pajamas came up, and gave his Uncle a big hug. "Thank you Uncle Jake. I had fun tonight," Joey said. "Can you tuck me in tonight and read me a bedtime story? Pulease."

Both of Joey's parents said, "Go ahead. It will make him happy."

"I would be happy too. Do you have a special story that you want to hear," came Uncle Jake's response.

"You can make one up tonight," Joey said as he yawned. Uncle Jake carried his nephew up to his bedroom, set him on his bed, and tucked his nephew in.

While Uncle Jake was tucking in Joey, both of Joey's parents put a plastic skeleton in the back seat of the SUV and cleaned up the blood from the sight of it. Fifteen minutes later, Joey fell asleep with a smile on his face. Uncle Jake went to his SUV and was startled when he saw the skeleton fall out the door. Joey's father laughed and said, "I didn't know you had a spare skeleton."

Reaching down, Uncle Jake realized it was plastic, laughed and said, "Good night you two. I will see you later." Uncle Jake was glad to help his nephew with something special like his first trick or treating time. He treasured his time with his nephew, that made him happy.

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