Friendship Teens & Young Adult Creative Nonfiction

“Hello, are you Alice. I have two reservations for this week. It is under the name of Abby, which is me.”

“Hello, I am Alice. You are here with your friend Bella, right? I have your rooms ready for you.”

“Thank you. Where is the room?” I asked.

“Your room number is 7 and Bella’s room is room 8. George will help you take your bags to your room. I will let you rest for a while. We have cupcakes and cookies in the kitchen, you take some later.”

“Thank you, Alice”, I thank her and then leave.

I reach my room and put my bag on the floor where George has put the rest of my luggage. After Bella puts her stuff in her room, she comes into mine.

“Bella, who are you talking to? It is our week, please leave the phone.”

“Just give me one sec, I am updating Phil. It is our week, just give me a minute.”

“Okay, I am going to take a shower and change my clothes. Please be ready once I come out. I have so many activities planned out for us.”

“Okay, you freshen up and so will I. Please don’t worry, it is only our week.”

I know that she is trying to reassure me so I try to act cool, “Okay, just hurry up. There is a day full of fun ahead for us.”

 After half an hour, we both get ready and head down to get something to eat before we leave.

“Are you both fresh now? What are you both planning to do today?”

“I have some ideas about where to go but can you give us some suggestions about where to visit” I asked Alice.

“There are many places to visit. What do you have in mind?”

“We both want to spend some time together and it should be fun” Bella said.

“Well, there are some adventurous activities over here.”

“What kind of activities?” me and Bella asked at the same time.

“Looks like you two are best friend.”

“Yeah, we have been, ever since I could remember” I said.

“We are two peas in a pod” Bella also told Alice.

“Well, there is cycling, rock climbing, ziplining and hiking. But these are some of the adventurous activities. You both can also take a walk on the bridge or you can go shopping.”

“All that sounds perfect.”

“There is a special yoga class on today. It starts in 3 hours.”

“That sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it Bella. It gives us plenty of time to go shopping.”

But as always, she says, “One second, I am just updating Phil on what is going on.”

“I forgot to ask you, what brings you to our little town?” Alice asked.

“We are here to reconnect. My job involves travelling. I work as a sports journalist. I travel to different places to write about different kinds of sports. So, I don’t get to meet her much.”

“Oh, that must be difficult. But I don’t think there is much reconnecting going on here.”

“Yeah, I think so to.”

“So, who is Phil?” Alice asks Bella.

“He is my fiancé.”

“So, when are you getting married?”

“We are getting married in December. There are still 3 and a half months left.”

“You must be so excited.”

“Yes, I am. I can’t wait for the special day.”

“Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. You can grab something to eat. I am on my way to my shop, if you want to come, I won’t mind.”

“I think we will grab something to eat first. Do you know any place we can eat?” I asked Alice.

“There is an amazing Bistro just along the way I am going.”

“We will come along then.”

Once we reach the Bistro, we find a table very quickly. I have some food and then go shopping. But before we leave, we compliment one of the chefs, who is also the owner of the Bistro.

“So, Bella, let’s go shopping first. I also found out that they are hosting a special and free yoga class. It starts in 2 hours.”

“That sounds perfect” Bella says.

We head to different stores and do loads of shopping. When we go back to the Bed and Breakfast, we have ten to twelve bags in total.

“Hey Bella, I am going to change into my sweatshirt and pant so it will be easier for me to do yoga. I think you should do the same”, I tell Bella

“Yup, even I am going to change.”

Once we are changed, we leave for the yoga studio. When we reach, we take 2 yoga mats from the pile. After 5 minutes, the yoga instructor comes out. She greets all of us and then starts with the warm-ups. After one and a half hour, we are done with the class.

Once we are done, I see Bella on the phone. I am a hundred percent sure that she is talking to Phil.

“Hi, are you Abby Callaway?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I am a huge fan. My name is Dixie.”

“Hi Dixie, it is always wonderful to meet my fans.”

“I am going to the Bistro; do you want to join me?”

“I am here with my friend.” I look towards Bella but she is talking on the phone, so I say, “Actually, let me just text her. Lead the way, Dixie.”

I reach home after one hour and go take a shower. After that, I go down and see Bella.

“Hi, you want to go for dinner?” I ask her.

“I ordered food for both of us. I thought we could eat food in our room?”

“Okay, I am perfectly fine with that.”

“I will wait for the food; you can go and wait in my room” Bella said.


I wait for Bella in her room. After 5 minutes, she comes up with 2 bags filled with food.

While we eat, Bella says, “Why did you leave me in the yoga studio without telling me?”

“I did not tell you because you were on the phone with Phil so, I texted you instead” I can see Bella is very angry.

“But it is our week to reconnect. Why did you ditch me?”

 I hear the anger in her voice.

“Bella, you keep ditching me to talk to Phil.”

“I just update him on everything. Is that a problem?”

“No, it isn’t. But the way you do it, it’s like you only want to do that. We both are grown women and very capable of taking care of ourselves.”

“Yeah, but”

Before she finished, I said, “I am leaving. I don’t want to be anywhere near you.” I leave and then slam the door shut.

In the morning, I pack my stuff and go down to Alice.

“Hi, good morning. I want to check out early. Here is my room key.”

“Okay, why don’t you grab some snacks before I check you out” Alice said.

“Sure, why not” I go to the kitchen counter and just when I was about to take a cupcake, Bella came in. I quickly, almost instinctively, stepped back.

Just then Bella said, “I am really sorry about yesterday. I know it was my fault. Would you please forgive me” she says while handing me a cupcake?

“It was your fault and fine I will forgive you” I say while taking the cupcake.

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