Christian Contemporary Romance

"Have you ever been in love?" Kim slowly awoke in the morning light, asking herself. She had been brought up to show Godly love to all around her. Supposedly, according to her religious elders, friends can leave, but your family are forever.

Right now, Kimberley was finding it a real struggle to demonstrate humble Christian forgiveness. In her church group where she was the youth leader, she had been cruising, newly engaged after meeting cute Logan. She respected herself, and did not abandon her family's teaching.

But Logan had a few other ideas. He told Kimberley she was his true love, and would wait until they received their church blessings. Unfortunately, she found Logan passionately kissing her even cuter younger sister, Patrice. That little romance had formed right under Kimberley's nose.

That was the end of her engagement. Logan bought Patrice an even bigger ring, and her parents soon accepted this new union. Kimberley had always thought that her family was a reflection of Godly love. Now, she looked at her room, her single bed, wondering. "Who had ever really been in love? What was her God trying to teach her with these conflicting emotions?"

"Maybe romance isn't for me...." she told herself. So she decided to take an offer of a job as a radio journalist, to fly away from this pair of hotheads, Logan and Patrice. Neither of them was at all sorry, they were flaunting themselves, with really cute love photos all over their perfect world of social media.

Kimberley took off in her Godly goals to live in another city, deciding to be a very distant aunty to all the planned, rich, intelligent, good-looking grandchildren for her parents. A bitter experience. She would mail all their kids cards and thoughtful, well-wrapped gifts, and occasionally waft in for a family Christmas. Gross, O Joy!

"Have you ever been in love?" Kimberley had a song of ear worms in her brain. But she was being very brave in the face of this adversity, being a true Christian, on the fringes of Patrice's white wedding. She did believe their Christian faith should be more than attending church one day per week, and a nightly prayer, with occasional grace.

She thanked God for Jesus' influence in her life, and kept on smiling. Logan's concept of love definitely had not been forever. God sends his humans challenges, but does not ask more than people could not handle, if they contemplated their blessings. Humble prayers have no barriers.

Kimberley did discover that she was blessed with the knowledge that her life was for the living, and her gifts were for the giving. Life is what happens along the way. While she was focusing on the positives, she tried to overlook all that input about the marriage that might have been.

A couple of years had passed. "Why did anyone get married at all?" Kimberley pondered, after her usual phone call to her mother. Silent answer" "To get divorced." Yes, the wheel turned even for even cuter Patrice, learning the hard way. Her cutely handsome Logan was as shifty cheat. Like many a wife, she was the last to know.

Yes, life is what happens along the way. Kimberley worked hard, progressing upwards on the ladder of the radio industry. By the age of 31 years old, she was a newly initiated breakfast show announcer, seamlessly gaining her own following. She supported her co-host with humor and tolerance, as an effective foil to his on-air experience.

Sooner or later, both Kimberley and Gerald would be replaced by Ai technology, and an automated script. In the meantime, their sparkly humor bounced off each other. Amid the repartee, Kimberley's grace was blooming, with their very popular chemistry.

Nothing would last forever. Still, Kimberley phoned or zoomed home once per week, hearing the latest installment about the rugrats and Patrice's survival. She, too, was now facing adversity, and womaning up to life happening. She had to be realistic and practical.

"Kim and Gerry", as Gerald was known, won a notable trophy for most improved radio fun show. The two announcers had developed their own camaraderie, among their gang of media teams. Kimberley had introduced a weekly raffle and a prize, for community minded souls who funded charities by seeking sponsors and donations. There were sponsored walks in parks, coin-a-thons, free dress days at schools, game nights at sporting clubs, lots of activities were soon happening.

People in this town were volunteering to fund alms, trying to show Godly love, with any other faith and atheist inclusion. Their community was inspired to raise much needed funding for the Children's Hospital, for cancer research, for the Freedom from Hunger campaign, for Doctors with No Borders, for World Peace Day.

Community spirit was revitalized, despite the hard times. Kimberley's inspiration showed the town the way, choosing her radio show to spread her message. One evening, after she and Gerald had led a community walk, they called into a sunlit open air dining experience. It was a total surprise to Kimberley when he took her by the hand.

Suddenly, bells rang, and it was not those at church. This was a different way of ending a day with Godly love. Sweet! Gerald thought Kimberley was the bee's knees, but she silently vowed to keep him a safe distance from the even cuter Patrice. Kimberley had finally met Mr. Romance.

"Have you ever been in love?' "Looks like it!" Kimberley told herself. "But would Gerald's love be forever? Or was she going to wake up again in her single bed?" Kimberley wondered in the morning light. She rapidly became a lover, and a distant stepmother to his kids. Yes, this beau she was definitely keeping away from her younger sister. Your family are forever. Bless their hearts, or what is left of them. She embraced Patrice and her struggles, but only from a discreet distance.

They were still Kimberley's family, but true trust had sort of disappeared. Who would ever really know if Kimberley and Gerald's marriage would last forever, or anyone else's?

Fortunately, Kimberley was soon enjoying years of golden love with her Gerald. She had rewired her brainset, choosing happy smiles for her earthly best friend and love. So, mortals, do not give up the ghost, not now or ever, because God loves us the most. Yes, Love can last forever.......

June 08, 2024 18:17

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Kristi Gott
20:42 Jun 17, 2024

Skillfully woven concepts and spirituality in an inspiring story. Life's disappointments and challenges are earthly but God's love is forever. A good story to uplift us. Well done!


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Mary Bendickson
01:18 Jun 10, 2024

Lovely spoken.


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