The unaccepted fate

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Adventure Fiction Fantasy

Sarah loves to play video games. She stays up all night to play video games. Surprisingly, she does well at studies too. Her mom, Ms.Selena works in the U.S. 

"Uhh...finally. I finished level 156.", said Sarah. It was 1 am. I must complete till level 180 before school", said Sarah. 

Suddenly, there was a mail that popped on her screen. She clicked it out of curiosity. The mail was written, "You are welcome to the world of adventure!". She then clicked on a green button which was written, "ACCEPT".

In a trice, her vision was fading. In a blink of an eye, she was flying in the air and fell to the ground. "Where in the world am I?", asked Sarah. 

"Hello! Welcome to the world of adventure. I am pleased to help you. Remember to follow the rules which will be shared with you later. There is no going back once you have entered.", said a voice from a device in Sarah's ears.

It was tiny and was fixed inside her ears.

"Woah...Wait a sec. I can't return home. Don't be kidding me!! I need to go to school!", yelled Sarah.

"Well, you chose to come here. So, there is no going back. By the way, my name is Mina.", said the device.

Suddenly, a person from afar sight waved at Sarah. As it was the world of adventure the body organs are advanced. Sarah could see up to 5km distance. 

"What is this backpack?", asked Sarah.

"Backpack. It contains your essential needs.", said Mina.

"When she turned back she said, "Who are you? Wait a sec, aren't you the one I noticed.......but you were far from me. How did you...".

"Hi, I am Dela. Are you new? Haha", laughed Dela hardly.

"What is wrong?", asked Sarah.

Dela snapped her fingers and there was a screen that appeared in front of her.

"So you from Earth. You are good at solving problems. You can climb trees. You have 5km of vision. Blaa blaa", said Dela while scrolling the screen.

"What is this?", asked Sarah.

" is my Leke. Even you have it.", said Dela.

"Where?", asked Sarah.

"The one who talked to you first when you entered this game.", replied Dela. 

"You mean, Mina?", asked Sarah. Dela nodded her head and replied, "You need to snap your fingers while calling "Mina", inside your heart.", explained Dela.

"Oo...I see. Where are you from?", asked Sarah.

"I was born here. My parents are from Earth. They entered into this world of Adventure. My mother was already pregnant when she entered this world.", explained Dela.

Dela started to walk after she shared her past. Sarah then asked, "Where are they now?"

Dela replied, "I don't know. I have never seen them. They wrote a letter to me. Leke later told me that they were punished for not following the rules.".

Suddenly, there were a group of people with guns in their hands. The guns weren't looking like normal ones. One bullet breaks into three bullets. They can change to riffles and can shoot to a distance of 4km.

Dela took her gun from her backpack. She said to Sarah, "Take your gun out. It is in your backpack. Also, if we get separated, just run. You don't have to look behind. After all, this is individual-based. Fight for your own life."

Before Sarah could utter a word. Dela started running. Sarah is good at shooting games, so this was easy for her.

Both of them defeated most of the enemies. After killing a person Sarah's XP was adding up. This made her level rise.

After defeating all of the enemies, Sarah started to look for Dela. But she couldn't find her, then she said to herself, "This is a game. Just focus on how to get out of here."

Mina said, "You have reached level 3. Congratulations. You can upgrade your features."

Sarah asked, "Do you know who created this world? Where can I find that person?"

Mina replied, "That is beyond my knowledge."

Sarah then yelled, "This is no joke. I have a lot of work to do. I can't stay in here."

Mina then said, "Don't you like games? And weren't you the person who accepted this invitation?"

Sarah said, "I do. But not to the extent of giving my whole life to it. Also, I accepted it as I thought it would be a game that I can play with hands, not life."

Sarah wept and wept and wept. She couldn't accept the truth. Even though she loved to play games, she didn't believe this would happen to her.

She then stood up and said, "I am going to return to my home no matter what."

Suddenly an elf showed up in front of Sarah.

"Woah. What are you?", asked Sarah.

"Hi. My name is Dora. Nice to meet you, Sarah. I give you advice and help you with my magic", said Dora.

"Ohh...I need to get used to surprises. I see...Dora. So, you know about the person who created this game? Like, your creator", asked Sarah.

"I have only heard about it. He doesn't live here. He lives in a world called "Earth". The world where most of the humans come from.", explained Dora.

While Dora was explaining Sarah was jotting it in her notebook. When she wrote the word "creator of this game lives in Earth", the words disappear. She writes it again and again but it disappears. 

The elf then said, "You must not speak or write about the creator."

Sarah replied, "What about you? Didn't you just speak about it?"

Dora replied, "The words I speak aren't from me. It is what "the creator" wants me to talk."

Sarah said, "So "the creator" is listening to me?".

Dora said, "Most probably."

Sarah got down on her knees and begged, "Creator. Please get me out of this world. I beg you. I can't live here anymore. I do love games, but I have my own life. The life where I have friends and family. They are waiting for me."

Dora said, "What are you doing? The creator can't speak through me. He only sets up my dialogue. Sarah, once you enter here you can never go back."

Sarah said, "What?? Then how can I talk to him?".

When Sarah was about to utter the next word, her lips couldn't move.

Dora said, "I said you not to speak about him."

Sarah begged, "Dora. You have the magic right. Can't you bring me back to my world? Can't you just help me?". Tears started to fall from her eyes.

Dora said, "I can't help you with things like that."

Suddenly, a light appeared in front of Sarah and a voice spoke, "You have always tried to get out from here. I have reminded you of the same thing through different characters, but you have never understood it. Let me remind you once again, "There is no going back, as you were destined to come here from the day of your birth. You were a chosen one just like the others who entered here. You will find your life here soon. Even if you weep or try anything stupid, nothing will happen. After all, you accepted my invitation."

Sarah stopped crying and said, "So, was this your plan from the beginning. You chose me. You knew I would accept your invitation, didn't you?"

The voice didn't reply and the light disappeared. Sarah stopped crying as she knew this was her fate. She couldn't accept it but she endured it. She always thought about her family and never gave up on leaving the world of adventure. 

June 16, 2021 03:09

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Tybor Tigadoro
01:28 Jun 24, 2021

Great submission! As someone who loves video games, I really enjoyed your story. Two pieces of feedback that could potentially be helpful. First, you might consider fleshing out the story with more scenery descriptions. I really enjoyed your dialogue, but I think it could be cool to build out your world with some imagery. Second, there were some minor typos throughout (e.g., "Ms.Selena" versus "Ms. Selena" in the first paragraph). You might consider a heavier proofread next time. Looking forward to your future stories!


Melody Frost
02:26 Jun 24, 2021

Thanks for correcting me. I am really happy that you enjoyed it.


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