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Our story begins with Kagashi who is known for being the target of the school's known bully: Max. Max is a straight A student who does what he wants when he wants. His family is rich as well so it only boosts his ego. However, that all changes one day. They both change in an event that causes them to see each other's cons and pros. And why one side of the grass ain't greener than the next.

Kagashi wakes to his morning alarm that tells him yet again another day of seeing Max was scheduled. He groans as he had thought many times about dropping out of school, but his parents remind him schooling wasn't cheap and that he should enjoy it while it was going on. Kagashi has black slightly spiky hair that sticks out every now and then. He wore a school uniform of a black blazer with red long sleeves and black pants. Though even those seem worn and scuffed up from his many interactions with Max. Looking into the mirror with a long face, he wishes for Max to see how much his life sucks so he could get a taste of his own medicine, while on the other hand wanting to get a taste of Max's life that seemed to allow him the freedom to do whatever he had wanted when he had wanted because he could and was rich enough to do as he pleased. Taking his school bag, he starts to head downstairs and was greeted by his mother who had made pancakes, eggs and sausage for them.

"Good morning," Kagashi said, taking a seat at the table.

"Good morning dear, I've made breakfast just like you like it," his mother, being a brunette with curly hair, was reading the newspaper.

"Do I really have to go today?" Kagashi asks as he pours syrup over his food before starting to eat.

"We've been over this Kagashi," his mother says softly. "It's just till you finish school here. I mean who knows, he might just transfer or you won't be in the same classroom. Anything can happen. Plus your father and I put a lot of money into you going to this school."

"Right.. that's what it's really about isn't it?" Kagashi grumbles. "Thanks for the food."

After finishing his plate he stood to take his dishes, to the sink. His mother sighs as she sips some of her coffee and stands to watch him leave out. When done cleaning his dishes Kagashi bid his mother a good day before heading out to school. He went to Talon's Middle School for boys which was supposed to be a highly recommended school, however, he felt it wasn't anything special aside from the fact they were taught some things that weren't usually brought up in a regular school program. As he arrived for school he saw a black vehicle slowly approaching the school's property before coming to a stop all together. When the door opens he recognizes who it was stepping out: Max Walten, his bully. With hurried steps he hid behind the school's wall so Max wouldn't see him. Max's hair is slick down to his neck, a rusted red hue to it. He wore the school uniform as well with the shirt untucked and his blazer open with his backpack over one shoulder. Walking on his way he passed Kagashi who, sighs relieved, deciding to hold back until he was sure Max would arrive to class before him.

When heading for class he opens the door to hear a click sound as a bucket of glue mix with slime falls onto his head getting stuck in his hair. The class all laughed at him as Kagashi glares at Max who acts with little interest despite him being at fault. The teacher soon arrives and tells Kagashi to stop horsing around and to wash out the glue and slime. Kagashi grits his teeth in anger and annoyance seeing how they only saw him as the troublemaker. Not really taking into account that it was through the fault of another he was in his position. As he goes to wash out the glue and slime from his hair he could only think more and more how he wanted payback against Max for all the trouble he caused him from elementary up till then. And that's when he hatched a plan. Kagashi survived through the many obstacles Max set before him, therefore he had a pretty wide idea of what he could do that Max hadn't done yet. Once school was over, Max was on his way heading home when he was called by the principal and secondary principal to the office. Going there, he knocks on the door unsure why he was called up. When he's told to come in he finds Kagashi sitting in a chair already in the principal office which confuses him.

"Have a seat," their principal said.

The principal had smooth grayish brown hair, wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a green vest over it complimented by a red tie and gray pants.

"Yes sir," Max replies and takes a seat by Kagashi, but feels uneasy and unsure of the situation. "So, why am I here?"

"You know why you're here," The secondary principal said sternly.

He was a tall man with a finely groomed dirty blonde beard and wore a gray suit.

"Mr. Kagashi informs us of witnessing you not only vandalizing my car, but also giving the principal flat tires in you and Mr. Kagashi's rivalry," the secondary principal explains.

"What?!" Max shouted as he looked to Kagashi besides him knowing that was completely lies. "You tell them right now that's not true or I'll beat you to a pulp!"

"Calm down," The principal warns, knowing Max was well enough capable of getting violent when his anger fuses. "Now I've decided on a fair punishment for you. You'll be doing the school's community service, by helping on school grounds after school hours."

"What, you can't do that?!" Max exclaimed with a beet red face. "I have a life outside of this dump, what about my plans?"

"Then you'll just have to cancel I'm afraid," the principal saids softly. "Thank you for coming to get us Mr. Kagashi. It was very brave of you for standing up for something like that. I'll be sure to let your folks know about what you've done today."

"It was no trouble at all, just trying to do my part," Kagashi saids smugly.

With that, Kagashi stood to leave out as he went back to his classroom to get their backpacks. Meanwhile the principal had to call someone over to help with his car as the secondary principal told Max all he'll be doing before going home. When he was done and saw Max was indeed doing his job right he left wishing the principal luck. While the principal was busy tending to his own business he didn't notice Max disappearing from the school's courtyard, nor Kagashi who was preparing to leave school only being dragged back inside from behind with his mouth covered. Max took him to the pool which was empty now.

"You set me up, admit it!" Max yells with his fist clutched.

"Yeah I might've, but you deserve every bit of it," Kagashi retorts back. "I'm sick of looking over my shoulder because of your stupid tricks and lame pranks! It's time someone put you in place."

"Kagashi..," Max grumbles before tackling him.

The two started to fight it out as Max threw a few punches while Kagashi blocked using his arms before shoving Max over closer to the pool and Max pulled him along with him as they kept rolling and tumbling before falling into the pool and hitting their heads. Their vision is fading in and out as the principal hears the commotion and rushes to their aid. His voice is barely heard between the two as he exclaims he was calling an ambulance. He tries to keep them alert, but they are out of it and before long black out. When Kagashi opens his eyes, his vision blurred, slowly adjusting. So naturally he was surprised to find strangers in his room.

"Oh Maximus," an older woman with dark blue puffy hair stood by Kagashi's bedside.

She dress in a floral dress with a white scarf and matching gloves and yellow heels to match her dress base color that's decorated with orange flowers.

"We were so worried about you son, don't scare us like that," his father was a charming man with a sharp face and he was dressed in a white suit.

"W..who are you people?!" Kagashi exclaimed.

"Oh darling it looks like he's suffering from..from..amnesia," Max's mother said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry dear, he'll eventually be the Maximus we know and love," Max's father said, hugging his wife.

Kagashi was shocked at what had happened. Their struggle led to them hitting their heads in the empty pool when falling in and somehow switched bodies. He could only imagine how Maximus was taking things. Meanwhile Maximus, who was in Kagashi's body, woke up to his mother at his side.

"Kagashi, what have I told you about being careless," she scolds, but was more than glad to see him well.

Kagashi's mother dressed in a pale blue blouse and dark blue jeans wearing brown wedges.

"Sorry, but you have the wrong guy," Max told her, still feeling a little sluggish still. "I'm not Kagashi, it's Max."

"Har har very funny," Kagashi's mother says softly. "Honestly, if this is another attempt to drop out of school, forget it. You're going and that's that. Now rest up. The doctor said you'll be able to come back to the house tomorrow."

"Don't you worry Kagashi we'll get everything under control and before you know it you'll be your old self in no time," Kagashi's father said, entering the room.

He had dark brown hair that was shoulder length, and he wore a Hawaiian tee-shirt and tan shorts with brown sandles.

Before Max can get a word out the woman he found out to be Kagashi's mother leaves him to speak with the doctor. He wondered if it had anything to do with the fact he hit his head in the swimming pool with him there. He was also worried if he would be stuck like that forever. With both at a loss for words about their situation, they would do what they could where they could in their new life. After being released from the hospital, the two began their separate life apart. Kagashi living Max's life as he had wanted and Max's living Kagashi's life finding it was a lot more difficult to live as he wanted to because he just couldn't. After being in each other shoe for just a couple of days they felt they would go mad. Kagashi realizes despite Max's freedom he seems to have his life was actually suffocating and rather uptight. His parents being rich expected high expectations from their son, and despite him wanting some freedom to do as he pleased he had many, many studies to attend to. It now made sense why Max was so bent on doing what he wanted and when he wanted believing now that Max really wouldn't have long before he would be prim and proper into some sophisticated person with high standards.

He wouldn't be allowed to be a kid anymore, let alone a teen. Kagashi, believe it or not, was starting to feel bad for the guy and was feeling homesick himself after dismissing his own household believing them to be another person to blame for his hardships at school. Meanwhile, Max on the other hand found himself surprised by how well he had taken to Kagashi's mom. She wasn't suffocating as his parents were. And though she expected a sort of behavior from him, she wasn't pushy or demanding like his own folks were. She was someone he could respect especially for his own quiet and peaceful space he got. Though she didn't tolerate his attitude and he quickly learned if he didn't change he wasn't gonna get far with Kagashi's mom. When they started going back to school after a week of being home the first thing they did was talk. It was during lunch that they discussed all they experienced. Kagashi wanting his body back, realizing how much he missed his own mom and how she was nothing like his parents.

He also expressed his understanding for Max's life and how frustrating that can be under consist pressure at home. Max explains how he's really gone through a lot of changes of his own. He came to love Kagashi's mom and really respect her. He tried to leave a good impression on her and his father, even getting on Kagashi's case about how he had it made under the shade. Likewise, Kagashi's thought the same thing, however, with their new experience and eyes open to their not-so-perfect-life they came to terms that each other life wasn't perfect as they had thought and that was okay. They now had treasured what they did get out of the experience of their own individual lives. They wondered if they would ever change back to their own bodies. But.. in case they never did, Max told Kagashi he would take good care of his mom. And Kagashi vice versa.

And because Kagashi was now Max in the eyes of his parents, he would do everything he could to lend a hand especially if it was something to do with money and Max appreciated it. They both had found a compromise. Max getting the very freedom and room to breath he wanted that his parents couldn't give him, and Kagashi becoming much more than he ever thought he could be. The two became very close friends in the end and learned that no matter how green the other yards grass looks, it was never truly any greener than their own.

The End.

August 04, 2022 22:23

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