Contemporary Drama Friendship

"You won't believe this! I won the valentines day cooking contest! Do you know what the prize is for that?" Jun almost rapped the three sentences to his friend in his excitement.

"What?" Yoonki asked in a bored tone.

"A ticket to one of the Virgin Islands and a prepaid hotel room in one of the five star hotels on one of the islands! It's almost all paid for! They pay for everything but other places and other store-bought things. Like, if I went to a separate swimming place then I'd have to pay but if I want to use the hot tub at the hotel or eat food there then I can. The only thing they said the wouldn't be paying for is 25% of the hotel fees for one night.They told me I'd still only have to pay, $187.50! That's awesome since I'll be staying a whole week! I looked it up and one night at the hotel I'm staying at is $1,500 dollars! 75% of that is $1,125! They'll be paying so much and I'll have to pay so little for the trip! This is a bargain of a trip!" Jun finally stopped talking to breathe for a moment and it was silent for just a moment before Yoonki answered from the other end of the phone.

"Who's paying the other $187.50?"


"You said that the only part they weren't paying was 25% of one night. You also told me that one night was $1,500. 75% of that is $1,125. That leaves $375. They only told you that you had to pay $187.50 which, coincidentally, NOT, is half of the 25% they're not paying. So, who's paying the other half? A ghost?" 

"How'd you think of all that and do all that math in such a short amount of time?" Jun asked Yoonki.

"You gave me all the numbers that I needed. There was almost no math needed at all. Plus, I'm a detective, of course I'm smart enough to figure out something that is clearly fishy."

"It's probably just a small mistake. It doesn't matter! This is a huge deal!"

"It sounds like the start of a murder case to me."

"Stop being such a downer! Think happy thoughts for once! This is something fun! You were supposed to congratulate me!"

"Congratulations. I hope I don't get your case."

"Whatever. I'll send you pictures of my fun time. Show them to your family. They'll like it!!!"

"Sure. Bye."

"Talk to ya later!" 

. . .

"What do you mean girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend." Jun asked.

"The girl you're sharing your room with isn't your girlfriend? Oh!!! Is she you fiance?! Fun!"

"No. I don't know any girl! What are you talking about?"

"Maybe she's just your roommate then?" The woman at the front desk said in a questionable tone.

"Just- Can you explain the situation?" Jun thought about what Yoonki had said about the other amount of money that wasn't being paid for by anyone. "This hotel helped host an annual valentines day cooking competition. They only leave 25% of the hotel fees unpaid for but I only had to pay half of the 25%. Who's paying the other half?"  

"I'm not sure what you're talking about. Would you like to talk to my manager? Maybe she can help you."

"Okay. Let's see if she can explain this to me." Jun said. He watched the woman disappear through a set of doors and a very old-looking woman came out a moment later. 

"A! Annyeong, Jun! Mwol dowa deulilkkayo, jeolm-eun-i?"

(Ah! Hello, Jun! What can I do for you, young man?)

"Oh! You're Korean! i lummeiteuwa yoli gyeongjaeng sanghwang-i eaottaessneunji gung-geumhaessseubnida." 

(I was wondering what the situation was with this whole roommate and cooking competition situation.) Jun laughed. He didn't even think about how the old woman had called him by his name. It may have just been coincidence, or, maybe there was something more to this old woman then meets the eye.

"Geulsseyo, jega hal su-issneun il-eul malsseum deulijyo. Jega yoliwa sisig daehoeleul sijaghan slam-ibnida. Migug-eseoneun baelleontain deie ilnyeon-e han beon yolisaleul chajseubnida! Hangug-eseodo biseushan geos-i issjiman migag teseuteoga issseybnida. Migag teseuteoga useung han yolisawa naega gajang jal chaj-eun mas teseuteoleul sajin-eulo jjig-eumyeon jasin-i gajang joh-ahaneun yolileul yoli han slam-ege bosang-eul jegonghabnida. Dangsin-i yolileul seontaeghago naega seontaeghan jeolm-eun agassiga wicheung-eseo gidaligo issseubnida. 'I modeun geos-eul aljineun moshajiman geunyeoga maeu ihaesim-iiss-eul geos-im-eul abdnida. Jeojjog-eulo gasibsio! Ap-eulodo haeng-un-eul bibnida! Nae maeching-eun gyeolko silpaehaji anhseubnida!"

("Well, I'll tell you what I can. You see, I am the one who started the cooking and tasting competitions. In America, I find a cook once a year on valentines day! In Korea, I have a similar thing but I have taste testers. The taste tester pics the winning cook and whichever taste tester I find the best, is rewarded with the person who cooked their favorite dish. You're dish was chosen and the young lady I chose is waiting upstairs. She doesn't know all this but I know she'll be very understanding so head up there! I wish you good luck in the future! My matching never fails!")

The woman seemed so nice so Jun decided to just listen to her. This wasn't exactly what he had planned but she sure made it sound like it would be pretty great.

"Gomawayo, halmeoni! Geuleom galgeyo."

(Thank you, grandma! I'll go then.)

Jun turned away and headed up a glass elevator to his room. There, sure enough, he met a beautiful Korean woman. She couldn't have been much younger than himself. She greeted him with kindness but did want to know why he was there.

"It's nice to meet you! But, what are you doing here?" She had a very heavy accent and it was cute. Jun's accent was almost unnoticeable now and the woman didn't even seem to notice that he was also Korean.

"My name's Jun. The haleomni (grandma) in charge told me that you were a taste tester. I'm the cook whose food you like the best. As it turns out, it was a little bit of a trap. This vacation, I mean."

"Oh." The girl said. "Well, you're food was very tasty!"

. . .

Jun and So Young (his roommate) got along really well and the rest of the trip turned out wonderful. They had a few interesting moments and definitely got to know each other and become good friends. Unfortunately, So Young had to go back to Korea and Jun had to go back to the states so they exchanged numbers and said their good-bye's on the last day of their trip.

March 05, 2021 23:26

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