I opened my eyes to behold a beauty that I’m sure few, if any, saw their entire life.

“Where am I?” I muttered, as I looked around.

Stranger yet, I was standing on my feet when I came to.

I stood by a lake that is crystal clear.  I could see far out into the water, seeing fish and other underwater life moving about.  Life that I figured you would not find in freshwater, but out in the depths of the ocean.

I looked to the left and right of the lake where the land shot high into the sky into the fluffy clouds.  The land was covered with trees of all types.  The colors of the leaves were so bright on the trees that this has to be an undiscovered land or I was no longer on Earth.

“I can’t remember what took place prior to my current predicament,” I said.  “I don’t even know my name.”

The strange part is that I really didn’t care to know about my past life.

“It’s so calm,” I muttered.

I turned around and saw a wooden deck.  Roses of all colors wrapped around the railing of this beautiful deck that was made of a wood that I have never seen before.  It was so shiny as it seemed to change colors as I walked over to it.  I walked to the side where there was an opening to walk onto it.

“This is amazing,” I said as I stepped onto the deck.

The deck was soft as I put my bare feet on it.  I felt like I could leap into the air and land without any pain.  I could fall back and be okay.

As I walked to the front of the deck to look at the lake once again.  I noticed I was wearing a robe of silk.  It felt so nice to my skin.  A soothing touch that would melt away any feeling of negativity.

“I feel like I don’t need to wear this robe, but will leave it on for awhile,” I thought.

When I looked out at the lake I saw a raft of the same make by the shore.

“Interesting,” I said.  “That wasn’t there before.”

It didn’t frighten me or bring any kind of negative thoughts to mind.  I was realizing there is no such thing in this land.

“Let’s check this raft out.”

I left the deck, and practically leaped all the way to the edge of the water.  I felt like I had wings, looking back to see if I had such.

I stepped into the water, which felt like it was not only cleaning my body, but also my soul.

“I’m going to have to take a swim,” I said as I stepped onto the raft.  “But let's go on a voyage first.”

I looked around for a paddle, but quickly realized I did not need one.  As soon as I got both feet on the raft it started to move, heading to the other side.  I looked down into the water and saw a humpback whale go by, then a tiger shark, schools of fish that were multi-colored, and other life.

“This lake contains everything.”

I came to the middle of the lake, looking at all the wonders around me.  Everything growing looks so healthy, and quite large.

“Just taking in a deep breath energizes me.”

The temperature is perfect at all times.  No chills, no sweats, and ever so often a slight breeze went by.  I could look at the sun and have no worry of my eyes hurting.  There was no ache and pains in my body as I moved about.  I bet there is no such thing as sickness in this land.

“Will I live forever here?”

The raft moved on, and I saw it was moving toward an outlet of the lake.  It looked like the width was about twenty feet.

“Let’s see what other wonders are out there.”

I exited the lake and it seemed like the raft picked up speed.  I looked around and the mountainous terrain suddenly dropped to flat lands.  Flat lands that were covered with flowers of all types.  Scattered throughout the terrain were animals of all types.  Many species of deer, giraffe’s, lions, tigers, elephants, and countless others.  Many of them I’m able to recall the species, but there were some I didn’t have a clue about.  I pondered if they were only in this land or were extinct before I came into existence.  All of them slowly moved about or just laid around, but that quickly ended when a group of antelope started leaping about.  It looked like they were playing a game as the lead one jumped over numerous species with the others following.  None of the other species attacked or paid much attention.  Doing their own thing or glancing at the antelope, then away.  They were mellow for the most part, some of them getting a burst of energy ever so often.

The raft continued on, and soon the terrain changed from flat to rolling hills.  I saw many more species moving about or just lying around.  I looked at a few of them when my attention was attracted to a spectacle up ahead.  About a mile ahead the water rushed up a cliff, high into the sky.  I recall waterfalls, but never seeing water going up.

“This should be quite the experience,” I said, planning on going up with no worry.

For a moment, I thought of lying down or sitting, but decided to stay standing.

“More of a thrill to stand.”

Closer and closer I got until the raft flipped sideways and shot up the cliff.  It felt like my feet were glued to the raft as I went higher and higher.  I looked back, heights not a problem, and looked at the terrain, and all the species of animals together in harmony.

“Together,” I muttered.

Seeing animals of the same species made me wonder for the first time if there were others like me here on the land.

“If so will I ever see them?” I asked.  “How large is this land?”

I reached the top of the cliff, and flattened off with grassy plains displayed in front of me.  In the distance I could see mountains where the tops went into the clouds.

“I think it’s time to step off this raft and do some walking.”

Moments later, the raft swerved over to the land where I was able to leap off onto the soft, warm earth.

I started my walk through the grassy terrain, seeing the rounded hills in front of me.

“Check out the mountains some other day.”

As I walked and walked I realized I was not getting tired at all.

“It feels like I will never have to stop,” I said.

But suddenly stopped when I saw a pack of wolves heading my way.  I stood still as they came closer and closer until the lead wolf leaped and knocked me down.  Soon I had numerous wolves licking my face, and all over my body.  It made me start chuckling to full out laughter.  Such an enjoyable time, but in the back of my mind I thought of a mate.

I opened my eyes, and I stood by a beautiful, crystal clear lake.

“Why do I feel like I have been here before?” I asked myself.

“Hello!” a voice called out behind me.

I turned around and saw one of beauty standing on a deck.

“Hello!” I called back.

I rushed over to the deck and soon stood near her.

“Where are we?” she asked.  “Do you know?”

“I do not,” I replied.  “But I have a feeling it’s a wonderful place.”

The both of us started our adventures.

May 18, 2020 00:26

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P. Jean
00:25 May 28, 2020

Fast moving and descriptive! Keep writing!


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10:29 May 31, 2022

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