Friendship Sad Kids

“I AM GOING DAD, IT DOES TAKE A WHILE TO WALK FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE ATTIC!” Athena shouted as she slammed the trap door to the attic. “God he could be a real pain in the butt sometimes.” Athena said as she began looking around. “Time to clean up I guess.” Athena said as she began picking up boxes and moving things around. An hour later, Athena has cleaned up everything except for her mom's chest, it's been 4 years since she looked through her stuff. She sighs and begins opening the chest knowing her father would yell at her once again for being nosy. The trap door to the attic opened and Athena quickly turned around to see her best friends Lily, Davy, and Damon. “For the love of irene you scared the gumballs out of me, I thought you were my dad!” Athena whispered. Damon rolled his eyes as he shut the trap door behind him. “No need to get scared just us, our family decided to come early for something your dad has planned.” Damon said as he sat down near the trap door. “Yeah my dad said it was something life changing and blah blah.” Lily said as she gave a little smirk. I rolled my eyes and looked at Davy. “What? You know you have a staring problem.” I said as she scoffed. “No you do, now what are you hiding from your dad?” Davy asked. “Oh I'm just looking through my mom's old stuff, I haven’t had the chance since we moved here.” Athena said as she gave a sad smile. “Your mom was really cool, always getting us out of trouble.” Damon said as he moved closer to the chest. “Yeah and scaring the living heck out of my dad for me.” Lily said as she giggled. “Yeah it was really funny everytime her and my dad got into play arguments.” Davy said as she touched the chest. “Yeah she was really great, want to see what's in her chest? I mean she was basically like yall family too.” Athena said as everyone moved closer to the chest. Everyone nodded as Athena opened the chest. “I guess we found out where you got your junk hoarder personality from?” Lily said as Athena playfully pushed her. As everyone looked through the chest, Davy saw something strange. “Hey what is this?” Davy said as he found a secret pocket in the chest. Davy pulled a black and white photograph from the pocket. Damon snatched it from Davy and looked at it. “Wow, this looked ancient. Who are these people though?” Davy asked as Lily snatched it from him. “I can only recognize Athena mom but not everyone else?”Lily said as Athena tilted her head. “Wait there is something written on the back.” Athena said as she grabbed the photograph and flipped it around. “The Future Dimensionals.” Athena stated. “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!” a voice said from behind them. They all turn to see Athena Dad's head peeking out from the trap door. “ALL FOUR OF YOU COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” Athena Dad said as we all scrambled down the attic. “D-Dad! H-Hey I um finished cleaning up and saw mom's chest and we found this in a secret pocket!” Athena said as she showed him the photograph. Athena Dad looked confused and quickly grabbed the photo. “Why are you screaming Agapov?” Damon's mom said as she came up the stairs. “Oh shoot we are done for.” Damon whispered as the rest gulped. “If you're gonna call me by my last name at least say it fully Barnes-Agapov” Athena Dad said as he looked at Damon Mom. Damon's mom gasps as she sees the photo in Athena Dad's hand. “No way, she still had this!?” Damon Mom said as she grabbed the photo from Athena Dad's hand. Damon Mom looked at it and tears began to spill. “Mom, are you okay?” Damon asked as he went over to his Mom and held her hand. “Yeah I am let go downstairs to await Lily and Davy Dad.” Damon's mother said as they went downstairs. Athena, Davy, Lily and Damon sat down on the couch as Athena Dad and Damon Mom began talking.A while later. “Hey we are back and bought stuff for the BBQ!” Lily Dad shouted. Lily Dad and Davy Dad walked in.“What's going on?” Davy Dad asked, confused as he set all the bags down on the table. Damon Mom got up and showed them the photo. “She still had it! The kids found it in a chest she had.” Damon Mom said as they both looked at it. “Are we in trouble, I can’t tell.” Lily whispered. “I can’t tell they look happy, mad, sad, it's too much!” Davy whispered. “Athena, how is ya dad looking?” Damon whispered as Athena turned to her dad. Athena Dad had a blank expression on his face.“I have no idea, he has that scary look when he has mixed emotions. I haven’t seen that face since my mom died.” Athena whispered back. “HOLY CRAP THIS WAS THE PHOTO WE ALL TOOK WHEN WE HIT A MILLION! WE WERE SO HAPPY!” Lily Dad shouted, causing the children to jump. Athena Dad got up and walked towards the group. “She told me about that day, she was so pumped saying that y'all dreams were coming true.” Athena Dad said as Damon Mom nodded. The adults began whispering and chattering. “WAIT IM LOST ARE WE IN TROUBLE OR NOT!?” Damon shouted as everyone looked at him. Damon Mom then walked towards Damon and hit the back of his head. “You're not in trouble.” Damon's mom said as Damon dropped his jaw. “THEN WHY I GET HIT!?” Damon shouted as Damon mom hit the back of his head again. “You are shouting inside someone else's house that aint your.” Damon Mom said as Damon slowly nodded and sat down. Athena's dad then sat down across from us. “You guys are not in trouble, I was a bit angry when you guys were looking through the chest but you guys have every right to.” Athena Dad said as Lily Dad sat down next to Athena Dad. “We are gonna tell you a story, a lovely story about silly kids who have been together forever and achieve their dreams.” Damon mom said as she sat down next to Lily Dad and Davy Dad sat to the right of Athena Dad. “Those silly kids are in this picture and have achieved their first goal in life together.” Lily Dad said as he slid the photograph across the table. “The girl in the middle that is taking the photo with the biggest smile is Athena Mom, who is known as Lady_Writer but to us is Elena.” Athena Dad said as Athena smiled. “The guy that holding his head and is freaking out and looked like he was pacing that me.” Lily Dad said as Lily looked shocked. “I was known as TheSoulBoarder, but to my family I'm just Adam and of course the father of Lily.” Adam said as he chuckled at Lily's reaction. “DAD YOU WERE ONCE COOL!?” Lily shouted as everyone chuckled. “Hey watch it Lilith!” Adam said as Lily sat back with a pout. “Anyway the girl you see jumping in the mid air, well she was jumping on the couch and screaming out. That is I. People used to know me as SenpaiSammy but I am just Sam and mom to Damon.” Sam said as she giggled. “Man, that was the time when we weren’t old and had the ability to move, must have sucked for you Adam back then.” Sam said as Adam slowly turned to look at her. “Oh really?! At least I didn’t hit my head against the fridge back then.” Adam said as Sam gasped. “YOU WERE THE ONE THAT HIT ME WITH IT!” Sam shouted as Adam shook his head. “NO! I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.” Adam said as Sam glared at him. “Okay okay enough you two! It's my turn.” Davy Dad said as he rolled his eyes. “The guy that is grabbing the shot glasses and drinks is me, back then I was known as 00110100 and so on, but I'm just the father of Davy and a simple but fabulously Garrett.” Garrett said as he laid back. “So hold up your telling me that our family is basically famous secret youtuber, writer, skateboarder people?!What next you gonna tell me that my father is in the mafia or something?” Athena shouted as she looked at everyone. “Athena….I am just a simple business man, in all reality when your mother died Garrett, Adam, and Sam died they stopped filming and took simple jobs.” Athena's father said. “It's a lot to take in but we swore to each other if anything ever happened to us we all wouldn’t continue. So we shut down our channels and the Dimensional one.” Sam said as she slowly got up. “Now we are family people with good paying jobs and an amazing family, we wish we had when growing up.” Adam said as he walked towards the table with the stuff. “I still think Athena's father is in the mafia, because look at you guys new house.It so big for just the two of you.” Lily said as she nudged Athena. “Well about that, we have news. It has been four years like we promised and we decided that we all are going to move in with each other.” Garrett said as he put an arm around Athena's dad. “DAD ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT THE BEST!? WHY DIDN’T WE MOVE SOON!?” Davy shouted as she got up from the couch. “We were waiting for everyone to move their business here, for example is my bakery,Garrett construction business and Adam video game company.” Sam said as she went to go help Adam. “Wow this is amazing, come on guys let's go outside and party!!” Damon shouted as all the children ran outside. Athena Dad grabbed the photograph and was heading upstairs. “You're going to put it back?” Garrett said as Sam and Adam followed the children outside. “Yeah….maybe take the chest out and put it in my bedroom.” Athena Dad said as Garrett sighs. “She loved you very much Chris, you may not show it but it still pains you to even hear her name doesn’t it?That's why you didn’t want Athena to be looking through her stuff” Garrett asked as Chris took a deep breath. “Athena reminds me so much of her everyday, the smile, the attitude, the goofiness, the curiosity, it's just rough that she is not here.” Chris said as he looked at the photo. “You know when I moved in with you guys, she wanted to raise the kids together and we would get to be the big family that we always wanted.” Chris said as he sighs. “Well here we are doing that, maybe now she could rest in peace finally knowing that you and Athena aren’t alone anymore.” Garrett said as he took the picture from Chris and left it on the table. “We never were alone….” Chris said as he put his arm around Garrett and headed outside.

“Is it on?” a voice said. “Yes, let's do this!” another voice shouted. “Hi I am LadyWriter2, and I am here with Skatergirl, Gmoney and SenpaiDamon. We are here to tell you the story of the original Dimensionals and how we became the future Dimensional in honor of our parents.” Athena said as she looked at Lily, Davy and Damon. “We are Future Dimensional~!”

July 19, 2021 19:37

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Angela Walters
15:16 Jul 27, 2021

I loved the story. How cool would it be to grow up with your friends, marry each other, have kids that become bestfriends, and still be really close with each other. It must have been great for the kids to find out that their parents were actually cool back in the day. My only real suggestion would be to use paragraphs. The conversations became a bit hard to follow because there was no separation. I got lost a couple of times and it was hard to pick up where I left off. Otherwise, I loved it!!


Lena Martinez
19:35 Jul 27, 2021

Thank you I appreciate your feedback very much. Very sorry you got lost a couple of times, I been trying different editing and writing methods. But I am really glad you enjoyed the story :D


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