Fantasy Fiction Drama

(This story is set in GAIA2, earth’s twin planet about eight hundred years younger and is still evolving.)

That morning Beq was seated in his home on Rubi Isle when his wife Coma joined him. While he was an ordinary happy going man, Coma was a cynic. Now they heard an announcement from the street: “Come and see magician Magi’s tricks! See the horse riders and acrobats showing off their skills. You’ve waited two weeks for this show”

Beq said “Coma let’s go and see the show.”

“It must be something stupid as usual. The clowns will talk dirty and you’ll appreciate it. Anyway where is it taking place?”

“Where else, other than in the market square.”

“Alright, I’ll go with you;”

“They will approach me to donate towards the performers. I must go prepared for it.”

That afternoon Beq and Coma dressed in pareyou’s which only covered them waist down, were at the circus venue where a crowd had gathered. Beq being an important citizen was given 2 seats in front. Among the star performers were Nilima the lion tamer, and Zap and Prima the horse riders. There were two clowns besides Magi the magician. Zap was in love with Prima while Nilima was in love with Zap. Somehow they all got on together during shows.

The show started with the two clowns joking:

Cl. One: “The show is about to start. Before that let me tell you my problem. My wife used to kiss me only on the lips.

Cl. Two: Okay. It’s normal. Don’t tell me she has left you.”

Cl.One: Now it’s all over.

Cl.Two: Does it mean it’s very good or perhaps....”

The audience now applauded.

Cl.One: The first person to talk to about having a baby is the husband.

Cl.Two: He would be the only one.

Cl.One: No. It’s now the boss at work!

There was applause again. Coma sneered expressing her displeasure.

The magician Magi now came forward and called out to the audience to get a boy for his performance. A boy came up.

Magi said “Little fellow, think of a number and tell Mr.Beq here what it is. I’m going to say what it is.”

Coma said “It must’ve been decided earlier.”

Magi said “I’ll have to touch the boy to guess the number he is thinking of.”

The boy told Beq it was 9 and went up to Magi. Magi touched the boy’s shoulder and in a few seconds said it was 9. The boy went to another man in the crowd and Magi correctly revealed it as 23. The crowd appreciated Magi’s correct guesses.

 A pony now came with Prima seated on its bare back. She went round on the pony and then standing upside down on it went round again and received a standing ovation. Zap then showed his skill riding on the bare back of a pony cart wheeling on it much to the delectation of the audience.

A young girl now came to collect contributions from the people who had gathered. Coma whispered to Beq “I overheard that girl seeking 10 coins from each. I think the performance so far deserved only two coins.”

However Beq gave 10 coins which Coma disapproved.

The clowns were now back:

Cl.One: I went to the fortune teller. She told me I should pay 10 coins for her to answer two questions.

Cl. Two: That man also has to live. I suppose you asked if you would get a virtuous wife.

Cl.One: No.no. I asked if her charge wasn’t too expensive and she said “You already owe me 5 coins. What’s your second question?”

Clown two clapped his hands and the viewers joined.

A snake charmer came next and made his snake dance to the tune of his lute. Following this, Nilima came and held out a stump of meat to the lion in the cage. She waved it a few times but the lion didn’t bother to snap at it. Disappointed, she announced “The lion is unresponsive. So we’ve to cancel my going into the cage for today.”

Now, a word about Nilima. She had a knack with animals and normally performed by going into the lion’s cage. She had also been receiving  formal education from an old teacher. The man died recently and Nilima who was grateful to him met his funeral expenses. One day the teacher appeared in her dream and said “Nilima, I’ve turned a ghost. You met my funeral expenses and I owe you one. Ask and I’ll do you a favour.”

She said “I love Zap but he is after Prima. A show will take place.” She gave details and said “If you can, try to disrupt it.”

The ghost said “I’ll do it.”

I will now continue with my narration. A performer now came and played on the flute. It was very melodious and was appreciated. The clowns again appeared:

Cl. One: If one spouse is a mate, what would it be if there was more than one?

Cl.Two: It would be spice.

Cl.One :You’ve said it correctly since I’ve probably said it before. That is the right answer.

There was all-round applause. Beq’s applause irritated  Coma and she said “That was a silly joke. Your appreciating it makes me angry.”

He said “You forget the rest gathered here also appreciated the joke.”

She didn’t say anything further.

A boy now came and walked on a rope using a pole for balance. It was a long walk and received applause.

There was an interval now and the clowns again took over.

Cl.One :You know my neighbour ran off with my wife last year.

Cl.Two: I didn’t know you were married.

Cl.One: I was trying to tell you a joke.

Cl.Two: The man must’ve by now got used to his wife’s absence.

.Cl.One: True. But the neighbour is upset as he has received a message saying she is being brought back.

There was loud clapping. Coma said “Beq that was a dirty joke and you appreciate it. It has only upset me further.”

 The next act was by the magician Magi. He announced “See my hands are empty but see what comes out of Coma’s pareyou.”

He said some magical words and went towards Coma, At that time a pony jumped forward and knocked Coma down. Her pareyou was torn as Magi reached in and brought out a live mouse! The audience’s response was ear shattering. Simultaneously Nilima heard a whisper in her ear “Sorry Nilima. I tickled the pony at the wrong moment. I should’ve done it before when Prima was standing upside down on the pony. I’ll do it right next time.”

Coma in great anger walked out holding the torn garment together even as Beq was mollifying her. She said “Let us get home and I’ll tell you what I think of the show! You’re dense. I’m never going out with you again!”


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