Adventure Fantasy Teens & Young Adult

Part 1

Princess Sissy was a little girl when she was sent away to a far away place to get married to a prince who was about the same age as hers. It was rather complicated since they were so little they started to think that they are sisters brothers. No one bothered to care about this.

Brother, have you seen my books I dont remember where I have put them. Probably a servant re-arranged them somewhere. Oh oh oh look who is talking. You are a princess you should know how to stay clean and arranged. She bursts into tears making her brothers heart melt. Hey hey dont cry I was just joking, you know? Don't tease me like that please. They kept growing on each other more and more.

Both the prince nor the princess knew what was going on. There were a lot of rumours saying that the king sold the country to save himself from his enemies. Even though they knew about this they didnt actually care because it was just a rumour.

part 2

People was demanding the king to leave the throne. The more the prince know about this the more he was stressed. I must keep my sister safe no matter what. Where is she know he asked his servant who was near him. She is getting dressed for some occasion at the moment. What is it I dont know about a ceromany or an occasion. Every detail about it , I want it right now!

The Prince was called in by the king. My son look how much you have grown. Father tell me what's going on and exactly what did you do. Is it true that you sold the country to save your self. Aren't you even ashamed of your self father. Aren't a king supposed to fight until the end for it's people. Why are you like this. Any way son tonight you will be married and you will be throned as the new king at the next sunrise. So go now and prepare for the wedding ceremony. What ? A wedding. With whome? Who said that I wanted to get married? And why in the world do I need to get married to accend the throne. Its politics son, you will learn about them later. I said I dont want to. Even if you dont want to you have to do this. So now go. Tell me, with whome am I going to get married? Its Princess Sissy. My sister. I will repeat again she is not your sister. She was your fiancee to begin with. Don't tell me that you dont have any feelings for her and dont tell me that you didnt know she was your biological sister. I knew that but how can I get married to her father why cant you understand that. I said leave this place. No more questions

What's wrong with everyone here. I know if I am together with her I will not be able to control my self. I loved her this long but I couldn't confess because she was like a sister to me.

Part 3

I was waiting for her to arrive. She was covered in white wail dressed like a swan. She was so beautiful in my view. She wasn't allowed to lift up her wail until she was at the room. We exchange rings and said our woes. It seemed like she didnt know who I was. I lift up her wail until her lips were revealed and kissed her.

We were showed our way to where out room was. When I entered it was all in red. Even the candles. Sissy it's me lift your wail up. She was surprised. Brother ! Why are we getting married. We were engaged since we was little that's why we didnt knew that we were supposed to be lovers and I also want to say that I knew this. I love you lot even if you dont accept me. Dont worry brother I knew this too. I knew it was you from the moment you kissed me. I could feel it was you from your touch.

So are we supposed to do that tonight. You don't want to I guess. I could see her face changing she was all red. I could see that she wanted it. I carried her to bed and took of her wail. I kissed her like crazy because I wanted to kiss her until we got our tongues entangled. It felt so good. I broke our kiss coming down from her neck upto her collarbone. I took off her dress leading my kiss downwards. We were like two crazy lovers who met after a long while. We were one in a minute.

Next morning she was sleeping on my arms I kissed her fore head. I woke up from the knock on the door. I Withought waking her up I wore my pants and went to the door. Prince Ashi you are supposed to get ready for the coronation ceremony now. Sure please lead the way I said while closing the door without making a sound.

Part 4

I was not not happy but I wanted this since a long time. The throne to wear the crown. Everything was ready for me. Even the towns men had gathered. Everyone was waiting for the sunrise. To make me even more happy the princess came in dressed in white. The moment she came in the sun started to rise making sunrays touch the peaks of the castle. The moment I sat on the throne with my wife I felt like I had everything. After meeting and talking to the high officials and some towns people. I left to go spend time with my wife.

She was a total different person not my sister any more. We were talking in the room having breakfast there without having it with the family.

We heard some one scream. I went outside to see what it was. The guards in the hallway had disappeared and it was empty I didnt care much until I felt a gun on my head. Get on your knees now! Who are you guys and why are you here ? Where is the queen? He asked me. You dont have to know that. He tied me up and took me to the hall where the throne was. Up on the throne there was a young man who was wearing the crown. Announce your dethronement now this moment before I kill your queen. Where is she ? I shouted let go of her please. You love her dont you if you dont want to get her killed announce your dethronement now. I took a pen and a paper and wrote in it that the country's new king will be him. She pulled the queen down the stairs. She was unconscious. I took her onto my arms. I will give you one day to flee this country. If I ever hear about you after that day you will be killed on spot. I took her and went out of the castle there were guards who I had never seen before I lead my self to the port with the queen still unconscious on my hands. Near the port there was a familiar face it was our nanny when were both small. She handed us over with a basket and told us to flee to Sri Lanka where we could stay safe for a while. She smiled at me it was a smile that I missed so much

I didnt know what happened to my mom or my dad. I thought of going to my queens country but it would risk both of our lives. We flee to an island the people were nice to us. In that basket when I opened it there was enough money and clothing for both of us.

After starting our life in Sri Lanka. I heard another great news it was that my queen was pregnant. People was so nice to us. So we could lead a quite life. I always wondered how I lost one of the most precious things to me in one night. If it hadn't been for my fathers deal with those people it wouldn't have happened.

We were safe however.

Love is the most important thing in the world


A story by Stephanie Rasanya

April 10, 2021 02:11

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