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“Are you coming tonight?” Vik’s voice sounded almost pleading.

 He moved towards me and softly touched my chin. Burning under his touch & a thousand emotions flying around my head, I moved my face away and closed my eyes.

 I could still feel a soft flutter in my heart.

How does he manage this? Is it I with a deformed response system? Or does he have special powers?

His voice, his presence has a strange effect on me. I seem to lose all control. I wanted to scream No! I had rehearsed it so many times Instead I just kept silent. Something in me urged me to test his patience; urged me to see how he reacts to my lack of response.


The first day I had set eyes on Vik is crystal clear to me. He was the protagonist who had jumped right out of a Mills and Boon’s novel. There was a bounce of confidence in his gait, a charming half smile lighted up his chiseled face.

“ Hi! Good Morning!” his baritone voice boomed as he walked into the office.

A few of the new wide-eyed recruit including myself got up in a start. I felt like I was at school. A very flamboyant, charismatic and handsome teacher had just made his entrance.

Imagine my plight! I was torn between trying to look respectful while keeping others from noticing my cheeks turn many shades red. Yes, there was no mirror held up to my face but I could feel the blood shoot up to my ears and cheeks. I felt their color change.

If someone had touched my face with their hands at the moment, they would have diagnosed that I was burning with fever. Just that this was a fever of a different kind.

 “Anne, sit down. You don’t need to get up. Boss is very cool.” Riz my line manager smiled at me looking up from his laptop. “ I’ll introduce you all kiddos to him today.”


“Anne, can you hear me?” Vik’s voice sounded calm on the surface. But I knew the storm that was beginning to rage.

Why was I so quiet? I can make this storm go away. I can soothe the fire. I just needed to do what I knew could make all this vanish.

Instead I stared at the distance. I was trying to remember the time we had been to Austria.


We were honeymooners at Hallsatt, a magical village in western shore of Austria's mountainous region. Alpine houses straight from the bronze age with colourful flower boxes with geraniums and ivy in every balcony, cobbled alleyways and a town full of quaint shops and café – this was our fairy land.

Vik couldn’t stop pulling me close, wrapping his strong arms around me, whispering sweet nothings into my ears as I smiled completely spellbound and enchanted.

Those who have seen Hallsatt would agree and say it’s easy to be enticed by the picturesque village overlooking the pristine blue lake. Vik and me had a reason more intense and passionate than that. We had each other! We were the magic and none of them knew that. Did we care? Not a bit. Nothing existed beyond us.

Through the entire stay of two weeks we would get up very late and only when our stomach growled and begged for food. Who wanted to leave this paradise of soft linen, warmth of love and attend to mundane stuff?


“ Are you going to answer me?” Vik’s voice thundered and I felt a sharp pain as he pulled my arm. He had grabbed the exact spot where the hideous purple mark had resolved to form.


“Oh you are so lucky.” All my friends had chorused in union. They had sat through my entire narration.

“Vik gets me flowers every month on the same day he had proposed. He refuses to let me cook or do up the dishes alone. He calls me 10 times in a day to check on me... to say I love you...to make sure I am doing ok” I had just answered their barrage of questions. I could hardly contain my smile as I felt the envy of some of my married friends. I didn’t want to open every page from the book of my marriage especially in front of my single friends. In that moment if I had vanished from the face of this earth they would not have hesitated to swap places with me.

“You girls that’s it. Enough of me! We are meeting after ages. Tell me what has been happening with you all."


 “Ahhh! Leave me” a shriek escaped my lips involuntarily.

“ I asked you so many times. Why do you keep doing this to me? It’s getting late. I don’t want any more dramas. Now go get ready!” Vik growled as I watched the nerves of his neck begin to distend, his nostrils flare up and his pupils widen.

I knew he was trying very hard. I just looked back at him with steely eyes. I didn’t want to help him calm that demon. I knew I was playing with fire. But I just didn’t care any more. I knew the price I would have to pay only this time I wanted to look in the eye as I paid up. This time I wanted him to understand that even I am human - even I have a limit.


Mom knew how to manage such situation.

Mom, always told me there is no point in two people being angry at the same time.

“Your father used to be such an angry young man! Your Granny had warned me of his temper. You know my magic formula? I would just not argue back especially when he is in that mood. I would put sense into him once he was calmer. Look at him now. He is a picture of calmness.” She had declared brimming with pride at her handiwork.


I was taking my mother’s advice. I wasn’t arguing with him. Or was I? My mom certainly wouldn’t have been burning holes in my Dad with her stare. But then mother’s ivory skin wasn’t scarred with demons of her present. Or was it?

For once I wanted to do something I my mind told me to. For once I wanted to react by impulse not like Pavlov's trained rats following the laws of conditioning. For once I didn’t want to plaster my face with concealer or cover my arms with long sleeves and bid his command to put up a smile in public. For once I wanted to be brave and stare at the face of this person whom I had loved immensely. Did I really love him or did I love the person I thought he was?

I knew what was coming next. But then for once it would happen on my terms.

July 29, 2021 20:18

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Janet Joos
07:48 Aug 05, 2021

Well done. Your descriptions were authentic and therefore very believable. The storyline was well thought out and the pace was just perfect.


Minakhee Mishra
18:15 Aug 05, 2021

Thanks so much Janet. Appreciate your lovely feedback:)


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Eliza Entwistle
00:35 Aug 05, 2021

Critique circle here! This was a story about finding yourself and breaking free from false paradises. Characters -> Vik seemed like the perfect husband, but in truth he was controlling and their relationship was toxic. These layers of character added to the depth and feeling of the story. Your narrator realized she wanted to take control of her own life, and I liked seeing her thought-process about that. Plot -> your story flowed nicely, switching from their conversation to the explanation of their relationship. Writing -> powerful and ...


Minakhee Mishra
06:34 Aug 05, 2021

Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback. I am new around here so great to know there is a critique circle.


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