In the beginning of history, when the earth had no owners or value, God and the devil walked without destination or care in the vastness of the universe.

 And now? The devil asked God, the one who scratched his hair in the sun with comets that flew according to the movements of his breathing.

 - I'm already bored, God said, making the stars tinkle in his eyes.

 - Shall we play a game with these marbles ?, asked the devil pointing to the planets of the second dimension with his incandescent arms.

 - Make up something better. Every day is the same. Sketches and more sketches of all my creations

 - God answered, covering his yawning mouth with a ring from the orbit of Saturn.

 - your creations? Abusive!  Nothing that exists in this or in that world is your exclusive creation, because remember that I have been helping you, with colored pencils and cardboard for the sketches and more sketches about the creation of this unwanted world.

 - do not bother ! - God answered, almost dozing, a fact observed by the devil.

 - hey - said the devil using his trident to search for something on Earth

 - I found it!

 - what have you found? - opening his divine eyes full of mischief.

 - this, look! - and the devil dragged a box with his trident.

 -What is that? God asked scratching his snow white beard when he saw that the devil took something indecipherable from the box.

 - The future: a computer!

 - Are you crazy? That is science fiction.

 - No sir, because this is absolutely great! In addition, it is very easy to handle, even you can do it.

 God angrily turned his gaze to the side.

 The devil, seeing the heavenly reaction, nudged him and made him look at the device again, speaking loud and fast as if to dominate it.

 - You just have to turn on the computer by pressing this button - which should generate some curiosity from God.

 Which actually happened, since God stretched out his heavenly hand, and caught him.

 To his horror, the screen lit up like divine glory on Easter Sunday - an all-seeing eye drop!

 - what is it for? - God asked, his jaw dropped.

 - to play - answered the devil, with some ulterior motives in the answer.

 - You always beat me at games - and God looked away again, leaning on his divine elbow

 - I let you win this time.

 - you always say that. But you always win.

 -Do you want to bet that I let you win?

 -And since when have I been a god, I bet?

 - Come on, don't be a coward.

 -Are you calling me a coward?

 - If you don't bet you're a coward, yes sir.


 - what do we bet? It has to be something valuable, something that you need, like ...

 - how?

 - power in the world, now and forever.

 - But we both rule in this world. You know about that ...

 - Don't you want to bet?

 - Every day is the same, and I do not want to remember it cause you always diminish the good aspects of this world, and change it to the evil world you dominates.

 - then you should vary a bit, and bet at once - focusing on that

 - already! - God was upset, and raised his voice.

 -Did you hear that thunder? - Asked the devil, with a serious face but laughing inside - I think it's going to rain.

 - I don't bet more with you.

 - But you said that you bet, or are you not keeping your word? Are you not God?

 God looked at him with contempt.

 - Do you want me to praise you? Asked the devil, will you feel better this way?

 - You should praise me I am God - said God

 - And very modest- said the devil

 - Can we continue drawing ?, he said waiting for a yes.

    - Did you like to draw?

 -    I will not think about it anymore. It is the past, and I do not want the past near me, I just want you far away from me, as life with you is unbearable.

 - fine - the devil said, covering his face with a cloud he dragged with the fork.. We have all the time in the world.

 And the bet?

 - I was forgetting. Ya, bet is bet

 - So they say.

 - Could it be that there is no little game already installed on the computer?

 - If there is one with Kings, white, black pawns, do you know?

 - You teach me?

 - Clear! It's so easy - and he put a chess game on the screen - black or white?

 - what an off-purpose question! Obviously white.

 - Okay. Obviously I prefer black. Now, do you see those squares on the board?

 - Yes.

 - The king walks a square, the queen walks to either side, the agile transversals, the knight in "ele", the flat rook only walks straight, and the pawns can walk two in the first and then one by one and do not return. it is understood?

 - I think so.

 - I start - and the devil moved a pawn, three squares forward.

 God, he said nothing, still watching the play.

 - Your turn.

 - My turn? He asked with a pink and sweaty forehead

 - Yes.

 And God moved the pawn, one house forward.

 The devil ate it.

 - is it possible to do that?

 - Clear! That's what it's about - hiding the hidden second intentions.

 God, opening his eyes, moved a bishop.

 Two houses.

 The devil, took out his bishop, and even without being transversal, he crossed over and ate the white bishop, three houses away.

 - You are not fooling me?

 - me? impossible! I don't know how to steal!

 God brings out more pawns by always walking a house forward.

 And the devil, always taking the pawns three houses ahead, and eating the white and agile pawns, and a knight.

 God, he hadn't managed to eat a single piece of the game.

 "Am I losing?" God asked, frowning.

 "I don't think so. You have set your tower and your horse well before my king." That is check.

 - Excelent! I'm starting to like this game - God said it opening his countenance like a spring sky

 -Do you like to win or do you like to beat the enemy?

 - Both, I think.

 - You're just like me, then.

 "Me?" And his face clouded like a rainy day.

 - Yes, you - said the devil, in more a strategy to weaken the enemy - we are the same, really, do you know why? - and he showed him his viperine tongue - because you have two agile at stake, being that one I have eaten, in the second play.

 God watched the screen, angry that he did not understand what had happened in reality.

 And worse, it was true and undeniable.

- how can anybody play a game we cannot play ? It is miserable and how can that be true? can not be ! God wondered, counting and cutting out the pieces on the board and the pieces eaten by the devil.

 - That, my friend, is cheating. Therefore, I win the game.

 And God, covering his eyes with his hands, said unconformed and really disgusted about the rememberecies of the so called game of life and power :

 - damn it! And how are there so many bishops?

August 30, 2020 00:59

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Zea Bowman
17:36 Sep 21, 2020

Wow! I loved reading this story; it was full of great descriptions and I loved the way you ended it. The words seemed to flow effortlessly together. Could you please come read some of my stories? Thanks :)


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Sincerely Free
21:21 Sep 17, 2020

interesting and different take


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Milja Luomala
13:57 Sep 11, 2020

This was a creative story, but I do agree with the feedback in the other comments. :) I would be happy if you checked out one or both of my 2 stories! :)


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Kathryn D
18:55 Sep 10, 2020

I liked the uniqueness of your writing style. For some of the lines though, there wasn't a lot of punctuation or grammar, which in my opinion, are a little more necessary when writing fantasy because it's often the world you're trying to explain, rather than the dialogue. Anyways, the concept was really great!


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Indra Hatpins
13:02 Sep 07, 2020

hi sandra! I found it confusing, mainly because of the unconventional style of dialogue. I think you should use quotation marks, and allow readers to easily figure out who is speaking. hope you find this constructive. cheers! P.S. please check out my piece. it would mean alot. thanks!


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