Karma's Injuries

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I wasn’t supposed to be out, but I just had to clear my mind. I just had to get out. I shouldn’t have been walking down dark alley ways, I was always reminded they were dark and dangerous. Why was I walking there? The last thing I remember was foggy, but I think I heard footsteps running, they were trying to be quiet, make a quick escape, or were they screaming? I couldn’t quite grasp the memory anymore. I fell down, did I lose my balance, or was I pushed? Did I get knocked out of the way? I couldn’t even remember why I needed to clear my head, did I have a fight with somebody or did I just see something unsettling? Why was everything so unclear, why did my head hurt? As I opened my eyes I was blinded by white lights and the most consistent beep noise I’ve only heard in one place. I know where I am, and as soon as I figured that out, the blinding light covered my eyes and I was surrounded by people piling in. People I couldn’t recognize. Why were there so many people crowding my bed? I tried to move my hands so I could sit up in a more comfortable position, so I could address the people crowding around me, but I found my hands locked down, I couldn’t get up. I looked down at my feet to find I was unable to move them too. Why was I restrained? What's wrong with me? I opened my mouth about to say something, but I shut it, not wanting to say the wrong thing. I waited as the people crowded around me were asked to move, and a nurse appeared. “How are you feeling sweetie?” I watched the last few people filter out of my room before I spoke up. “What happened to me?” The nurse unlocked then passed me a file from my side table bottom drawer, I tried smiling at her as I took it, but my jaw hurt too much and it ended up looking like a half frown. I opened it up and looked at the one sheet of paper. It had as many confusing thoughts as I did. 

Witness or murderer?

Concussed by balance or victim? -wall off Ker and Dunstan(alley with fence and dumpster)-

Did she know what was going on? 

Hitwoman or bystander?

At the wrong time at the wrong place or lead there? 

I closed the file and asked the nurse, ”who wrote these?” there was a knock at the door before she could answer my question. The door opened and a man with a black leather jacket, dark jeans, and a notepad in hand walked in. “Detective O’Brien, I have a few questions to ask you,” He turned to the nurse, “If she's cleared to answer them that is.” She took the file back from me, and handed them to the detective, “She’s concussed, I haven’t checked anything yet, she just woke up.” She nervously walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Detective O’Brien made his way towards my bed and pulled up a chair and began to talk. “What exactly do you remember?” My brain felt foggy again. “Am I really a murder suspect?” The detective recapped his pen and closed his notebook, he sat up straight from his bent over position. “Nothing I presume then,” I glanced down at my hands and feet. “I don’t even know why I’m stuck down, all I want is some answers, if I could remember anything, I would help you, I really would.” He took in a deep breath, realizing how close I was to being paralized in fear. “A witness called the police station informing them there were two figures fighting intensely in the alleyway, we reached to find one of the two victims dead and one passed out. You were taken to the hospital, and I was given the assignment to piece together the murder. So far, your statement is the only solid thing I have.”

I talked with the detective for the next little while, not able to give him much information, the more I tried to think back, the more foggy it got, and the more my head began to hurt. Eventually he left and I fell asleep. I woke up twitching uncontrollably, I was out of focus and I couldn’t stop moving my hands or legs. I couldn’t scream but the nurse came running in and did something to my bed to turn it sideways. She pressed a button on the machine beside me and by the time I stopped a doctor came rushing in. I was out of breath, the doctor turned my bed back so I was facing the ceiling again, and handed me a pill with some water. “What's this for?” I took it in each hand but waited for the doctor’s response before swallowing the pill. “Your head trauma caused you to develop minor epilepsy.” he motioned to the restraints, “hence the locks, preventative measures to keep you and the equipment safe, just for time being.” He looked at the charts, “how are you feeling?” 

“Hungry.” He chuckled, “Your lunch should be coming soon, along with it will be a pill, just for your head. We have pain killers just in case you need them, just let a nurse know.” 

The next few days went by like this, I would be dozing off most of the day, I ate when the food came, answered a few questions and did tests for the nurses and doctors. Detective O’Brien came back once, but didn’t stay for long, I didn’t have any answers for him either. The doctor said I should start to get some memory flashes, and my new found seizures would eventually become normalized and controllable, but it’s been a week and not much has changed. Friday I had a nightmare. I woke up mid day with a scream, a nurse ran in thinking it was a symptom of my seizures, but I was too freaked out to say anything after the scream except for, “I'm a monster.” I was paralized in fear as I recollected all my memories. 

That little liar, I hate her. I hate her so much, and tonight she was going to pay. I was not going to let her sit there and mock me, make a fool of me for one more minute. I was so riled up I went for a walk, tried taking a few deep breaths but nothing was helping. I walked down the street, maybe I could go to the convenience store and buy some food, no, I was so mad I would probably throw it up. All I could think about was her. That little cheater, the snake, I hate her so much. Maybe by the chance of luck, I saw her. Our eyes met for the shortest of seconds and even though she was still across the street from me, she broke her eye contact and made a run for it, I couldn’t help it, all I had wanted to do all night was hurt her, and here she was, starting a game of tag. I was it and I was going to catch her. I ran across the street, yelling at her, taunting her, I was going to catch up soon enough, she was a slow runner. She turned into an alley and I saw my chance. She was backing herself into the corner and it was only getting better for me. “You’re stuck now, have fun getting out of this one,” I laughed as I saw her whimper in fear. “No, No, No, please, wake up, it’s me, I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you. Please, don’t hurt me.” I chuckled at her weak attempt to save herself. There would be no mercy tonight, I have had it with her, and her innocent smile, the sweet voice everyone believes, it’s all fake, and she knew I could see right through her lies. She was cornered, she had nowhere to go, so I took my time, walking towards her, watching her grow pale. We both knew this was it. Her breath quickened as I came close, I had grabbed a metal bar from the side. She tried to hit me, I stumbled lightly, but it had no effect on me. I raised the metal bar high above my head, ready to swing it down on her. “Any last words snake?” she was frozen in her spot, I had got her exactly where I wanted, and I was about to get everything I ever wanted. I swung the bar down onto her head, stumbling backwards from the impact, the bar falling out of my hands rolling away. I stumbled into a wall as I watched her bleed. I did it, I had finally done it. She was finally gone. I hit my head against the wall, I grew dizzy, it didn’t matter though, I got what I wanted. 

May 18, 2020 23:12

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Sean Roulet
21:13 May 26, 2020

Interesting concept, without wanting to spoil to anybody who is deciding to read the story... A classic Hitchcockian twist! It could be the blueprint for a Twilight Zone episode. Great Read.


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