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Adventure African American Christian

Can you imagine the joy that I get when flowers start to bloom and the fragrance that it gives the world as we come out of a winters covering of part of the world. I try to understand the soul that God has given to all the beauty that flowers behold and as for myself the story that they hold.

We can't imagine what each petal represent as each look the same but as we all have something unique and different about us. Each flower holds a DNA of its own.

And as it grows it may change, giving each of us a choice of witch one represents what we may be going through.

Each year we start to plant and sew a harvest all around. The ones that God graced us with. That grows by his hands only. His sprinkle of rain drops falling upon their still growing buds.

Sunshine warmth as they spring open to capture all that it has to offer. Being born again as they were closed to get nourished for another New Years journey.

Do we ever stop and just take a moment and understand the importance of what they truly mean to each of us and why they are here for us to enjoy.

We pick them, we plant them but do we enjoy them.

Giving them as gifts to see the laughter on a lovers face. A mothers embrace and to add a sense of peace to a chaotic day. Trying to get a raise from an already hectic workplace, as the boss is ready to say we can't use you any more.

But it still gives them a thought of how you always think of those that could use the smell of a beautiful rose a bouquet of colors that will make any room come alive.

Flowers are not just for us to smell or give, but to embrace because it has feelings that some of us will never notice. Singing to them, growing with them. Giving them love as we do our own bodies.

Nourishing them with what the earth already has for us to give. Not waiting for nature to unfold. We will never wait when we need to be fed or need water to help from falling away loosing the glow that we behold.

Flowers have the same need. They can't give us all they can if we can't give them all they need to succeed. There is a reason as the rainbow in the sky. With its beautiful colors.

They can grow in the darkest spots at the worst times and we will never understand. They stand alone with nothing around them but darkness and want to be noticed. As we all need each other.

The flowers need sisters and brothers. Mothers and fathers.

They can not have that intimacy that we know but they give off an intimacy that will make the toughest of those that holds so much inside and soothes the savage beast because it touches us in ways that you can't explain.

Give them ,when the eye can see all it has, not send them where there is no return and the end has come to what they had on this earth a lasting smile. Exchanging of hands from me to you. A child has been born as a new face is seen by a first time mother.

As a flower grows for the first time or has been around as many souls have been waiting for their time to be reborn in a place not promise to all that do not hold Gods spirit.

While the flower ask for nothing but your attention to all it has to give you. Nourish it, admire it, close your eyes and imagine if you were a flower standing alone.

Would you want a single soul to pass you by and not stop to ask how is your day. Tell me flower what can I do for you today. What do you think it would say?.

Who knows, maybe, don't forget to water me, buy me I have been waiting for you. I know who would like these. Yesterday I saw your wife admiring them as you passed the flower shop.

Don't forget the family who just lost a love one and the one coworker has been going through so much.

Most of all, most of all think about you. You deserve them. You work so hard making sure the beautiful part of the outer world is giving to so many. Even if they don't deserve them.

We never know the story of that person you thought about as we do not know the story behind what it takes for so many flowers to make it through their long journey from soil to pot.

From hand to hand, heart to heart and the thought we put into finding, picking, choosing the very best for those we love or not.

Can we look pass our own selfishness and alone in our own world, cold hearts and stop and smell the roses. It might be a pick me up and all that you thought you were going through stopped for just a moment and the lasting memory of a precious little flower change the way you looked at that situation.

That person who rubbed you the wrong way and your own just I have had enough of this day and you stand in a field surrounded by a choice that has you puzzled.

But the beauty that surrounds you and you ask yourself look at what they hold. I should see the same in me as I see in them. The growth, the joy and the reflection of a wonderful, beautiful soul.

I can give myself the same as they need. Time, patience and feeding and watering every part of what I hold a DNA as the flowers hold.

Not one is the same as they may grow together in a bunch.

On a stem, in a field or nesting in a corner peeking out just wondering if you notice what it has to give.

Don't turn and walk away I have something for you a song for your soul, your spirit. A whisper that I need your attention for just a minute. Look upon me what do you see, it ask.

Take me in your hands, give me to someone that will appreciate all their is to behold and that I can make your dreams come true.

I am a flower with a soul as you have one to. I will keep on growing just for you.

March 19, 2021 22:59

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Alma Cuffy
19:16 Apr 23, 2021

Flowers with souls, are we really talking about flowers? Or are we talking about the human being with DNA? We all needs nurturing from God above. We are needs to feel loved, needs empathy and to be compassionates toward each other. Just like flowers even if we are different shades of colors. We are all flowers with souls and difference DNAs, but just like flowers we still have the same needs to live and grow.


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Holly Fister
17:56 Mar 28, 2021

Flowers with souls, I believe it! Would you mind checking out my most recent story if have time? Thanks!


Robin Simon
00:59 Mar 29, 2021

Thanks for the comment. What is the name of your poem


Holly Fister
01:11 Mar 29, 2021

You’re welcome! Mine is called Flowers for Rose.


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