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Can you please keep this a secret?Rose said to her boyfriend Henry. Rose an introvert teenager, less confident but somewhat with good looks, living in her own world. She's definitely a bookworm as she never dares to have friends nor did anyone wants a girl like her to be in their gang.

The love story between her and Henry is somewhat classy dramatic romance or you would like to call it a same old school story. As Henry is an extrovert, sturdy looking handsome guy,to whom every female would want to check out. He's totally a charmer. As we know that north and south edge of magnet attract each other. Likewise when Henry saw and observe Rose he found her timid,and as we know that every extrovert likes to tease an introvert so this what happens in their case. Henry starts to tease her,bully her.

But the situation day to day turns into a havoc as Henry hates it when she never stood up for herself, continue to be a little puppy so in rage he locked her in a dark room, it's the time when they went for high school trip.

Everyone staying in their camps, doing fun but here our female lead living in a pathetic condition without even crying for help.

Henry may look a badass but he's somewhat a gentleman who atleast not leave a girl in dark alone....

He waited for her crying,but unexpectedly she never wanted any help so he let her go at the morning.

He interrogated her whether she had superpower or something that she likes to live in that place at night, without willing to seek for help?? He goes on commenting on her whether she's having a bloody(criminal) background that she's not afraid of the dark even.

At that point he saw a new version of her,she replied in high pitch that "someone who act cool like you, having no conscience of bullying someone? Having no humanity,why would I like to give answer. He freezed at her reaction, as till now he believed her to be a shy bitch but as he's acknowledging her new layers kept attracting him towards her.

she walked off from there. But from then on Henry kept following her like a sick stalker.

He observed that after school she directly went to do work at part time cafe,then for late evenings she stays in the cafe. At 10 pm she used to leave for her home. On weekdays there's no change even on weekends there's no change, excluding a lil bit of change of her, visiting the library.

As we know girls sixth sense she caught him red handed one day. She asked why are you following me "Cool dude"? He definitely wants to avoid her interrogation with some excuse but she showed him some pictures of him, standing near her cafe. So at last he gave her answer that he's somewhat curious about her. At that moment the female lead was like what??? You are curious about something and you stalked a person for like a two weeks.

She politely asked him to leave her alone otherwise she had to take strict actions towards him. The very next day he blocked her way,and said that I wanted to talk to you about last night. They both went to backyard of school,where she confronted him,he said that I know the reason why I followed you? She's like ok so tell me - he said that i think thoroughly about it and i am somewhat curious about you. So the result is that i like you and want to start a relationship with you.

She freezed for one second that the guy who bullied her, wanted to step on her , now for real wanted to start a relationship. She's having mixed feelings but this chance can change her life in school,she can have friends too.

So that's how the relationship started. Since then the two having a good time together,she too became a charmer. Now she's having uncountable friends and late night partying. She's living her life to the fullest. Until when her secret revealed, the secret which no one could ever think,or ever want in their lives.

She's always afraid of her secret, she never noticed that secret in her but her aunt who is her caretaker as well as guardian of her noticed that change and tell her to go see psychiatrist soon.

Since then she's visiting the psychiatrist,her boyfriend would never find about her but one day when he followed her to the library that day he noticed that Rose went to the library as well attached psychiatrist room also. So he asked her but she makes an excuse about that. After that when they had a lil bit fight over whether they should visit their friend birthday or they should go to celebrate their 100 days anniversary,there he noticed a change in her eyes and her expression. He could tell her but the change was for slightest period.

He wanted to figure Is there anything which he should know? Or Is there anything which his girlfriend been hiding?

One day when Rose went to cheer their team, being a cheer leading president of girls. She get a text from Henry that he'll see her at night club. There he found a girl who exactly look like Rose but she's having a dark makeup, likes to flirt and she's definitely a fun girl,who likes to act wildly.

He tried to reach Rose but not been able so. That fierce girl partying hard, became the spotlight of night club so he noticed her and suddenly she disappeared. So he went out to find her,after searching her he found her at outside the club there she's totally drown in alcohol so he asked to help her but like Rose she also refused for any help. He asked her name and she told him She's Richa and lives nearby. He finds her charming and if he didn't had a girlfriend Rose he would definitely try to date her. The very next day he confronted her and she told that she's sorry for not meeting him,as she's having an important work. He told her about meeting the girl named Richa there, she's totally a fun, party girl and he would like to meet her soon. She became shocked and relieved at the same time after hearing him.

On her next session with the psychiatrist, she found out that she's the one who met him that night and she found out that she can harm somebody too as a cons of her syndrome.

She went home and cried, feeling like a sick person, once again she wanted to confide herself in.

She wanted to pursue her happiness but the path to happiness seems rough and tough. She wanted to meet the other side of her and completely destroy her but could not so as they both are same person.

After attending sessions, she gets to know that her syndrome, arises when her parents get separated. And she had her first outbreak when her dad got murdered by some goons, she went on depression after that, she never feel on ease after that incident.

She's surely having that syndrome after that incident and to feel herself at ease she created her new personality Richa. So that she can have fun and get her confidence back.

After ignoring Henry for a week she finally confronted him,she wanted to either breakup with him or either she have to tell him the real story.

The doomsday arrived for her, she have to make a choice.

Henry visited the spot and hugged her. Her feelings get back, she decided to not to breakup with him. He asked her the reason for ignoring she couldn't control her tears. Her tears falls out. She told him that she's having a multi-personality disorder.

And it can be harmful too. The girl Richa which he fond of is none other than her. She's having that disorder after her father death. She also told him that she's not in her control and she didn't know that she's having such disorder herself until when her aunt noticed it.

She wanted the happiness and want to be with him. But the way seems to be tough.

She asked him to keep this a secret,

as for now, because she didn't have the confidence to accept that syndrome herself.

She left the decision on him whether he want to be with her or not but she could not even guarantee that they would have a normal relationship. She didn't want Henry to suffer because of her. She wanted that even if they had a breakup, the journey of friendship should not end.

So they decided that it's better to know each other better and to start afresh between them . Finally they are friends living their life again together with happiness and talking about their relationship they're enjoying the roller coaster of life.

August 18, 2020 14:49

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Madisson James
10:06 Oct 09, 2020

Interesting story. It seems English may not be your first language but you did a good job getting the story line across. please keep writing. I enjoyed this.


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