This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

As she walked into the gas station, she caught sight of a tall young woman dressed in pink tshirt and jeans, her hair was tied in a ponytail and there was a mysterious aura about her, she had never been this captivated by a stranger.

Hannah realised she had been staring at the mysterious stranger for long when the woman looked back at her and smiled. She felt slightly embarrassed, she had made herself seem like a creep she felt. The woman walked up to her and introduced herself.

"I am Emerald, what's your name?"

"Hannah!", she blurted out of anxiety, loud enough for a few people to turn around and look at her. She felt really awkward, everything about this situation was awkward to her.

Surprisingly, Emerald seemed unbothered about who was noticing them or not, perhaps she was used to people staring at her because she was so beautiful and different, the latter word she couldn't exactly define, what was exactly different about Emerald?, she was dressed and even talked like an average woman but something was strange about her.

"You stay in this area?", Emerald asked curiously.

"Yes", she replied, trying not to show her anxiety.

Before she knew it, they had exchanged numbers, she was so overwhelmed by it all that she didn't even have the time to say no or be hesitant, even though she felt stupid later on for sharing her number with an absolute stranger who may not have even told her real name.

There was something enchanting about Emerald that made her get drawn towards her, some sort of a friendship had developed among them in the next few weeks, she had come to know that Emerald ran a cafe a few blocks away from her house, maybe it was this knowledge that gave her some assurance that she was actually interacting with a real person.

Even though it had been a few months since she knew Emerald, there was still a strange aura about her, the same mysterious aura that she felt when she had first seen her at the gas station, she was confused even after knowing her, why was there something still strange about her?

"So you are half blood?", Emerald asked her one day as they ate at her house.

A wave of panic gripped her, as far as she could remember she had never shared anything about this with her, how did she guess then?, was she trying to see her reaction?

She tried to feign ignorance but Emerald saw right through it, she had no other option but to admit it, she just hoped she was not being lured into some trap, she had always been so careful about her identity but this woman right infront of her was a mind reader for sure!

The next detail that she came to know about Emerald shocked her to the core, she was a full blooded vampire unlike her, Hannah now felt a sort of inferiority complex next to this woman but both of them could relate to the struggles their identity had caused them.

Hannah had known she was different ever since she was a teen, what made her different was something she had failed to understand for a long time until she could feel a strange sensation overtake her whenever she was around a human with a sweet scent, she would even fall ill trying to battle the sensation, on researching online she had come to know that it wasn't a human trait, the more she looked through, the more she was convinced she wasn't human but a vampire.

But she had also understood that she wasn't a full blooded vampire because she wasn't as strong as the vampires she had read about nor was she as pretty. Since she had been raised in a human society, there were ethics she understood and followed.

No matter how strong the scent was, no matter how strong the urge to drink blood, she knew she had to resist it, and she felt Emerald understood it too because she had successfully blended into the human society unlike her who still had social anxiety when interacting with others.

Their relationship had transformed after the revelation, Emerald wasn't just a friend to her but she had started to see her as a mentor too, she hoped to be as socially successful as her, she hadn't thought it was possible before but meeting her had changed that view.

But she was disgusted when she found out that Emerald preyed and hunted humans for fun, she had casually mentioned it but when she saw the disgusted look on Hannah's face, she knew she hadn't drunk even a drop of human blood!

"You know you aren't a true vampire if you haven't tasted human blood and you know what Han it tastes real good!", she said with a smirk.

The smirk annoyed Hannah more, she got up to leave when she heard her say,

"Don't put a full stop to your imagination!"

She stopped talking to Emerald, even though she had tried to reach out to her, Hannah was in no mood to contact her again, this wasn't what she wanted to be, she wanted to live a proper life as a human and thats all that she desired.

There was another thing that bothered Hannah even though she tried hard to not think about it, her ethical self loathed her, there was a killer that hunted upon innocent people and she was just going to stay quiet and do nothing about it, was this even the right thing to do?, was it ok to turn Emerald to the police?, but what proof did she have?

Proof was the thing that started bothering her and she made up her mind to gather it, she pretended to learn from Emerald how to hunt and select prey and that she was nervous about it. Emerald was delighted and told her that she had taken the right decision.

She hadn't thought it would be this bad but when Emerald asked her to take a sip from the blood trickling down from the recently killed victim's neck wound, she felt horrified inside, she already felt guilty over not being able to save this man but to take part in the crime was beyond imaginable to her, but she had to do it otherwise Emerald would be suspicious.

She bent down and tasted it a bit, the metallic taste overwhelmed her and she felt initially disgusted and nauseous but something inside her wanted it more and more, she didn't feel satisfied drinking the blood for a second time too, she tasted it for a third time, she felt a rush inside her body, a soothing sensation followed by a thrill and before she knew it she had become addicted to this.

As she pointed out the next prey to hunt to Emerald, she no longer cared for ethics anymore, an ethical life would still mark her out as a vampire, there was no place for her in the hypocritical human society and there was nothing as satisfying and as nourishing as sweet blood that humans offered.

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