It's Fun to Defy Evil

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Fantasy Fiction Friendship

“You wanna do something fun?” A small smirk rested on his face and Fay felt herself shiver at that look. It was that look that had caused so much pain and suffering. The look he would get in his eyes when he was bored and was looking to spice up his life. And now he had had that look on his face. Fay felt a sharp sting of irritation run through her before she snapped.

“Now is not the time, Revon. Can’t you see I’m in a bit of a crisis,” spinning she stomped across the room, her blonde hair swishing from side to side. Reaching the other side she reached up to grab her bow, “And nothing you say is going to convince me to let you out of that cage. This is your mess, I’m not letting you make it worse.”

With her back to him, Fay didn’t see the flash of hurt that crossed his face, but she did hear the light whisper, “I didn’t want to hurt anyone”

Righteous anger flowed through Fay’s veins at those words, nostrils flaring she spun and her red eyes met his blue, “what did you think would happen. And don’t pretend that you didn’t know what would happen when you pulled the lever...when you let that monster out. Me and the others were not prepared to defend the realm from The Beast and the master can only do so much!”

Fay watched as Revon narrowed his blue eyes. “you know nothing of what happened in that vault,” His voice had turned bitter and there was cold anger in his eyes, “I’ll admit that I should never have gone to the vault, but you shouldn’t speak of what you do not understand”

“Then why did you,” Fay exploded, “You say I don’t understand then help me understand. You are one of us Revon, you’re a Defender, you’re meant to defend the realm not harm it. You’ve always been playing these mind games, but this... this is too far.” Fay waved her hand at the window where The Beast was plowing through the buildings in the distance and the other defenders were trying to fight and evacuate the people. 

Revon did not respond he simply stared at her and the fight seemed to leave his shoulders. Exhaustion clung to his form, but Fay seemed not to notice as she continued to rant, “I should be out there fighting with them, no we should be out there fighting with them. I shouldn’t be here guarding you and making sure you don’t escape. Hell, you shouldn’t even be here, you should be dead. In fact, I wish you were dead...I wish...I...I...had...never...I wish... I wish I had never met you.” Fay’s knees gave out and she fell to the floor sobbing. Her bow clattered to the floor and her shoulders shook. 

Revon watched on from behind the ray shield. Slowly he sat down and Fay glanced up with tears in her eyes and felt herself freeze. There were tears in his blue eyes. Revon had never cried. She felt worry creep into her thoughts as Revon ignored her chocked out attempts at questioning him. She watched as he struggled to compose himself before finally in a quiet and shaky voice he spoke, “I was never meant to fight beside you, and I’m... I’m sorry...I...I’m so so s... sorry but...”

Fay sat there in utter confusion and horror, horror at what she had said and confused by his words, “Revon...”

“Don’t. I need to tell you, Fay, you were...are my best friend,” Taking a deep breath Fay nodded and Revon sat there for a long time waiting as he recollected his composure before he began to talk again, “They lied to us Fay, I’m not one of you, I never was. I’m...I’m a... I’m an Inimicus.”

Fay sucked in a deep breath at the confession, her mind running a mile a minute as she tried to process the words. Things that had never made sense with him suddenly did. His shorter stature and blue eyes. His talent with all things technological and difficulty with using any heavy weapons. Fay felt horror and disbelief fill her, Revon was not one of those foul creatures. Sure he had let out a monster, but he had been her best friend. As Fay’s whole world flipped upside down she began to realize that once the confession had left his mouth Revon had continued to ramble on.

“...and I know we were taught that the Inimicus are evil and bad, but that’s not true. Prejudice has blinded both sides. If anything the Tenebris are the ones who caused all of the problems. I was taken to be nothing more than a trophy. Where is the humanity in that? Seeing one race as inferior to another. And I’m so tired of being treated as a scapegoat and I...”

“Stop it,” Fay yelled as she jumped to her feet, “Stop trying to justify your actions, you pulled the lever.”

Revon stopped and stared up at her before quietly whispering, “I didn’t pull the lever.”

Fay froze, out of all the excuses he could have made she never expected him to deny what the master had said... Fay’s thoughts came to a halt. No...No that wasn’t possible, but the more she thought about it the more it made sense. In her mind’s eye, Fay saw the master. She saw his refusal to say anything to save Crystal. At that moment she saw every one of the times that he had lied and failed to protect his students. When had Revon ever lied to her? Turning her red eyes to look into his she saw her best friend. He had always stood by her side and had always had such a big heart. Always helping those in need and standing up for the innocent. Staring wide-eyed at his revelation she slowly sat down in front of him.

“I...why...why did I ever believe him,” Fay finally gasped out staring at Revon with pain and defeat. Everything she had ever believed, everything she had ever known was a lie. Inconsistencies she had noticed in the history books and her life began to all come to the forefront. How had she not seen the monster that had stood in front of her? Why had no one seen the master, their leader, as the evil man he was? 

Almost as if he knew what she was thinking Revon spoke, “ It’s not your fault, he fooled everyone. There is no way you could have known”

“But you did,” Fay said softly, “You did know, you always knew he was not who he said he was. That he was not the honorable man everyone believed him to be. Why didn’t you say anything?”

Revon glanced at her sadly, “Because what was the point. I was always the one who lied, even if I never did. Who would believe me? The master knows this and when I confronted him in the vault he pulled the lever, he knew nobody would believe me if I said he did.”

“But I did.”

Blue eyes met red as the simple statement sank in. Revon stared as the realization began to take hold, and a beautiful smile graced his lips Fay stood and walked towards the console. With a determined smile, Fay turned to look at Revon, “ we have to fix this, We have to go and help defeat The Beast and then tell everyone what the master has done.” Her hand hovered over the button to release him from his cell.

“I hope you realize that this could lead to war. Not everyone will believe, not even all of the defenders. It will divide the nation. Even if the truth will come out in the end.”

Fay smiled as she pushed the button. “I know,” walking towards Revon she handed him his katanas, before leaning down to pick up her bow she stood and faced him. Grinning she looked him in the eye before she answered his question, “Let’s have some fun.”

October 02, 2021 17:57

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Michael Regan
19:56 Nov 30, 2021

A nice story. It read like an excerpt from a larger story. I wanted to know what happened before and after.


05:02 Dec 22, 2021

Thank you so much for your comment. I do hope to come back to this story someday and write a longer version. Thank you so much for the feedback.


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