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A world where everything from nature had collapsed. No one remembers, realizes nature. Mother nature was forgotten entirely.


Year, 2964, the era of Science and Universe. Universal Era. Also known as, the age of calamity.

There was a young man named, Sora. He had earned a scholarship in his early teens. Now, he is almost 16. However, our young dude is a perfect, charming, and stable person. He is not the person who dies from panic and loses hope because of loneliness.

The world was divided into 3 parts; Zess, the only place that belonged to nobles. Durra, the only place ruled by nobles. Although it had its own nobles, they weren't as highly ranked as the others. The last one, Reginia. The most destructive, polluted, and tragic part of Earth.

In Reginia, people suffered from climate-polluted diseases and loss of water and food supplies. Many elders died from food poisoning due to a lack of fresh food, so they kept surviving by feeding on expired foods. But they never had hoped for recovery or justice for the world. They knew that it would just stay like that and would never change. And so, the death rates increased with many horrible diseases. Soon, their crops died because of dry land, and rivers of freshwater also dried by the climate pollution. Neither could they eat good, nor could they even drink water now. Were they really fated to die this way?

That was the horrible, yet pitiful, tragic apocalypse of Reginia. The climate apocalypse that had occurred in 2950 and still ongoing...

Sora saw the endangered humans begging for food. Some of the guys even ate those migrating birds. Yet the emerging hunger from the dead bodies continued.

"Ugh," seemed to be disgusted by the pollution and malevolent in the air, Sora sighed in disgust. What could he do, really? Nothing. Just stand aside and watch how those monsters and mad scientists come from Zess to take away bundles of samples from here. And for those Durra bastards, hunters from there would come to just test their rifles on Reginia's death troops.

Things went on like that. And not from yesterday or that day, from a couple of years. Now Sora was a loner. His parents were killed in a war between Zess, Durra, and Reginia, where Reginia and its people were treated as the only rabbit in a den of mighty wolves. He thought, "Soon, I'll crush them with my own hands and the world might go back again." but to his dismay, after looking the everyday life, that was... a bit impossible.

As for Sora, he wasn't the type of others; fall in love, marry and just wait for your death by a Zess or Durra noble. The highest-ranked wolves were, of course, Zess, so nobody even dared to step there. Sora originally had the goal of crushing them under his feet.

The air was already too stiff, dirty and he felt like collapsing suddenly. The air wasn't like today, all white, fresh, and the blue dazzling sky, it was much more horrible than today's pollution. Yellow sky, filled with, carbon air, no oxygen signs in sight, tall towers with puffy smokes. It was as if living inside a yellow world.

Sora frowned upon seeing the blended yellow sky. As he was pondering, a young guy came over to him.

"What is so beautiful in that tainted sky?"

His hairs flew along with the warm, fuzzy air, yet, filled with nitrogen oxide hints.

Sora smiled with a slight smirk. "Yeah, right." and closed his eyes by rubbing them lightly, slowly with his wrists.

The guy on the other side raised an eyebrow.

Sora turned to him. "Who are you?"

"Neighbours don't remember neighbors?"

Sora frowned and sighed with a quick smile. "Oh, yeah. Murano."

Murano nodded.

"I was kind of thinking, when will this place change?"

Murano slid his face to the dark sky, filled with nitrogen and carbon, emitting from the towers.

"I guess.... never. Or at least never, until we try to do anything."

Sora glanced at him in question. "What do you mean?"

Murano smiled. "Want to go with me on a journey to fix this irrational world? Of course, it won't be instant."

Sora returened a sad expression.

Murano did not expect any answer from him. "Alright, figure it out till tomorrow. I'll be leaving tomorrow. See ya~" as he waved back the lone rabbit.

The next day, Sora unexpectedly packed his belongings and walked to the hillside. The place where he met Murano. He had heard of him before; Murano was an experienced theatre boy. He had been on many journeys and most of them were extremely dangerous, but he had trained well and had extraordinary skills too.

Murano noticed him standing. "Oh?" He smiled raising an eyebrow.

"So you came?"

"What else could I do? I just... couldn't keep up their savagery anymore. I want to help my people and want to be at least, be useful to them. That's why I decided to go with you on your journey."

Murano was left surprised, but he didn't show on the face.

"Alright, but first fix that your scumbag, ferret face. You have to let go of your soft side; stop that caring attitude of yours. It really disgusts me...!" He frowned with annoyance.

Sora frowned too. "What does that concern to you? Am I not helping enough?"

His face turned back to normal. Laid out a sigh and said, "You won't fix your caring side and end up in a black hole where even I won't be able to drag you back, alright. But don't expect kindness from me."

'How heartless can he be anymore?' thought sora.

They both took their bags; Sora had a big one, while Murano just took his guns and a small bullet-proof sidebag and hung it on his waist.

"What's that?" asked Sora in interest.

"This is a bullet-proof bag with bullets and a bullet-proof jacket," he smirked with closed eyes.

Sora twitched. "I see...."

They set off afterwords.

After the struggling and dangerous situations the two faced in their journey, their bonds deepened and they got too close to each other. Sora became more reliable on Murano, due to his non-stop flirting and pampering to Sora.

The last night. After it, they would have been reached to Zess X Durra Human Resources And Nobility Court, aka. HRAN. They were currently sitting under the night sky filled with beautiful shining stars and the dark, black night. That was the only time of the world that never lost its beauty.

"Hey, how come you got so attracted to me?" asked Murano, out of curiosity.

"Don't know. Might be your flirting and bad habits."

"Oh? Damn you..." he giggled and they both snuggled each other under one blanket and one night sky. That was pretty and comfortable.

The awaited day. The next following day, both of them got ready and were walking on the empty streets of ZXDHRN.

"Is it always this empty or are they really scheming something?"

asked Sora.

"No, I don't think so."

Sora saddened and continued to walk alongside Murano.

They reached the door to the court. Inside it would be all the ministers of Zess and Durra. Since Reginia was kicked out from the nobility, they also removed it from the court. As well as killed the minister.

Instead of being kind and noble-like, Murano kicked opened the giant door to the court. Suddenly, the camouflaged robots instantly took out their guns and started aiming at Murano and Sora.

One of the robots straight shot at Murano which gave him a slight cut on his right arm. He fished out his gun simultaneously and shot at them, however, they were made from heavy metals and were bullet-proof.

"Tsk, dammit!!" He threw a heavy machinegun at Sora and shouted at him to aim at the chasers. Sora nodded and with a big bang! both robots got laid down.

Murano smiled and was sweating heavily. It seemed he got a fever, however, he still had the urge to complete this task or else his beloved would be disdained and besides, the world will never be able to change.

Murano slowly got on his feet with Sora's help and they started walking again.

He mumbled in Sora's ear, "Dude... hey!"

"What?! can't you shut up! You're hurt so badly! It wasn't just a slight cut, you liar. Look at it, your whole upper arm is slaughtered!"

"Oh well, thanks for caring for me, but we got to finish this or...!"

his leg tripped and he was going to trip fall, however, Sora caught him. He put his whole strength and picked up his seme-princess and continued walking.

"Oii!... Hey, Wh-?!" Murano turned lightly red with fluster. What was he doing? Wasn't that supposed to be the opposite?

"Quiet. We're here," said Sora.

Murano tilted up and saw they were inside the court already.

"Hah, didn't know my own inferior companion would turn out to be my own superior. Great." Pretty ironic.

Sora kept walking until he saw a huge room. The door was closed with a few bodyguards outside, guarding with their laser rifles.

"May I ask who is in?"

"Before that, may we ask who are you?" They seemed to be straightforward. Sora lost half of his confidence. "Er, I'm Sora and this guy in my arms is, Murano. We are from-" Murano cut him off there. He knew Sora would spit something private.

"We are the poor residents of Reginia," as he said that, botth bodyguards lifted their guns and aimed at them.

"Haha. I know, but we are helpless. We couldn't think of anything else." Finishing his weird, vague sentence, he got parted from Sora's carry and stood on his feet, putting his arm around Sora.

He smirked and whispered into Sora's ear making him blush.


After that, he mysteriously stepped back and left something in Sora's grip by behind. 'be careful,' as he stood far away that he could be seen tiny. What was the plan?

Sora was hesitant. He shrugged his shoulders and strengthened up. "if he can do it, then me as well!" he mumbled it and at once, threw a small grenade as he instantly ran off to Murano, fortuitously falling in Murano's arms. "Eh?... Did I do it?!"

Murano smiled and said, "Yeah, you really kept up to me." he smirked as he rubbed his hairs. He glanced and thought, 'after this, they should be done for, right?'

Sora looked back after snuggling him tightly. Expectedly, both bodyguards were gone.

They walked up there. They saw no one. Sora nudged Murano. "Did they run away? after all, they were robots."

"No, they can't. There's zero probability, I calculated." as Murano looked down, he saw tiny pieces of rags and metal. Considering it, that trash is definitely the dead robot's sign.

"Okay, let's head in." he grabbed Sora's hand and went inside the huge room. It was a conference room for courteous meetings.

Once they headed in, only then did they saw everyone panicking.

"Why are you panicking?!" Yelled Murano.

"Uh,uh,uh,uh!!!!" They all shivered. Of course, no matter how much bravery or power they showed, they were still cowards and had no self-respect.

Murano fished out his machinegun and this time, he had punched a guard and stole his laser machinegun. He shot the laser machinegun and sliced off the furniture that was kept.

"Surrender yourselves, lowly beings!" Murano aimed at them.

"Wait, wait! We-we will!! just listen to us first!"

Murano nodded.

All 4 ministers sat down at the conference table and started speaking one by one.

"We... tried our best to save Reginia, but some of the nobles in Zess and Durra got together and rejected! We couldn't go against their decision! They are our people."

Murano frowned.

"You are such cowards! You don't even get the slightest respect from your people and still be their slaves? Your people, those Zess and Durra nobles are so ruthless, you can't even control them! What type of creature are you? Treating us like we're garbage!"

One of the ministers shivered and spoke, "Wait! This! This minister decided to wipe out Reginia!"

Another one spoke, "No, this! This minister decided to computer-control Reginia!"

They all had a cat and dog-like relationships. Murano frowned and said, "You... all can't even understand each other, how could you even think about forming an alliance?" He softly grabbed his Lazer machinegun and aimed at them.

"Listen up! Whatever your plan is, I won't leave you alive. If I do so, surely another disaster will occur!"

He shot mercilessly, and their bodies got sliced up in no seconds.

Sora was terrified. He covered his eyes in terror and nervousness. He couldn't handle all that bloodshed and sliced bodies.

"Murano, that's enough!" she shouted without seeing.

Murano flipped back his gun at the back and turned. When he counted all the bodies, one was missing. He knew this would happen, as the probability was 70%

He figured it out; one of the ministers ran away when he was ripping all of them, and already had made a secret alliance with Durra's minister and left the other ministers. Now that was quite cunning.

"Tch. Let's head to Durra, we will have to shed more blood there, are you okay?"

Sora nervously nodded. They left the court with fusing a grenade outside. Murano had attached a timer with the grenade and turned it on. The whole time they were discussing and killing, the timer was ongoing.

When Sora heard this, he was obviously freaked out. "eh,"

They successfully reached Durra's Court. That wasn't as big as Zess. Before going in, Murano handed a mini laser gun to Sora.

"For your protection. I cannot protect you everywhere."

Sora smiled sadly and nodded.

When they got inside the Durra court, Murano did try to place a time grenade outside in a bush, however, one of the guards saw him do that and so, he couldn't.

"What were you doing? If I hadn't shot him, he would have killed you!"

"Eheh, sorry. That's why I gave it to you."

Sora and Murano then went inside the court. They saw only a few people were working and then headed straight to the conference room.

Murano kicked the door and shouted with his laser machinegun.

"Listen jerks! Surrender and give peace to Reginia! Stop your ruthless things!"

Only two ministers. One of them was shocked. But he was at ease already. He thought, if Murano and his companion would find him, he should have finished the plan beforehand.

He smirked. "Haha...! you, you won't get extra merits! If you kill me!"

Murano tched and shot with his laser machinegun. He turned to the other one.


Murano, "So you're also a coward, huh?!" The minister panicking, called out to his guard, but by the time he had arrived, Murano had sliced his body apart.

He killed everyone in the court and in the end what they got were, a card key and a few documents.

He tossed them to Sora. "Read and figure out what they are."

Sora nodded.

After that, they headed towards the grand tower. The grand tower was where the father was located. The father was a computer board that ruled over the future humans; a man-made god.

But the same man-made god had created a hell for them.

Now if the two destroy it, everything will go back to its normal manner. All humans can live without someone's ruling and with freedom. However, it wasn't so easy.

They killed everyone with their guns, thankfully they had more than enough bullets and batteries. After coming inside the grand tower's Father's room by the card key, it was filled with billions of computers working auto-piloted. They just had to blast the father, the end.

Murano charged his all guns to ready them. He even told Sora to aim at the father's brain. They both will shoot father at the same time and finish it.

One, two, three...! Bang! Clash!

The father's computer board clashed and the count down to atomic explosion started. Murano hurriedly took Sora and both ran out of the tower.

When they came out of the borderline of Zess, Durra, and Reginia, the wall that divided them, fell down and everything was destroyed. All the computers were blasted and every human, at that time, saw that scene.

"Did we do it... right?" asked Sora.

Murano nodded.

The fall of the future. The fall of the world that lived on its advancement and died from it.

After some years, Sora was now living with Murano and he had written a full report on what happened in the year, 2964. He was surprised from reading it even though he witnessed it all. Over 60,000 people died from calamity at that age.

"We are the heroes of that dystopia fall, alright." he left out a sigh of relief.

Murano patted on his shoulder. "En, and earned a new age."

Not only did they become heroes, but their bond also deepened so strongly that almost their souls were seemed to be connected.

The age of calamity, the era of Science & Universe ended, therefore, begin with a new age.

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