Preserved In Your Amber Eyes

Submitted into Contest #50 in response to: Write a story about a summer afternoon spent in a treehouse.... view prompt


Romance Fantasy

It was last summer

Sitting there

The green leaves of the canopy above

Cast over a face more beautiful than sunlight

Hands so gentle they weave moonlight

Into dreams

Lips softer than ferns and dew

In morning sunlight

As your angelic faceΒ 

Stares into

The plainness of my ownΒ 

Honey-colored eyes

Forever lost


In the amber that surrounds your own

My eyes trace the fineness of your features

Each one unique

Like the points on a star

Casting halos

On even the most malevolent of creatures

The summer sun washes over us

Like the warmth of that familiar pink blanket

I see around your shoulders

While your perfectness lies in my arms

I've bought an identical copy

The same baby pink that adorns you

Under the sanctuary of your bed

Yet, for some reason

I prefer to lie with yours

We were sitting there

The cool mahogany wood surrounding my treehouse

Pressing into our backs

As we both stare up

At the cool blue of the sky

Of late noon

Cloud gazing

Finding miscellaneous shapes





To make out amongst the blobs of white

You point at the largest of the few that line the sky

And we watch as the suns rays

Filter through it

Like Magic

You stand up

My calloused hands placed in those of an artists

And pull me along

Past mahogany wood

And the deep green of the ferns that surround

The atmosphere around us

And lead me to the clouds

Endless horizons of brilliant blue

The golden rays of the sun dance

Across your trusting smile

And we float there

Above it all

We float amongst the clouds for hours


Vibrant hues of red splash against the horizon

The same shades of red that adorn

Your canvasses

And paint-splattered hands

As your hands weave the sunlight

Into the vast array of colors

That color my once so lonely





Into something of light



We spin through currents of wind

My hair flicking into my eyes

Sad I have to lose sight of you

Even for a moment

Stray leave caress our ankles

Twirling past large towns

The size of ants against the naked eyes

And continue

To Travel


Up. past the hundreds of stories of skyscrapers

Up, past the polluted lakes that adorn our town

Up, higher than the birds

Up. higher than the tallest of evergreens!

We continue to fly amongst these things

Traveling deep into the troposphere

And far beyond

The galaxy surrounds us

You in my arms

The earth far below my feet

That have walked a hundred roads

And seen a thousand days

Without you

But, now we're here!

Dancing amongst the planets!

The earth a simple afterthought

You give me the moon

And I let it's roughness caress my long fingers

Staring deep into its craters

Each one a pool of memories

We've had

And are yet to create

The cosmos and nebulas bow to you!

Overwhelmed by your infallible grace


Your laughter the tickling of bells!

It's soft against my ears

It's warmth envelopes my heart

Its bliss surrounds my soul

It's familiarity simply a blessing

It's a soulful laugh

Rich, and with meaning

The flavor of a thousand smiles

The color of the calmness of twilight

The scent of baking bread

And it makes me laugh too

For as seeing you happy

Makes me happy

And we both smile at that

You sprinkle stardust in my hair

It glitters like the stars in your eyes

No, there not reflecting those around us

They were already there

Burning brighter with passion

With every lovely grin

And bubble of laughter

That escapes my lips

And I feel it too

We fly past Saturn's rings

Taking just enough time

To give them a small nudge

And watch the spin

In slow motion

Around the huge planet

It plants an I love you on my lips

And a kiss on yours

As we continue our way through the cosmos

The coldness of space bites at my skin

Tiny flakes of frost align my fingertips

I shiver

But you, my darling

My sun

My star

My warmth and comfort

Take my hand in yours

And It all melts away

As you melt my heart

With your touch

The lights of the galaxy blind us

As you align the supernovas

And paint more stars

Into the darkness

Of my own night sky

With your long fingers

And teasing glances

That put the butterflies back into my stomach

And send my nerves compulsions of anticipation

For that long-awaited kiss

And hug

And your lips part into that beautiful, beautiful smile

I admire it so

You etch light into the darkness

As we continue to float

Up and up

Past the blinding lights of the milky way

Past the splashes of colors that dot our horizon

Past the thousands of constellations

Each one waving a sad goodbye

Each one sad to see you go

We reach the ever anticipated line of the heavens

And you let me go

The glossiness of tears brims your eyes

Sad you have to let me go

Sad I can't come with you

Sad you have to lose me

Yet, somehow

I'm happy for you

Tears in my eyes as I let you go

Watching you sob

As you take your rightful place

Amongst greatness

But, you leave me here

Floating aimlessly amongst the planets

Trying to find my way back home

Lost inside a sea of darkness

There are no stars

No light

No Bliss

You took it all away from me

Like how you took my heart

When you left

But I'll wait for you!

I'll wait for you to come back to me!

Rip your way through the heavens

And take me in your arms once more!

I'll wait for you!

Wait for my chance to join you

Among the podium of the great

I'll wait for you

I'll love for you

I'll wait!

I love you

Our memories

Forever preserved

In those amber eyes

I looked into

Not that long ago

And knew










Authors Note: Special thanks to Rhondalise Mitza for the idea of not writing something morbid and sad. I'm pretty happy with the way this poem turned out and I hoped you enjoyed it. I'm dedicating it to my partner, who I'm so lucky to have and so happy to love.

Your friend,


July 18, 2020 02:26

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05:30 Jul 18, 2020

Once again fantastic story! Love your writing! I love the poetic touch <3 Great idea for the prompt P.s think you could check out my new story "Promises are Broken?" That'd be most appreciated :)


Thank you and definitely! Sincerely, A.


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Moon Fox
18:52 Oct 13, 2021

Wonderful, descriptive, and warming my heart. Here is a heart<3


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Djenat Remmache
21:47 Jul 23, 2020

Beautifully written ! well done. Do you mind reading my stories and give me feedback?


Of course! I'm a bit busy right now though, but I'd love to check them out later! Sincerely, A.


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11:39 Jul 29, 2020

I love the intricate details you placed in the poem to feel and understand it, not just read it. Keep writing!


Thank you! Sincerely, A.


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Courtney Stuart
00:31 Jul 28, 2020

this was so good! i loved how you decided to write in verse for this prompt - such a great idea, and i think it paid off extremely well! i loved all of your imagery and space metaphors (i am such a sucker for anything that has to do with space symbolism or metaphors), and there is just something about your writing here that makes me feel extremely nostalgic. this part was my favorite, i think, but all of it was extremely well-done: But, now we're here! / Dancing amongst the planets! / The earth a simple afterthought / You give me the moo...


Thank you, Courtney! -A.


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The reason I am so awed is that I know I can't write a 500 word poem, not to talk of 1000+! And it's actually really beautiful! Say do you mind checking out my new mystery story called "Her Dark Brown Eyes" ? Thanks!


Thanks and I will! I do hope that you realized you posted the same comment ten times...right? Sincerely, A.


Ooooooops 😁😁


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Deborah Angevin
09:46 Jul 22, 2020

This is a wonderfully written poem. Loved reading it! Also, would you mind checking my recent story out, "Red, Blue, White"? Thank you!


Thank you and I did! Sincerely, A.


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Batool Hussain
18:12 Jul 20, 2020

This is wonderful. Have I told you before that you are one of many authors on Reedsy for who's work(s) I look forward too? This is very, very sweet. I love it. Mind checking out my new story and sharing your views on it? Thanks.


Batool, thank you so much! You're so sweet and so talented and I'd love to check out your story! Sincerely, A>


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Rhondalise Mitza
16:14 Jul 18, 2020

Ahhh, I'm so proud of you! You did it and it was beautiful and I can see how much you love your partner through your wonderful poetry. My best to both of you, and maybe keep writing like this, I don't know... I just really enjoyed seeing a different side of your writing! I did poetry this week too for a prompt and if you could check it out that would be fantastic. It's kind of the opposite of this poem, though. Ah, it was so great. I'm happy I challenged that this week. :)


Thank you! I normally don't write 1,012-word poems so this was new to me. I'll make sure to tell them that you send your love and I'd love to check out your poem! Sincerely, A.


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