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Todd met Sweeney at a College Music Festival. She was a nerd, he was a popular guy with the most beautiful girls all around him. They went on a date and watched When 'Harry Met Sally'. They dated for a while.

They got along well but they later parted ways.

They met again on a flight to Amsterdam, he was going to pursue his higher education, she was going to find a job. They met and spoke to each other for a long time, and after the flight they parted ways again.

They met a third time and fell in love. They were in a relationship for quite a while. It had been a few years now. They were living together.

Sweeney one day asked herself 'Is our Relationship is like Serendipity or something from "When Harry Met Sally"?'. She had been outdoors, and hadn't gone to work that day, and just gotten back from the mall.

She reminisced about the past and the nostalgia was getting to her... She still felt as giddy as a school girl thinking about Todd, her handsome boyfriend of a few years.

It was their anniversary but they planned on having dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant, like all their friends did.

Todd was also a regular heart throb in his own right. Even after all these years he had maintained his tan skin and fit body.

She couldn't get over the first time they met. Neither could he. He asked himself if it was Serendipity?

Todd was busy at his office typing away on his computer. Suddenly he remembered his plans to move in to his new apartment in Sunset Boulevard with Sweeney who also happened to be his best friend. Todd had a picture of Sweeney on his laptop and he drew a heart on it with a marker. He was done with his work, and decided to relax whilst sipping on a coffee.

He looked at the photo and he saw that the best thing about his girlfriend was that she had these innocent blue eyes. She was pretty as a picture. She was fit and fine and all that too!

Back at their apartment, Sweeney was busy readying the apartment since Todd would be back in a few hours. She decided to do some spring cleaning as well. She had decided to surprise him with a clean environment. She felt the apartment would not be right if it wasn't sparkling!

She sat down on the couch to watch a movie. She had finished with all the preparations. She turned on the cable. She put on the movie channel. Surprisingly the movie 'When Harry Met Sally' was going on.

Suddenly the bell rang. She knew it was Todd. She excitedly opened the door for him.Todd came in and smiled at her. He seemed to be miffed about something.

'What's wrong Todd?' She asked him. 'Nothing babe' he said and he went and sat himself down on the couch. He noticed that 'When Harry met Sally' was going on. He seemed calmer and seemed absorbed in the movie.

She sat down on the couch with him. They were both looking at the screen both absorbed in the movie now. Suddenly Sweeney said to Todd- 'I was thinking about this movie just this morning!'

'You remember the first time, we watched this movie?' he asked her.

'Oh yes, I remember watching this years ago- was it on our first date?' she answered his question with a question.

'Does this movie remind you of us?' he asked again. 'Yes, it does' she said. 'In fact the main character Harry reminds me of you.'

'Really you think I look like him?' Todd asked.

'Yes you do.' Sweeney said.

The movie was half over, and so they clicked on the next channel, and were looking for something to watch. Todd started channel surfing and there was some interesting song on VH1. Sweeney said 'Hey, what's that?'. Todd came back to the channel she was talking about.

On it was a new song called 'Serendipity'. It seemed to be a music video of some sort. Sweeney asked him suddenly-

'Do you think our meeting was Serendipitous?'

'Maybe?' he replied

He continued to flip through the channels. He looked at her and said 'Do you think a man and a woman can just be friends?'

She replied 'Maybe they can... Aren't we?'

'We are friends but we are so much more than that-we've been living together for so many years.' he replied.

'I find the story intriguing. They meet so many times...but they never end up getting married or anything' Sweeney said thoughtfully.

They decided to move to the dinner table. It seemed easier to be mindful about what you were eating there. Also they were in the middle of what had the potential to be a heartening conversation.

Suddenly Sweeney said 'Todd why don't you say Grace?'

Todd said the prayer before dinner, and they started to eat.

'Sweeney, you remember that other movie that we watched on netflix called "Meet the Parents"?' Todd asked her.

'I don't think I remember watching that...' Sweeney replied.

'Specially the part where the cat gets lost' Todd said laughing a little to himself.

'Oh of course, now I remember, specially the part where their Himalayan cat gets lost all because of an accident that Ben Stiller gets into because he was trying to please her parents. Lovely movie! You know, Todd, I think it was a great conversation that we had just now. It's so nice to sit down at a dinner table and eat mindfully, instead of doing so whilst watching TV. '

Todd asked her 'Do you think our meeting was Serendipitous?'

'Perhaps it was...' Sweeney replied. 'Why do you ask? In fact I've been thinking of it all morning. Its surprising, I was thinking about the movie "When Harry Met Sally" and it happened to be on TV today. And it also happened to be the first movie we ever watched together. Funny how you are saying those very same words to me right now' she added.

'Yes, we are in a long term relationship for quite a few years now. It's been nice ...we've known each other for a long time. But I think it is serendipitous in a way, if you choose to see it like that!' Todd said as he finished his dinner.

Yes, I think our relationship is based on Serendipity."

A few years later Todd and Sweeney parted ways. They met again after many years. Todd was now a middle aged man, and Sweeney who was a few years younger, in her late thirties. They met in Spain, where Sweeney was running a small Cafe, and Todd happened to drop in.

She happened to be at the door, it was closing time, and he walked in. 'Sweeney' he asked ?

'Todd' she asked?

They kissed like there was no tomorrow.

'Todd, I think this is Serendipity' She said.

'I suppose so...' Todd replied.

'Just like "When Harry Met Sally?" she asked'

'Yes!' Todd said.

They both sat down together and ate chinese food. It was totally reminiscent of the dinner they had years ago when they were in a relationship. They ordered it from a nearby restaurant since all the staff had gone home. They remembered their conversation. They kissed.

'You really look like Harry' Sweeney said.

'I will always love you' Todd said

They kissed again. They made love on the couch, in her cafe. They then asked in one voice ' is this Serendipity ?' and laughed.

It was Serendipity!

June 25, 2021 21:49

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