Jack is in love. No, no! Not the usual kind! He is in love with something different. Something unusual. He is in love with his video games.

A few years ago, Jack was just a normal kid, until he got his first whiff of video games. At first, his parents limited his time to 1 hour a day, but after his parents got older they didn’t care anymore. The first few months, Jack stuck with the 1 hour plan,  but soon, he caught the deadly virus called Just A Minute More. 

Then, came the deadly Covid 19. The president ordered people to stay home. He has officially started quarantine. That just gave Jack even more time to play his video games. That was when he started falling in love.

He gradually increased his time, increased his time, and increased his time, until he was playing 25 hours a day. He barely ate, barely slept, barely went outside, and even started talking to his video games!! Even on the rare occasions that he did go to sleep, or did go to eat, he kept his trusty iPad right under his armpits. If he is not holding his video games for a long time, he will lose his mind.

He kisses his video games, he massages it, he cleans it, he buys the best equipment for it, and of course, he buys more and more games. His love for video games grew so strong, that even Jack realized that he was getting addicted. He went to see multiple therapists, but his love for video games are so strong, that none of them seemed to help him. 

After a few months of living like this, he even stopped doing his online work! He obviously got fired, but he didn’t care. All he needed was his video games. Because he did not have any money to pay his bills, he got kicked out of his house. He didn’t care. He moved to McDonald’s. After all, they have AC, free wifi, and a roof above their heads, right? After another month of living like this, he got kicked out of McDonald’s. No problem. He moved to another fast food restaurant. But after a few years, all of the restaurants within 100 miles have banned him from entering. 

That was when he realized. He really does have a problem. He finally was able to tear away from his precious video games, and started to go to work at a little grocery store as the cashier. The funny thing is, he kept his video games under his arms the whole time. Yes, it does limit his ability to work, but it was worth it just for his love of his life. 

After a few weeks of working at his grocery store (with his video games under his arms), he had enough money to see the best therapist within walking distance. He sold his car to buy more video games. The therapist’s name is Cur Evrytin. Strange name, I know. But legend has it that he can……….CURE EVERYTHING!!!! Well, everything concerning being addicted. He even cured some drug addicts!!! 

Whenever Jack came in, Dr. Cur Evrytin was doing yoga. “Uh, excuse me?” Jack said. He didn’t respond. “Hello.” Jack said. Dr. Cur Evrytin didn’t respond. Jack was getting frustrated. “HELLOOOO!!!!!!” the doctor finally looked up. “Geez louise!! Keep your pants on!” he said. Jack was a little surprised at the doctor’s choice of words, but he didn’t care. Time to get him cured.

“So, what is your problem, sir?” Dr. Cur Evrytin asked. “I think I might be in love with my video games.” Dr. Cur Evrytin didn’t say anything for a few seconds. There was an uncomfortable silence. Then suddenly, he burst out laughing. “What the heck? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!!!!” Jack was really getting angry, but he kept his composure, because the last thing you need to do is make your therapist mad.

You have no idea what would happen if you make your therapist mad. I have an example. So there was a person, which I am going to call Bob, because this story is simply too embarrassing to list the real name of the person. Ok. So Bob had a problem. He was addicted to smoking. He went to a therapist named Dr. Cur Amos Evrytin. He was a cousin of Cur Evrytin. 

The funny thing is, they both use hypnosis to cure their patients. Bob got mad at the doctor, and started cussing him out. The doctor didn’t appear to be offended, but whenever he started hypnotising Bob, he made him think he is a chicken. Technically, he did cure him, because chickens don’t smoke, but he kind of made a bigger problem.

Back to Jack. After Dr. Cur Evrytin listened to Jack tell him about his problem, he is now getting ready to hypnotize Jack. He pulled out a blank sheet of paper. “Stare into this piece of paper.” he ordered. Jack thought that was pretty weird. But he did as he was told. He stared and stared, and the more he stared, the more tired he got. He stared until he couldn’t keep his eyelids open anymore, and he closed his eyes.

Dr. Cur Evrytin saw him close his eyes, and said, “You will listen to everything I say,” He said. “IIIIIII willllllll listennnnnnnnn tooo everythinggg you sayyyyy.” Jack repeated. A devious smile flashed across Dr. Cur Everytin’s face. Oh he was going to cure him alright! “Whenever you open your eyes, you will no longer be in love with video games.” Jack slowly nodded. Dr. Cur Evrytin was not done. “And also, whenever someone calls your name, you will stick your socks up your nose.” Jack slowly nodded your eyes. “You can open your eyes now,” the doc said. Jack opened his eyes, and blinked a few times. 

The doctor stuck the new video game Super Smash Brothers under Jack’s nose. Jack said, “I am not a child anymore. I don’t play video games.” Dr. Cur Evrytin smiled, satisfied. “You can go now,” he said. Jack paid the doctor, and left happily. He was now cured, but he doesn’t have many friends, because they all think he is disgusting. For some reason, whenever they say Jack’s name, he takes of both shoes, takes his socks, and stick them up his nose!!

August 01, 2020 14:21

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