Love in Silence

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It was a rainy day, Bianca was sleeping as she was ill.The mobile phone started ringing ting a-ling, ting a- ling, ting a-ling.She didn't attend the call and was in a deep sleep out of tired. Again the mobile started ringing ting a-ling, ting a-ling, ting a-ling.She picked up and said "Hello...!" in a low voice. Joe understood that she was not well and said "I'll call you later". After disconnecting the call, his heart got disturbed and started thinking about Bianca.

   Joe is a professor of Bianca. He is a handsome man attracted by everyone but he is a strict person and had certain principles on life .The voice of Bianca disturbed his entire mind for a while. He took his mobile and started scrolling the photos in the gallery. While looking into the college function photos,he saw a photo as someone taking selfie behind him who was familiar to his heart."Yes ! I got it" he said to himself.It was the picture of Bianca playing with her friends, and it got captured in his photo. It brought glee to his face. While looking her photograph, he got a call from Bianca.

" Sir...!" 

" Yes ! Bianca "

" Sorry Sir , I was sleeping 'cause of illness, mild fever is there." Joe's heart beat bit fast. But he couldn't speak any word and said "ok. I have sent you the notes to your WhatsApp number, check it out" he said.

" Sir ... I can't attend online classes for a week" 

"what ?"

" Yes sir. " Our apartment is under quarantine, we can't do anything.I can't recharge my mobile phone too". He remained silent and said "okay ! Be safe" and disconnected. Joe couldn't sleep that day, Joe longed for her but he couldn't understand why he fell for her.

 Next morning, Joe recharged for Bianca's number. But he didn't informed her about it. He shared the Google meet link and a message to her class WhatsApp group,

" Dear students, 

        You are informed to join Joe's class through Google meet app using the given link @ 10:00 a.m. today (6.8 2020) 

Paper : Chicano Literature 

Join without fail.


   At 10 o'clock,the class was about to start but Bianca didn't attend yet. He made his eyes wide open to find her name. Everyone started to type their names in the chat box for the sake of attendance. There , Bianca was puzzled to find the person recharged for her. " Oh God ! It's 10.05 a.m, Let me attend the class first and clicked the Google meet link and typed her name on the chat box. By seeing her name in the chat box, Joe jumped in joy in heart. He smiled ...Everyone questioned "Sir ! Are you okay? " 

His student Jeni said"Sir ! Why are you smiling?"

 "Nothing, nothing. Listen to the class." and he started to teach chicano Literature. The class was energetic that day. He ended with bundles of happiness after an hour.

 After the class,his heart ached without her presence. He called Bianca,the mobile started ringing ting a-ling, ting a-ling, 

" Bianca ! How are you?

How is your health?"

" I'm okay Sir"  

" You said that you couldn't attend the online class,but today you've attended".

"To see your attractive eyes," she whispered.

"What. . .?"

"Nothing sir.My boyfriend favoured for it."

Okay. Ha Ha! Joe smiled and the conversation ended.His heart rejoiced and started to dream about her cute princess.

 Bianca noticed the change of behaviour in Joe. The next day he asked "Bianca, send your photo for students record. Bianca asked her friend and found the truth but she didn't showed . Joe longed to hold her.He decided to go to her house tonight. As by his plan , he went to her house through the balcony and went inside the room and sat down near to her,on the bed and looked for a while. He did a painting on her shoulder with a quill and he moved from there before the sunrise.

  Bianca woke up around 8:30 a.m. " Oh God ! it's 8:30" and rushed to her wash room and puzzled to see the magic,a musical heart painting on her body.

"God ! What's this?

Who came to my room tonight?

Who did this?" and she thought that it may be the trace from her clothes and got ready for the online class. She was so happy to attend Joe's class as she had a desire to him. The day was gone.

By the while , Joe informed his parents about Bianca and he arranged the marriage to surprise her but he haven't shared with her. Day by day they came closer to each other Bianca started to share more things about her family as he did.

 As the covid-19 cases decreased in her area, the officials allowed everyone to move out. The same day , again Joe came to Bianca's house and sat near to her, painted a musical symbol near to her knee and moved. She was shocked by the painting .

"Oh my God !

Who is doing this?"and started to wear pants and long " to hide it. She got a call from Joe "Bianca, I'll be there in your hours by an hour" 


Before her reply,the call got disconnected.Bianca started to shiver about the conversation of Joe. The family came for the proposal and Joe presented a gift to Bianca. They fixed the date of marriage and decided to invite few friends and family members according to the government rule.

Bianca was surprised, knowing about the marriage with Joe. At the same time she had the fear about the musical painting on her body and whenever Joe talks closer, she got tensed because of the painting. 

 Their big day had come,Yes !the wedding ceremony. Bianca weared a gorgeous golden saree and glittered with gold ornaments.The church bells chimed 'ding-dong ding-dong'.Joe and Bianca became one soul infront of God,holded their hands and promised to be together till their death. In the evening, Binaca stepped into Joe's house and it was so beautiful as it was decorated with garlands.She went to the wash room and had a cool bath.Suddenly,she saw the painting on her body and weared a night dress and covered her entire body.As she stepped inside his room,the frangrance of lilies welcomed her and she opened her eyes, she saw the painting of musical heart on the shoulder of Joe.she fainted there itself.

" Bianca !... Bianca !

My Sweet heart ! 

What happened to you ?"

She got up from his hands and touched his shoulder and said "Is that you? idiot..." and hugged him with tears.

August 07, 2020 18:24

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