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Growing up I was told by my parents to accept myself the way that I am. "God makes no mistakes when he created you" My mother would say as my father stood beside her with his arms crossed shaking his head. I could tell by my father's body language that he didn't necessarily agree with my mother but was too afraid to speak his thoughts. Anyways, you would think by me being told this throughout my entire life I would've found some sort of confidence within myself but that never seemed to happen. Ever since I was 8 years old, I have been insecure about my big fugly nose. If it weren't for my long blonde hair covering it you would see what I see every time I look at myself in the mirror. My friends Katie and Nona have no clue what I go through because they are both HOT!! Katie has gorgeous brown hair that falls all the way down to her behind not to mention that she is a stick!!! I do not understand how she can be that skinny when she eats the most out of what Nona and I put together! Last but not least there's Nona, her skin is the color of mocha and her eyes are the color of fresh-cut grass. Nona's figure is similar to Beyonce's. Ugh, and that precious little nose that she has, gosh if I had a nose like Nona I would take 500 selfies per minute. Then there's me the outcast of the clique, big fugly nose and a body that screams for a workout. I know that I am supposed to love myself and the rest that comes along with it but it's so hard when you are surrounded by beautiful, attractive women every day at school. OK, don't laugh at me but I have magazines of pretty models all over my bedroom floor. I know what you are thinking that's normal to see in a teenage girl's room, but I am pretty sure teenage girls like me do not cut off the noses of models from magazines and glue them to their pictures. Think I'm a freak yet? This is just the beginning! After years of hating my nose, I finally had the urge to convince myself that I was going to get a nose job. Why not? Models, actresses, and so on do it. Convincing myself was easy but trying to find the words to convince my parents was going to be harder than doing laps around the school during PE.

That following Monday during math class I sat at my old wooden desk daydreaming about having the perfect nose. Just imagine how beautiful my school pictures would be. "Chelsea!" Katie my best friend shouts my name as she walks by my desk to sit at the empty desk that was behind me. The scent of Katie's strawberry perfume brushed up against my nostrils like the wind. Katie tapped me on my shoulder and said

"What are you doing, Chelsea? Daydreaming about Mr. Pratt?" The popping of the gum that she was chewing was so annoying.

Mr. Pratt was my algebra teacher all of the girls and I mean all of the girls that attended Sunshine High were in love with Mr.Pratt including my best friend Katie. I shouldn't say all because I do not think that Mr.Pratt is attractive he sort of reminds me of Jonah Hill. I mean, Jonah Hill is not ugly but he is not the type of guy that I would go down with. "No, I was not daydreaming about Mr.Pratt."

"I was, look at those khaki pants that he is wearing I bet he has a huge sausage in there."

"Will you quit it, I am not trying to lose my appetite before lunch next period."

"What if there's sausage on the menu today?'

"Then I would puke my eyeballs out."

Katie giggles while biting her No. 2 pencil.

"By the way, where's Nona?" I ask

"I'm not sure."

The bell for the next period rings and the troubled teenagers scatter out of the classroom like uninvented roaches.

As Katie and I walk to our lockers I engage in a conversation about my nose.

"Katie, can I ask you something?"

Katie used the mirror that was in her locker to put lip gloss on.

"Sure, what is it?"

"What would you say if I came to school with a brand new nose?"

Katie looked at me as if I spoke a different language.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I see the models in the magazines and they have such perfect noses."

"Yeah, and half of those models that you see are unhappy with themselves."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't be if I had a nose like them."

"Ok, hold on are you thinking about getting a nose job?"

"It has come across my mind a few times, yes."

"I didn't even know that you were that self-conscious about your nose."

" I am not self-conscious!'

"Yeah, you are because if you weren't you wouldn't be looking at those models who starve themselves to death."

"Look, forget about me bringing up this topic, lets's just go lunch."

Katie pulls out her pink furry phone and starts to dial a number.

"Who are you calling?'

"Nona, we are going to the mall for lunch I refuse to eat in that cafeteria with those animals."

Katie and Chelsea wait outside of the school for their friend Nona to pick them up.

Katie stares at Chelsea with a face like she's up to something very devious.

"What are you looking at?"

"Your outfit looks nice for once."

"Oh, that was so friendly to say, Katie.'

"It wasn't said to be friendly."

Nona pulls up in a purple Porsche as Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles plays on the radio station.

"Oh my god, this car is so fetching!!'

As I make my way to the back, Katie hops in the passenger seat.

"What is up?! How's school?" Nona says while she uses one hand to put lip gloss on and the other on the steering wheel.

"School is lame I can't wait to graduate!"

"You seem quiet today, Chelsea."

"Oh, that's because she's thinking about getting a nose job"

Nona steps on the brakes so hard that my head hits the back of Katie's seat.

"What the fuck, Nona!"

"I'm sorry I didn't expect to hear such a thing. Chelsea, why?'

"You two are making such a big deal about this. It is just a thought."

"Yeah, and thoughts become your reality,"

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