Friendship Funny High School

In a very small rental flat, you can see a pile of fat lying on the plain white mattress kissing the pillow. Her hair is curly with a decent face. At exactly 08:00 AM woke up feeling normal. He confidently knows all that will happen in his life every day. An accountant at a company with an optimistic yet fierce owner. The routine he does does not need to be told because it will definitely be very boring. Arriving at his destination, he met the administration officer there. A woman from Czezh who often attracted him to watch for what seemed like seconds to him. Maybe this is what Einstein's theory of relativity means, which states that if you do something you love it will feel like a matter of seconds even though it has been going on for hours. Conversely, if you do something you don't like, it will feel like years, even though it hasn't been 5 minutes. However, what could it be, Extential Nihilishm's outlook on life enveloped his mind. Actually, his life is ordinary, there are no problems that are very tense or threatening to his life, but also cannot be seen as something that makes people optimistic and always has an inexhaustible purpose in life. When he was in high school, he was one of the students who were idolized by teachers, classmates, underclassmen, and even seniors. Upon graduation, confidently like a motivator who has gone through many twists and turns of life, began his speech spontaneously without hesitation stating his various thoughts, vision and mission in life, the tips from him that made him until then, ended with a celebration through the backflip movement. which made everything hysterical. From a distance there is a pile of fat being dragged away by a bunch of unskilled bullies dragging him to the field where he is standing. The head of the bullies was named Frank Jerr. One of the mediocre students with the highest math score. The poor boy said desperately, "Ron, help me." Ron also gave the jersey he wore beyond his long-sleeved shirt, a unique variation of clothing without imitating anyone. What can it be, the child can only cover his genitals that have not been seen because he was dragged on his stomach. The teenager named Ronald. His current job is the one he got 5 years later, which means they are all around 23 years old. Ron, who seemed hopeless, went to work on foot. The distance to the office is about 5 KM. Imagine how many calories he spent going to that coin-producing place. Apparently he works at a chocolate factory that just opened 5 years ago, branded O'Driscoll. A brand that was coincidentally mentioned by a sarcastic who said his chocolate reminded him of a bunch of jerks called O'Driscoll. They accepted the simile gracefully. When he got there, a friend who was one of the former bullies at his school gave a paper competition. A simple challenge but makes the brain think around to consider the various consequences, good or bad. However, because his friend seemed happy as a form of testimony to the challenge, Ron accepted it. The challenge is called "Yes Challenge", where the participant must say yes to any situation, any question, any offer. Coming home from work, at 8 o'clock at night, he walked through the city of the Bronx which is full of thugs and prone to crime. With his communication skills, all thugs he faces, one person or a group, can be dealt with well. Once upon a time, a white punk kid with a small body with big guts pointed a knife at him. With a humorous smile, he gave him 1 dollar under which was a pile of green paper blanks. The punk kid un immediately left without checking the whole contents. What a stupidity that transcends it. On the way, there was a green V Beetle on the side of the road surrounded by a group of young greasers around the age of 16. Without the slightest hesitation and despair, he performed another 10 flips right before their eyes. Then they were terrified by the suggestion that Ron was a martial arts expert who was accustomed to traveling on the streets or more precisely a street fighter. Ron, who intends to kneel to beg for anything, is immediately accompanied by the rats running around so that they are separated. Still maintaining the pitiful position with the suggestion that they have not left. There was the sound of gripping the exit, , with the appearance of a typical greaser. He walked over to Ron and said, "Thanks for waiting me, I could have beaten them up if you didn't act." Out of breath, Ron answered, “Yes. I mean, thank you. " "I give you service in return," said a feminist. Ron's mind was already starting to feel like a lump, feeling something that was not going to happen to him. Remembering the challenges he was going through, with a little nervous answer, "Yyy .. Yes". There was a happy and naughty face from a man who doubted his orientation. The two of them walked to the junction of the alley where on the junk there was a colorful discotheque inscription that read "Liquor Bar". Then fear haunts those normal adult minds. There are two things that are suspicious of his invitation. First, the way of walking is different from that of men in general. The legs are straight, tend to squeeze, the position of the arms is straight, showing the palms outside. Second, he was invited to drink alcohol, which is a taboo for an idealist like him. It turns out that an ordinary life does not change his positive mindset, in addition to his fat content which is around 20%. As it turned out, the dirty place was still closed, but the young man was one of the bartenders there, so he had one of the door keys to enter it. Without further ado, the two of them entered the place. The brewer immediately took a cup, poured a beer bottle into it, and gave him a hand gesture to invite him to drink the liquid. The short-haired logic was logical for a moment. He can only say yes. Meanwhile, the challenge this time is drinking a cup of purplish red water. Yes, just drinking, not determined until it runs out, half, or even just a drop. Immediately he took one sip. Not forgetting before saying, "yes". Exactly a second after one gulp, there was heard from a distance a voice screaming for help identified by his mind which was definitely a girl around 13-15 years old. In accordance with the challenge, the bald man was running like a Forrest Gump who was running around shouting at Ginny to run away from the bullies who were chasing him in a vehicle. When he got there, how surprised he was. One of the bullies that dragged the pile of fat whose fate was unknown. Introduce, that guy named "Duck". Duck is indeed famous for his habit of stealing it since high school. One day he stole contraceptives from a mini mall, even though no girl was attracted to him because of his habit of using first-degree drugs. It turns out that this girl is one of the unsold chocolate factory workers who is really good. Don't get dirty just yet, Duck doesn't eat for 3 days. The dopamine he got from morphine, coca, and his friends was not able to fill his growling stomach, so he decided to eat one of the half-baked chocolate which was very bitter, at least it could fill his stomach surrounded by black and white piano keys. The mullet was brought along? It turned out to be used as a sacrifice for those who wanted to take the pieces of boxes from him. Here Ron is faced with two challenges. First, Duck offers, "Ron, I own a drug cartel business whose profits far outweigh yours." It was ridiculous that Ron had a chuckle witnessing the stupidity of his old "friend" who in fact worked in the factory, not he who made the business, he just didn't have any capital. Duck was amazed by the action of the 1979-1981 Revere High School star. Her brain that was too small couldn't pick up on her reactions, which was certainly an advantage for Ron himself. If Duck finds out what Ron meant, maybe this story is over. Instead, she returned the laughter even louder, until her grip stretched giving the half-poor woman a chance to escape. Sure enough, immediately Duck's peler seeds were hit with his tiny elbows which was the biggest weakness of men as strong as Hercules from Greek mythology though. The woman whose name was not known immediately fled, leaving the chocolate in the wrong hands. Ron and Duck also let go of their homesickness by hugging very tightly. They both eat chocolate together. Due to the very cold night situation, fell asleep a pair of distant friends who suddenly became a soul mate in a state like they did before. The next day Ron and Duck's gaze is filled with a white ceiling. Sitting in a very cold metal chair with the air conditioner at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. When one of them decided to stand up, something caught his wrist. Yes, they were bound in chains mercilessly. Come to think of it, Ron realized that he was in the interrogation room. Previously, Ron had not yet realized who the owner of the factory where he had worked at random which was sure to lose a lot, but was still running. The 5-inch cold iron touched his neck gently, groping it tenderly. Not daring to look back, they froze. When you look carefully, you can see a muscular man and a Royal Navy haircut that seems to be crazy about women. There is something stuck, his face looks like someone who has been waiting for something for a long time. The appearance is simple, but very cool and elegant. White T-shirt with light green cargo pants. The outfit he seems to wear every day, just like a successful CEO who always wears the same clothes every day so that it becomes his trademark, regardless of the latest trends. In stark contrast to the Duck, whose shoes were worn out, strung with a black marker for the “Nike” logo. The mouths of the two friends were not closed. In front of their eyes was an inscription written in the form of a question that looked like an IQ test commonly used in local high schools. The question is: Imagine a pile of fat being pushed back and forth and then laughed at. What would you do? Time to think about free answers, but the longer the time taken, the longer the answers given, and according to the time to think about answers!

Ron instantly remembered and answered him 100% honestly: “I will give him a piece of my clothes which, although it is definitely too small, but at least can cover the lower part of his waist. If I wear modest clothes, I'll let it be. " An answer that was very honest, even the exception that sounded disappointing to the former victim of the months he uttered. The friend beside him pretended to be unconscious, but was immediately tickled by the interrogator. Suddenly the young man replied, "I will do the same thing !!!!!" An answer that was half smart, half fool. Certainly the interrogators knew the truth. Without thinking he also gestured to call his messengers to tease Duck to tell the truth. Unfortunately, the squat IQ does not understand what is meant. All he knew was to give a positive answer as possible. Meanwhile, Ronald was released and invited to walk together. On that sunny morning, they went to the same bar to drink liquor together. Is his old friend the owner of the liquor store? Absolutely not. In fact, he is actually the owner of the chocolate factory business. However, why is it managed carelessly? Apparently the typical successful man was looking for a connection with Ronald, whose whereabouts were unknown. His real job turns out to be an FBI agent who is in charge of the authenticity check division, which is a talent he just realized after changing his lifestyle from a lazy snatcher of snacks in the refrigerator by exercising and buying a book at a hawkers about Economics that he learned himself because his parents could not afford it. finance him college. After that, he went to every bank, the first being California Bank, learning the ins and outs of a former check forger to become an FBI agent, Frank William Abagnale, Jr. All that he told while drunk heavily, but Ron believed it. Then he whispered, “Frank Jerr is the owner of this bar, a year ago he died of a Heroin overdose. Now replaced by Duck who is being tickled. Then Ron, startled, got up from the chair and ran into the little white room. Unfortunately, when he was found, Duck had died smiling. In front of the wall was a white cloth with a gold plaque that read, "Congratulations on winning the Yes Challenge". In tears, Ron knew the fact that his best friend, Driscol, was the winner of the Yes challenge. The friend who recommended Ron turned out to be one of the least outstanding former students at his school, Duncan Duncin. The woman he saved came and hugged him. Apparently she was one of her classmates who had always been ostracized, but was treated kindly by her, named Brenda Olsen. As a gift, Ron was given $ 100 by Driscol, as well as an accountant at his check-checking company called, "O Driscol Fat $". Apparently he used his fall to become the name of his business which looks both funny and amazing.

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