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“You have to choose, Yelena!” Ron yelled at me.

“Either you kill me, or your mother dies!” My husband cried, tears flowing down his face. “Make your decision. Now.” His words crushed me.

I don’t know when this started. I think… I don’t want to know. Why did things turn out like this?

Mother used to be fine. She would always smile gently at me as she walked through our garden. Our family was not filthy rich, but Father made sure to plant flowers for Mother in the little space we called a garden.

Life in the Aureum Kingdom – a paradise for elves – was beautiful. Peace was flowing through the air, and justice flowed like a river. The people were happy. My family was happy, too. Then one day, I met him. Ron.

Ron was not special. At least, at first glance he seemed normal. But when I saved him from the river that day, his wounds were so terrible. Ron had been unconscious, his body floating in the river, his blood staining the pristine water. I fished him out of the river and nursed him back to health. At first, Father and Bruce, my brother, had been worried.

“This stranger could be someone bad. We shouldn’t get involved with him,” Father warned. I didn’t listen. As a woman with a soft heart and a strong sense of justice, how can I leave a dying man alone? No, that would be so wrong. Maybe the fact that he was handsome also helped in convincing me that he was good.

Edward had jet black hair and ruby red eyes, like a man straight from a fairy tale. He had a sharp jawline and a piercing nose that

accentuated his looks. He did not remember who he was, but I didn’t mind. At first, his wounds would not allow him to move around too much, so I helped him with everything. Perhaps… this was the beginning of everything – yes, everything.  

Was it when we talked? Was it when I saw Edward’s eyes sparkle? Was it when we walked around the marketplace and held hands? Or… was it when Edward told me he wanted to stay with me forever? I guess I’ll never know when it happened, but – I fell in love with Edward.

“Yelena,” he told me, “I want to make you the happiest woman in the world.” “But why?” I asked, meaning to tease him. “Because you’ve made me the happiest man in the world by giving me your heart,” he whispered gently.

Oh Edward, he had a way with words… I think his lips were always dripping with honey!

I remember the time when I bumped my head on the shelf. I was embarrassed, but Edward kissed the bump and told me – to my chagrin, that I looked prettier with the bump on my head.  My, how my face burned at that moment! Later Mother told me that my cheeks were as red as a tomato.

Father, who was initially skeptical of Ron’s origins, took a liking to him. Bruce also welcomed Ron to the family. After some time, Ron proposed to me. I thought for some time, and finally said yes. Our wedding was simple, attended only by close family and friends. We weren’t nobles, anyway.

Our wedding day was the best day ever. I was crying as I walked down the aisle, not because I was sad, no, but because it was too overwhelming.

Happiness, excitement, worry – my emotions were colorful that day. Ron himself could not stop smiling. It was wonderful.

But now… where are those happy days? They seem surreal.

After I married Ron, Father became sick. It seemed like a normal cold, at first. Elves naturally heal quickly, so there was nothing to be worried about. But things changed rapidly.

It was a bright and sunny morning. Father was watering the flowers in the garden. Mother was baking pie. Ron had gone out to buy some vegetables for dinner. Mother finished baking and told me to call Father. “Let’s eat together,” she said.

“Father!” I called Father. He looked at me and smiled. He stood up. Bam! Father crashed down to the floor; his eyes closed. I rushed to his side and called for help, tears in my eyes. What was happening?!

Father never smiled at me ever again. He couldn’t. He didn’t even open his eyes anymore.

That winter, my family and I buried father behind Agaris Mountain, a sacred place where we elves bury our dead. It was the coldest winter I had ever experienced.

That was not the end. Things just started rolling downhill after that.

Ron started getting headaches and nightmares. He would often wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat. He told me he was fine, but I knew better.

My brother, Bruce, started to be strange. He would mumble to himself all day. He skipped his meals, saying he was not hungry. He even turned down Mother’s apple pie. I didn’t think much of it, knowing that his share of pie would be mine, but over time, I grew worried. Bruce was not eating and drinking. No matter how strong an elf is, starvation will kill us.

I urged Bruce to eat, but he got angry at me. His temperament had changed completely. My kind brother would snap angrily at me and talk rudely to Mother. One night, I saw Bruce lying on his bed with a pale face. I did not dare check his pulse, so Ron did it for me.

My brother was dead.

Ron’s nightmares and headaches only got worse. Then one evening, a stranger walked inside our house and called Ron. “Your Majesty,” he said, “We have finally found you.” That day, Ron regained his


That evening, I found out that Ron was none other than the Demon Prince, a sworn enemy of the elves. Things started to make sense after that. Ron – His Highness – had been fighting with elf warriors and gotten injured. I saved him. Yes, I saved my enemy.

The Royal family of Demons are strong and powerful, enough to rival the power of the Royal Elves. But with the Demon power comes a curse. Anyone who marries into the Demon Royal family will lose their closest family members.

I should never have fallen in love with Ron.

I shouldn’t.

I really shouldn’t…

But, why don’t I regret marrying him?

Ron apologized to me, crying. I wanted to, but I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. I knew that if he had known his identity before, he wouldn’t marry me or hurt me this way.

But so what? It’s too late.

I, an elf, married the Demon Prince himself.

Father is dead.

My beloved brother is gone.

And now, my mother was at death’s door.

This brings us to the situation at hand.

“You have to choose, Yelena!” Ron yelled at me.

“Either you kill me, or your mother dies!” My husband cried, tears flowing down his face. “Make your decision. Now.”

“No, I don’t want to,” I cry stubbornly. Mother is lying on the bed, her face pale and lifeless.

Ron grabs my shoulders and looks into my eyes. “Listen, Yelena. Your mother is dying, and it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have… I really wish I had known…”

“So what if you knew, Ron?” I whispered. “If you knew who you were, would that stop you from loving me? Because I’m your enemy?!” I ended up yelling at him.

Ron shook his head desperately. “NO! Your status as an elf – your identity – it doesn’t mean anything to me. You know that!”

I knew. I was just… upset – upset that things never turned out the way I wanted it to. Disappointed – disappointed that my newfound happiness disappeared so quickly.

“You…” Ron, exasperated, held my hands firmly. His big hands enveloped my small ones, “Listen, Yelena. I promised you before, that I would make you the happiest woman in the world. I didn’t know… I couldn’t have guessed who I was at that time. But now that I do know, I won’t – I can’t watch you suffer like this.”

Ron took out a dagger and pushed it into my hands. Feeling the cold metal, I shrunk back. “You should kill me, Yelena. If you do, you won’t be my wife anymore. That way, your mother will be fine. The curse will be lifted. Isn’t that good?” He looked at me pleadingly.

No. Which part of this deal was good? Did he want me to become a widow so soon?

“Ron. I – I really don’t want to… Can’t we… Isn’t there another way?” I asked desperately. There has to be another way. There must be!

“Well…” Ron is hesitating. “I could kill myself if you’re too scared to do it...” Ron muttered.

I looked at him in horror. He wouldn’t do that, would he? Suicide is considered a shameful death for elves and demons alike. Ron is the Demon Prince. He definitely wouldn’t…

“No… no… anything else…. Any other way that doesn’t involve your death, Ron,” I said.

Ron did not speak. The silence was deafening, because I knew what he meant. There really was no other way. Either I killed Ron to save Mother, or Mother would die – just like Father and Bruce. But what kind of decision is this? I don’t want to choose. I really can’t do this. Mother or husband? The love of my life, or the person who raised me?

This must be a cruel joke made by Fate.

I contemplated my choices. Finally, with tears in my eyes, I finally faced Ron with a determined face.

Ron looked at me. “Yelena,” he whispered, “Have you made your choice?”

I clenched my fists.

“Yes.”  I know what to do.

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I would read a whole book about this! Loved it!


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