Gears and Heart Part Six: A Stab in the Winter

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Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy

“Grow up!” My mother snapped at thirteen year old me, dying in my bed. “You are going to die if you don’t agree to this surgery. This man wants to use you to see if he can keep you alive.” Groaning, I rolled over and coughed up more blood. Rolling her eyes, she wrapped me in my favorite black silk blanket. My black cotton dress hung loosely on my frame, her worn face carrying me to Dr. Franken. Trying to protest, my fists pounded on her chest. Exhaustion overtook me, darkness embracing in her sweet arms.  

Blue magic swirled above me, a lovely lady floating above me in my blurred vision. Her lips whispered to me telling me to wake up. 

Chilly air slammed into my chest, my first breath knocking me hard. Many pairs of eyes stared into mine, Viktor driving the wagon holding everyone. Snow fluttered around us, the flakes glistening in the morning light. Lottie’s eyes flashed with concern, my throbbing body sitting up. Yawning, Boran plopped down on my lap. His eager eyes meeting mine, he looked really confused.

“Isn’t it supposed to be summer around here?” I queried curiously, rubbing my forehead. “Why is it snowing?” Viktor shrugged, Oakley pointed to a thin veil of clear energy. Soft humming echoed in my ears, Lottie smiling at the snow.  

“This isn’t right.” Viktor commented oddly, looking back at me. “Maybe it is a supernatural problem.” We didn’t have to wait long, a tall blond haired wizard emerged in the center of the blizzard. His light blue fur robe shimmered in the winter sun, his skin a light blue. His ocean blue eyes glittered excitedly at the sight of us. A cruel smile danced across his face, sharp teeth glittered. Ice shot from his hand at us, the shard narrowly hitting us. A sharp gust of wind stirred up the snow, a wall of white mist blocking my view. Boran whined with fear, a shard of ice inches from my face. Blue energy hovered around it, Viktor’s lips moving in the language of the Lady of the Light. The wizard was inches in front of my face, his wild blond hair hanging around his shoulder. Kicking him in his chest, the blue stone cracked. A bit of blue faded from his face, my mind realizing that he was possessed by the spirit of the stone. Using my foot, my boot smashed him into the nearby tree. Jumping out of the wagon, Viktor stopped it. Boran leapt out after me. Oakley hovered over my shoulder, ready to heal any of my mortal wounds. My blade slid into my eager palm, aiming for the stone in his chest. An arrow shot from the sky, a man with a black beard looking down at me. His blue eyes twinkled down at me, his red coat fluttering in the summer air above the dome. An explosion shook the dome, a black cannonball busting a hole through the top. The wizard touched my arm, ice creeping up it. Not wasting any time, my blade slammed into the stone. Ice exploded from the stone, a strange howling pouring from his lips. Shards of ice cut up my body, small lines of blood forming on my skin. The dome gave way, the summer sun melting the snow. The large red ship floated down, a gust of dark magic flowing over the land. The wizard stirred next to me, his skin now warm. Boran ran over to him, his hairy snout sniffing him. With a firm nod, he smiled back at me. Oakley drifted over to him, golden magic glowing around him.  

“I am Captain Beardsly, here to collect a bounty for Gizmo.” He snarled, licking his lips. “There is a handsome sum waiting for me at the end. Hop on, or do this the hard way.” The sticky summer air broke with the sound of three bullets flying towards him. His large sword dinged with each shot being deflected, ten dirty men emerging behind him. Panic gripped my body, weakness starting to take me over. A strange hum started up again, the wizard raising his hands. Gravity faded, everyone floating in the air. Snapping his fingers, he winked at me. His gaze told me to steady my landing, everyone crashing down around me. My boots landed firmly on the ground, the Captain stirring from his injuries. He leapt in the air, his blade coming down towards Lottie. The wizard mouthed the words die, the captain dropping dead. The ten men rushed towards me, my sword beheading each of them. Blood soaked me, the captain standing up again fully healed. The heads rolled towards my boots, his body twitching oddly towards me. His eyes were black, red claws forming on his hands. Black blood flooded from his open lips, black death moths fluttering from his mouth. Fear widened my eyes, cold sweat dripping down my forehead. Boran tugged at the bottom of my skirt, pointing to his brain. I see why he came along, he had the vision of vulnerable points. Nodding, my boots pounded towards him. Sharp pain ran through me, his sword running through my stomach. Ripping it out, blood flowed heavily from the wound. The copper taste of blood poisoned my taste buds, blood filling up my mouth. Too much blood was being lost, my blade sliding into his brain. His body dropped to the ground, my body collapsing next to him. Viktor called out in desperation, his arms holding Little Lottie back. Her lips were moving, but no words could be heard. Gizmo popped up behind me, his red nails cupping my face. His robes brushed against my dying body, his hot whiskey breath nauseating me. His lizard eyes gazed into my fading eyes, a shard of ice striking his arm.   

“It is I, William Heartworth here to strike you down.” He bellowed, glaring at Gizmo. “Come get me.” Gizmo shook his head, wrapping his arms around me. With a snap of his fingers, we were in a chilly stone castle. The gray stone walls spun around me, flames on torches licking the thick wick. His sharp teeth glistened down at me, a village of various fairies hovering above me. Rainbow energy surrounded me, my wounds sealing shut. Fresh pain shot through my body as he tossed me into a eight by ten cell with a straw bed. Adjusting his robes, he motioned for a bunch of centaurs to stand by the door. Short green hair curled around a pale face with golden eyes. A pale scarred torso sat on a black horse’s body, the other one had long gray hair. Golden eyes stared back at me, my eyes looking at his gray horse body. Stern glances passed between each other, my eyebrow cocking at the sight of all of these enslaved creatures.  

“So you kidnap poor creatures to be your slaves.” I growled gripping my bloody clothes. “How monstrous are you?” Chuckling to himself, he sat down next to me. A sly grin crept across his freaky face. Chills ran down my spine, his lizard eyes staring back at me.  

“Why not?” He responded nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. “I love to destroy lands, and take the spirit out of anybody. It is just so enthralling, just like you. He touched my arm, the symbols glowing softly. His eyebrow cocked, an evil grin darkening his face.   

“What the hell is your problem?” I snapped, slapping his hand away. “You creep me out. I promised to bring light to this world, and I always keep my word.” A proud air came over me, his long red nail tracing my cheek. His hand grabbed my chin, lifting my face to his.

“So beautiful.” He cooed, playing with my long hair. “Maybe I should cut this all off.” Red scissors appeared in his hand, tears welling up in my eyes. Horror widened my eyes, the scissors chopping my hair down to my shoulders. Hot salty tears flooded from my eyes, his snakeskin boots crushing the dirt in my cell as he stood to my feet. The hair hung sadly in his hand, anger boiling in my veins. He cut my security blanket, leaving me vulnerable.  

“Give it back!” I cried out stupidly, falling to my knees. “You had no right to do that!” Crossing his arms, he relaxed against the nearest wall. His fingers played with my hair, taunting me with a Cheshire cat grin.  

“Calm down, it is just hair.” He teased playfully, placing it by his head. “How does it look to me? Do I look handsome?” My chest rose up and down rapidly, fury running through my body. Lunging at him, he snapped his fingers. Red energy surrounded me, my system malfunctioning. Lowering me, my red eyes met his.  

“I will get out of here someway, or somehow.” I threatened, my eyebrow cocked. “Screw you and your ugly face.” He sauntered out, turning towards me. My body jumped, the steel door slamming shut behind him.     

“Call me dad by the way.” He announced proudly, locking the door. “You are my daughter after all, and you belong to me.” 

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