I Couldn't Believe It!

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I have lived in this building for eight years now. I wish I had my own ways machine. I don't go out that much. . I'm an author so thank goodness I haven't been affected by covid-19. I wish I had a better job. Over the summer I'll take some courses to up my pay. Most like over a long weekend.

I have a simple life. I work from home, go out to shop, banking and I pray once a week aswell. I don't like online banking. I don't have much of a social life. I eat most of my meals at home. I eat breakfast and dinner at home seven days a week.

I make it a rule not to make friends in the building. Especially on my floor.

Just because I work from home and out of the home part time. I don't want to stop and talk to someone everytime I leave my apartment.

The strangest thing happened. Every time I go to get my mail, I always see this really nice lady. We just have simple conversations. Nothing personal, I don't know anything about her. Expect that she lives in the building. I'm guessing she's about five years older than me.

I looked at my phone and saw it was Wednesday haven't had a chance to get the mail this week. I'll go now, I said to myself. So I went to get the mail. There's usually something there by now.

You'll never believe who was there.

Ok I gave that one away.

We started our usual talk. This time Patricia asked,

"Hey if I would like to come over for some tea or coffee Friday nite."

"I thought for a second and said sure why not. What time?"

Patricia replied " Is Right PM okay?"

"Great, I stop work early on Fridays because of Shabbos."

The next day and a half went by quickly.

Its already Friday evening. I'm going to bring some dessert. Okay. I'm ready.

I went down to the third floor.

My friend Patricia didn't open the door.

"I hope I didn't get the wrong apartment? I'm looking for Patricia!

"This is the right place."

"Oh good."

" She will just be one minute. "

It caught me by surprise to see another lady in the apartment. I never said anything. Just continued the evening.

Patricia said ,

"did you meet my friend?"

"Yes at the door I didn't get the name."

"Yes of course my name is Mint"

She looks very pretty. Really nicely dressed in that mint color dress. Patricia seems to be matching with white and mint. I thought to myself.

"Nice to meet you."


"Well it's been a nice evening. Well meet again next week if you like? "

"Sure my place same time okay."

"Thank you for inviting us!

"No problem thanks for having me!"

The week went by so fast again, working cleaning grocery shopping.

I had almost forgot I was having company. I spent some time cleaning and finding something nice to wear.

There's the door. Got to answer it.

Hi nice to see you again.

I put out some liquor incase.

Lets have fun.

Okay make your selfs comfortable.

Another nice time

This went on for about a year.

Then one day, it wasn't Friday it was mid week. Someone was knocking at my door. It was Patricia.

"Is everything ok? " I asked.

"Yes of course"

"I have to tell you something."

"You no my partner.

Well for about a year she's been looking for work. Only found the odd jobs nothing much. One Friday she had two thousand in her account. The same thing over each Friday since.


"She has a super power. She just has to pray every morning and money comes into her account.

It won't work for everyone I've tried it."

"I don't know what to say!"

"Don't worry your the only one that I told.

The reason I'm telling you is because we're moving. The other week we put a down payment on a condominium."

"Is it near by?"

"No so far Niagara Falls. *

"Wow that's two hours with no traffic.

I no. I no. Well keep in touch and meet in the summer."

"Let me know if you need anything?"

A few days went by and there was someone knocking at the door. Oh no wait it's Friday.

Our last tea time. I almost forgot.

They both came in. Once they left the partner gave me an envelope and ask me not to open tell tommarow once they leave.

As you can imagine it was a long night.

I tried to sleep, I tried counting sheep.

I almost tried warm milk but I don't have any.

Maybe a movie no too long. What's on television? Great I'll watch Big Bang and Young Sheldon.

Two hours went by. Not bad I'll make a hot tea. Maybe rest another two hours.

Ok I can't wait I'm opening.

Its a check for fifteen hundred dollars and a note.

Dear Daisy

Thank you for being so kind to Patricia and myself. You never judged us we really appreciate that. This is not a thank you. Actually it's a super power.

For some reason I pray every morning and money comes in my account every Friday. Don't worry I won't send this every week. Expect every other month. I no you work out of the house aswell. So hopefully every other month you'll be home. It will come registered mail. That way you won't have to tell anyone either. So remember please don't tell anyone. Use it wisely I no you will.

Best wishes.

Mint and Patricia

Wow what an amazing morning. I would have never expected this. I don't really feel comfortable. I'll remember to keep in touch. Maybe soon Ill move down near them. I'm so far away. Will be hard to find another friend. Especially nice ones I miss them already.

By Ellen Urowitz

July 23 Rd 2020

Inspired by prompt

Have a special Super Power

July 23, 2020 16:54

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