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Funny Kids Mystery


Aisha and Ahmad are twins. They were well brought up by their parents. The parents made sure the twins never lacked anything especially EDUCATION because it is the key to success, the sword to conquer injustice, the tool for empowerment and the shield against oppression.

 Nevertheless, the children on the other hand, also try their best in making their parents proud.  However, Mary the eldest of the twins always had a problem of concentration when it comes to studies.

She prefers to play around with her friends around the neighborhood or visit her class mates from one house to another.

 In the school, she fights with the weaker children in the class, tears their books, sometimes she even goes to the extent of misplacing her class mates books.

As such this is the main reason why she is always flogged at school and at home.

Therefore, Mr and Mrs Abdul decided to take Mary to a boarding school to complete her senior classes.

Mary was really excited when she heard about the news of going to a boarding school at least to her own thinking she would be free.

However, both parents called Mary and advised her.

Mr Abdul told her to be serious and stay focused on her studies, while Mrs Abdul weeping the tears rolling down her cheeks, also cautioned Mary to stay away from bad friends and be a good girl.

In the morning, Mr Abdul set out to Mary's new school, because the school authority ordered that parents should bring their children by 2pm .  

Mary all excited jumped out of the car, when she sighted the gate of her new school. They went to the principal, who directed her to the school matron and they bade good bye

The school gave her what she needed for her academics.  

Initially, the new student behaved like a good one, she woke up early attended classes and did not fight with any students, not until after two weeks

One day, while their teacher was in the class room, a student reported Mary of disturbing her with noise for the third time.

Therefore, the teacher asked Mary to come out and kneel down since she was not serious with her lessons anymore

However, with time, she started coming to lessons late, she don’t do her assignments as scheduled, even the extra mural lessons meant for senior students, she is always absent.

Nevertheless, the two twins performed excellently and got promoted.

This made the parents so happy, except Mary’s situation of which her situation worsened.

As such the principal sent a letter complaining of her attitude, to her parents at home, this made them perturbed

However, after three months in school, exams were scheduled and conducted as per the school curriculum.

Parents were asked to come and take their children home and also to collect the results of their children.

Like any other parents, Mr Abdul came for his daughter. They were so happy to see each other. He hope Mary’s performance has improved.

Yes, to his surprised, despite all complains, she did averagely well. The principal encouraged the father on the girl’s capabilities, if she would change her attitude and concentrate. He also promised Mr Abdul, on the change of her attitude positively as the school would try its best to work on that.

 A week later, the family decided to go for shopping at a mall nearby. All the children were so happy because its been quite long.

They entered in to the car and off he drove.

On reaching to the mall, the father asked them to behave themselves well. The twins were close to their parents following them anywhere they go.

As for Mary, she was busy going from one section to another, entering from one elevator to another happily

 Few hours ago, the family decided to have lunch, but were was Mary? Suddenly she appeared, the mother asked, were has she being all this while, but she said she was with one of her friends in her new school.

They ordered for fried Rice and chicken and all of them sat and were eating peacefully.

I want to visit the ladies she said. Alright be fast about it, because after the meal we are leaving because it is getting late.

Thirty minutes had gone, and there was no Sign of Mary.

Meanwhile, someone was in there enjoying the elevators again, going from one section to another.

However, after she was fully satisfied, she decided to come down to meet her family.  

Mary immediately entered the elevator, and pressed number [1] from the 7th floor she was descending down from. She was so happy.

What is happening, she said to herself? Why is the light off, why is the elevator static? Mary became afraid, she knew she was stuck in the elevator due to power off.

She started crying, she was sweating profusely, she observed that she needs air and her breadth is becoming difficult.

How long would this take she said to herself? My family must be waiting anxiously! She sat there all alone and no phone to communicate and others had got down already

Nevertheless, Mr Abdul became suspicious, something must have went wrong.

He asked others to stay in the car.

When he entered the mall he too was surprised to see the place dark. All customers were asked to please be patient as the problem would soon be solved.

After, waiting for thirty five minutes, the power supply was back and the elevators became active.

Mr Abdul his eyes widely open looked around, searching for his daughter, but Mary was walking, slowly gasping for air almost collapsing.  Help, someone shouted! Mr Abdul turned and saw his daughter.

Mary, what happened? Without requesting for explanation he lifted her and took her home.

Shortly, afterwards Mary revived and told her Ordeal to her family members.

They laughed at the naughty girl and at the same time felt sorry for her.   

September 11, 2020 16:50

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15:40 Sep 16, 2020

keep trying and never give Up


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