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Lucy moved her hand slowly, her eyes fixed on her pout lips, trying hard to control her breathing. She wanted her lipstick to be perfect, but the wine had already gone to her head. She knew she would have to slow down, but the wine was giving her the courage to go through with it. Satisfied, she dropped the lipstick back in her bag and kissed the air, smiling at her reflection in the mirror. She gave her little black top a tug and readjusted herself, to show a little more cleavage. She had been much less provocative when Dean made a move before. Although at that time, Lucy was not interested in him. She still wasn’t, but now she had a use for him. He was not going to be able to resist her tonight.

Back at the table, the guys had arrived. The girls were still seated, and the guys had positioned themselves to guard their girls from other men, marking their territory, Lucy thought. Dean, as she had expected, had squeezed in between Sandra and Jessica. He was holding a drink in one hand and leaning into Jessica, who was giggling at whatever he was saying. Lucy fixed her eyes on Jessica as she approached the table. Their eyes met, and Lucy grinned, the smile on Jessica’s face vanished behind a sheepish glare.

“Hello handsome,” Lucy said. Dean looked up as she deliberately leaned way too far forward to pick up her drink, giving him an eyeful. He looked uncomfortable, not knowing where to look. Jessica on the other hand, sat staring down Lucy’s top. Was that envy Lucy saw? Jessica was certainly lacking in that department in comparison.

“Please, don’t let me interrupt,” Lucy said, turning away from them both, but staying within Dean’s line of sight. Lucy did not hear Jessica giggle again.


Lucy waited at the bar; she was moving on from wine to cocktails. The mixologist always took an inordinate amount of time to prepare the drinks, but that was one way to slow down.

“What are you doing?” said Jessica. She stood beside Lucy now, side on, with a pout like she had just down a sour shot.

“I am just getting a drink, you?”

“You know what I mean. I asked you not to go for Dean, and you’re flaunting yourself right in front of us.”

Lucy shrugged, “Honey, I ain’t dressed like a nun, and I can’t help what God gave me.”

Jessica sighed, “Just, please, don’t. Not him, for me, OK?”

The mixologist finished her drink, “One Screaming Orgasm”, he said, as he placed it on the bar. Lucy looked to Jessica, “Just what every girl wants, right?”. She began to suck the straw and made her eyes go wide to indicate the pleasure of it and walked away from her.

“For you, miss?” said the barman.

“Do you do a Redheaded Slut?” emphasizing the name so Lucy could hear, but Lucy did not react.

“I’m sorry, a what?”

“Nothing, I’ll have a Gin and Tonic, easy on the tonic.”


As Jessica was at the bar, there was a seat free next to Dean. Lucy needed to sit down anyway, the high heels and the alcohol were taking their toll.

“Excuse me,” she said as she staggered through to the gap, knocking over a bottle of beer. She tried to grab it, but just knocked it over faster. “Oh, sorry, sorry.”

“It’s fine, it was almost dead anyway”, said Ben.

She plonked down in the seat next to Dean, splashing some of her cocktail onto him. He frowned at her, with a sort of half smile.

“Oh, I am so sorry, Dean,” Lucy said, patting down his shirt with her hand.

“It’s, fine, don’t worry.”

“I thought it would be you giving me the screaming orgasm,” Lucy said.


“It’s a joke, my drink, it’s a…”

“Yeah, I get it,” Dean said, without so much as a smirk at the pun.

Lucy could see Jessica was coming back to the table. So, she turned in to face Dean, she placed her hand on his chest and whispered in his ear, “so how about it? Is your game as good as you make it out to be?”. She breathed out her hot breath onto his neck. That drives guys wild. In her mind, she imagined Dean getting flustered, maybe even blushing, maybe having the need to adjust the way he was sitting. She smirked to herself at the thought of that. Then his bravado would kick in and he would place his hand on her bare thigh, or on her waist, and take the bait. All on display for Jessica to witness. Lucy then began to imagine how Jessica would feel. Would she get that numb sinking feeling, like your heart has dropped to your stomach, or that feeling like you can’t breathe, making her run out of the bar. Ultimately, her goal tonight was to humiliate Jessica. If she had to go through with her provocations and have a half stimulating night with Dean to do so, then that would be a side bonus. It had been a while since she had taken someone home anyway. Tomorrow, she would put it down to the drink, and make it clear to him it was a one time only thing. He would not care, guys don’t, or so she thought.

“Hey, stop this, you’re drunk?” Dean said, gently pushing Lucy off him.

“What? I thought you wanted this, that you wanted me?”

Dean laughed, “Yeah, but that was before. You’re drunk, Lucy. I think you should go home.”

Lucy was now the one siting next to Dean, looking sheepishly at the now standing Jessica.

“Is it her?” Lucy said.

“Is what her?” Dean said.

“Do you want her, is that why you don’t want me tonight?”

Dean was lost for words, he looked to Jessica, and back to Lucy, looking for a way out of answering.

“Never mind.” Lucy said, as she moved out from the seat. She could feel tears swelling up in her eyes. This was not supposed to be. Jessica was the one meant to be leaving disgraced and upset.

“Lucy,” Jessica said, calling to her as she walked away.


Lucy walked out of the bar and along the river. People seemed to be mingled everywhere outside, making the most of the summer nights heat. Lucy could not find a place to be alone. Tears streamed down her face now. ‘Why are you crying?’ she thought to herself. She could not understand it. How could he have refused her? She was not that drunk, was she?

“Lucy, stop.” It was Jessica, chasing after her.

“Come to gloat? Twist the knife?” Lucy said.

“What? No, what has gotten into you?” said Jessica.

“I heard you, Jessica. Talking to Sandra at work. You said that you didn’t want me to get with Dean tonight. That it would ruin your evening. Why? Am I not good enough to be picked over you?”

“Is that what all this was about? You don’t even like Dean.”

“That’s not the point.” Lucy said, turning away from Jessica.

Jessica stepped around in front of Lucy, “I’m sorry, Lucy. I don’t like Dean, well, not like that.”

Lucy scrunched her brow, “What? Then, why did you say that to Sandra?”

“I didn’t know how to say it, but it’s you, Lucy. I like you. I have never seen you with a guy, and you always avoid the advances from those vultures at work. I hoped that maybe, there was a reason for that. I was telling Sandra that seeing Dean all over you last time, made me, sick and jealous. I just didn’t want a repeat of that.”

Lucy stared at Jessica, not knowing how to take it all in. Not knowing how to feel. Jessica placed her hands on the back of Lucy neck, and slowly edged in. Lucy was confused, and she did not pull away, she almost longed for what was about to happen, her heart raced in her chest. Jessica pushed her soft lips against Lucy’s, just once, then she pulled away, gripping Lucy bottom lip with her own lips. Lucy felt her bottom lip quiver as Jessica let go and exhaled sharply.

“Now, we could both have some humiliating gossip for tomorrow, but I hope not. Go home, Lucy. See you in the morning.” And with that, Jessica returned toward the bar.

Lucy stood by the river, watching as the city lights distorted and danced across the surface. Jessica had not been bitching about her after all. Jessica had feelings for her. There was a time when Lucy had questioned her own sexuality, but she never pursued it. All this tonight was designed to get at Jessica too; was this really about Dean, or due to some hidden desire for Jessica? Lucy placed her hand to her lips, reliving the kiss in her mind, remembering the sweet smell of Jessica’s perfume. She had never felt like that with a guy. She turned, and walked after Jessica.

“Hey, Jessica.”

She turned, and smiled, “Hey”. Lucy could not find the words, she did not even know what she even wanted to say. Jessica cocked her head, “What is it?”

“Just shut up for a moment,” Lucy said.

“Ok, but, are we just going to stand here and…”

“I said shut up,” Lucy said. She set aside her reservations, putting it down to the cocktails, she wanted to know how she felt. She stepped up to Jessica, and paused just in front of her, their lips almost touching. She felt like everyone had their eyes on them. She felt apprehensive, looking around for any familiar faces, for a reason to stop.

“If you’re going to kiss me, you need to...” Lucy could feel the vibrations of Jessica’s voice on her own lips, like electricity.

“I don’t ask a third time, stop talking,” with that, Lucy pressed her lips against Jessica’s. They kissed, softly. Jessica placed her hand on the small of Lucy’s back, Lucy placing her hand on Jessica’s neck, as she had done to her just now. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was Jessica. No one else mattered.

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