A Fortune's Love

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Coming of Age Friendship Fiction

"Let's check out this fortune teller, Nigel. Maybe she can tells us our future," said Frank as he took the first step up towards the parlor car. I looked at the sign which illustrated a gypsy like lady silhouette with a crystal orb in front of her. On top of the sign read: "Come forth to see your future with Lady Qanilla!" And at the bottom of it said: "No refunds or exchanges."

I replied with a little nervously: "I don't know Frank. For all we know, she could be a scam artist."

Frank waved his hand and replied: "Looks can be deceiving. Who knows maybe she has a heart of gold and has good intentions."

"You do know that not everyone is like you, Frank," I said just to clarify. "You can't just go willy nilly trusting people like that. They can take advantage of you if you aren't careful."

Frank replied with: "I know buddy. Thanks for the reminder. I maybe too straight forward but I always have a close eye."

I caved in, replying back: "Alright, Frank. Whatever you said. After all, I do trust ya. Just please don't let me do anything irrational."

My friend of mine replied with his toothless grin: "Of course, I will. I'll always have your back. Just as I know you have mine."

I then followed my friend into the parlor car which hostes a fortune teller. The lady looked exactly like she was impicted on her advised sign outside. She had black curly hair with white highlights and had red eyes which I'm sure was prosthetic. The fortune teller wore a purple dress with gold jewelry everywhere among her slim body. She had to be around her mid 30s but with all of the makeup and attire she wore, it all made her look like she was 25. I couldn't help but feel my face turning red once I came in through the door seeing her. She takes notice of Frank who entered first and then looks me with a smile. She introduces herself by saying: "Welcome gentlemen to my parlor of fortune. Please take a seat."

Frank responds as he takes a seat to the chair on the left: "Thank you kindly for your hospitality Madam, oh what was it again?"

"It's Qanilla my good sir," replied the fortune teller.

"A pleasure meeting you. The name is Frank and this one here is Nigel," said my friend introducing to ourselves. As soon as I sat down on the chair to the right, he wraps his right arm around me to show Qanilla who he was referring to.

I could say I was a bit of embarrassed which would make it the understatement of the year. For my face was red as a tomato after my friend announced my name to a fine lady that sat right in front of me. She smiled at me with her radiant fake red eyes as the light behind her highlights her curly hair and ita feature. I was obviously and absolutely star stuck with the state I was in. As I continue to find the words, pur lovely fortune teller ask me directly: "A bit nervous, are we?"

It's clear that she could see right through me. I then proceeded to take a deep breath silently through my nose and once I had release the air from my lungs, I replied: "Yes madam, just a bit."

She replied with a smile: "It's all good my love. You have nothing to worry about."

I watched her eyes as she told me. The old me would have been paranoid about all of this but somehow I feel like I could trust her. Frank has done a number on me ever since visiting Miller Park a week ago. I've quite changed from how I used to be. I went from being a spolied selfish brat to a man who seeks vaules over life than the riches. After consideration and reassurance, I go: "Alright then. I believe you."

Qanilla then responds: "Good, I just want to make sure my guests is always comfortable when they come visit me. You're awfully cute, Nigel. I can't help but pinpoint your accent. Are you from the UK?"

Before I could reply, Frank goes: "He most certainly is. He's from London and his family owns a firm over there."

Qanilla responds: "Oh lovely. I always wanted to go there myself. My little sister goes around the world for her job meanwhile I make a life as a fortune teller."

"Well maybe one of these days, you can come with me when I get back," I said before I even realize it.

Qanilla's smile even more than ever. She replied: "Really!? You would do that for me?"

I responded with a smile: "Absolutely my dear. But first I would like to see my future."

Qanilla was somewhat put off by that answer but she snapped back and return back to character. "Right, right," she said as she cracked her hands and wiggle her fingers up in front of us. She continues: "You all have come to see what the future holds and I shall gladly show you. I do however charge but considering I, Lady Qanilla, have taking a liking to the both of you, you shall both have a discount for this visit. Now, are you ready for me to tell you both what your future will bring?"

Frank and I looked at each other. We both gave each other a smiling nod and both replied with a "yes".

Qanilla then proceeds to levitate her hands above the crystal orb in front of us as she looked deep into it. I watched as she did all of this in amazement. Not one bit was I nervous or scary for here is a woman I would like to date.

After a good minute or two, she goes: "Frank, I can see you now. Yes, right here. You have a heart of gold and a good judge of character. You've brought dear Nigel here for an adventure to the carnival and drop by to a lonesome woman as I. I can see your future. It's crystal clear..."

"Yes, madam Qanilla, what is my future? Please tell me," said Frank with excitement.

She responded: "I can you adopting in your future."

"Cool," Frank replied. He then goes: "What do I adopted?"

Qanilla speaks: "It's unclear but you would make a good role model. As for Nigel..."

Anticipation excited me as I heard every word Qanilla said: "You have changed quite a bit for the past week. Thanks to Frank, you've become something better and your parents will be proud of that. Since you've met Frank, you learn to trust not only him, but others such as me. I can now see your future and it's bright as day my love."

Excitedly, I go: "Yes Qanilla, my love, what is it that's in my future. Please do tell."

She then makes a sadden face as a tear streaming down her face. Qanilla then replys sadly: "You'll be lonely forever..."

June 25, 2022 00:54

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