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Here I am floating above my grave. Here I thought I was going to go to Heaven or Hell by now. I have been dead for a month now. My grave is pretty though. It is pretty regular. It is a gray headstone that says Hayley Barns 2003-2020 Beloved daughter and friend. It is decorated in white roses. They are my favorite flower. I died pretty young, but I was expecting. I was a stage four leukemia. I don't feel any pain any more. The only thing that sucks is I haven't moved on. I am know stuck through another Halloween where I can't enjoy candy. I mean come on. I didn't do anything to deserve this kind of torture. I may have cussed at a doctor once, but that shot was painful. I think I was a good kid for the most part. Well I guess I don't have to dress up in costume for my family this year.

I am not really hurt by not seeing my family visit my grave. It has only been a month so t must be hard on them. I don't plan on haunting them either. I want them to think I am in heaven eating bucks of candy. I think tonight I am just going to go to the hospital and visit the kids, Maybe prank the doctor who took care of me. He was a kind man. He would always bring in his dog every Halloween. She was a German Shepard. Her name is Meg. Doctor James let me name her when he first got her. I was into Hercules the animation by Disney at the time. She had a purple bow. Purple is my favorite color. Meg in Hercules wears a purple dress. I was dressed up as Meg that year. She was gray and black with brown eyes. He always dressed her up as a superhero. He said because he didn't want to make her scary. I wonder what she is wearing this year. As I am floating down the street I continue to look at all the decorations and costumes. I noticed something different this year. All the kids where wearing the same costume. They where wearing a purple shirt that said" a spook to remember" in black letters. They all also had witch hats. Another weird thing was the children and their parents where heading to the hospital. In the front of the hospital was a stage. It look like a giant party. Doctor James and his dog meg were there dressed up in the same shirts as the children. Then I saw my friends, and classmates. I saw my family too. They where all dressed in a purple shirt.

Than my mom took up a microphone and began to talk " Welcome everyone to are Halloween party at the hospital. As most of you know my daughter passed away last month. It was rough losing my child like it would be for any parent. I am so grateful for the time I had with my daughter. I am also grateful for everyone who has come to support this event. My daughters favorite holiday is Halloween. She said it was because she could become everything she wanted to be. One year she was an astronaut and another she was a pop star. The number one thing my daughter did every year was go around the hospital and give hugs to all the kids because she new some couldn't have candy like her. She would always tell them spending the holiday together was more than enough of a treat for her. This year in her memory we are through a fundraiser to pay on all the children's medical cost for families. We are donating our daughters life insurance money to help these child and their families. We want them to know we want to give them something for Halloween this year and for the future years to come. My daughters favorite color is purple. That is why the shirts are purple. My daughter wore a purple shirt like these ones every year after she would get out of her costume. I want my daughter to know she became more than anything she imaged. She became herself. I am proud to be her mom. Thank you." The crowd cheered and my mom began to cry. I was crying from the start. I guess ghost can cry. I didn't know that the small things I did every year had such an impact on people. I just wanted to give to others.

Than Doctor James took the stage. He was crying. He than began to speak," Hello, She was one of my favorite patients. Even when she cussed at me because he shot hurt. She was a good kid. I always dress up my dog Meg every year as a hero. Today I have dressed her up as my favorite hero, Hayley Barns. She was a real hero. Thank you."

  I didn't know I missed my family more than the candy I never had. I am grateful for them too. I see something out of the corner of my eye. It was the light. I guess I know why I was still here, so my mom's wish could come true.

Writers notes:

I will tell you the truth that I was crying while I wrote this because I can't image how painful it is to lose a child. I would like people to remember about those children who can't celebrate like everyone else on Halloween. I hope that those out there who have lost a child are able to remember the good memories they have. I wish everyone a peaceful holiday. Thank you for reading my story. Please leave your opinions. They are welcomed. I hope nobody ever lose a child. For those who have I am sorry for your lose. If you are not doing anything for Halloween  maybe you can stop by the closes hospital and share some of your time with some great kids.

October 29, 2020 00:11

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Great story!


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