Fantasy Sad Teens & Young Adult

It was a peaceful evening. Birds were singing their young to sleep, and foxes were slipping away into their dens. 

Suddenly two women appeared out of nowhere. One appeared to be chasing the other and cursing under their breath.

 "Natalie! Natalie, stop!" the second figure shouted, racing after the other woman.

She caught up and grabbed the woman's wrist. "Natalie, stop! You have no idea what you're doing!"

Natalie glared at the other woman. "I don't care, Molly. I'm protecting my child."

"The druids already made their decision! You could get killed for such deception!" Molly exclaimed. 

Natalie wrenched her arm from Molly's grip. "I don't care."

She turned and marched away.

Molly summoned earth magic, and she stretched a tree branch towards Natalie. The limb wrapped around her ankles, holding her in place. 

"I care, Natalie. I don't want anything to happen to you or your son. But this-" she gestured around them. "-This isn't going to solve anything. They'll find out what you're doing, and then what?"

Natalie stopped struggling with the limbs and glared at her sister. "I'm doing what I think is best for my child." she gave a final tug and freed her ankles. "Nothing you say will stop me."

 Molly cocks her head. "Really? And if I decide to tell on you, would that stop you then?"

"You wouldn't dare." Natalie snarled. 

Molly opened her mouth to snap back, but Natalie had turned and scampered ahead.

Molly hiked up her skirts and followed her. "Natalie!"

They walked until they reached a village that was nothing but rubble. Molly gaped at the sight, then turned towards Natalie. 

"Have you lost your mind? This is a roman village? What are you thinking?"

Natalie ignored her and trudged deeper into the village. 

 Molly cursed under her breath and wrapped her cloak tighter around her. She looked around at the destruction, and there were things everywhere. Skeletal bodies were lying about, and clothes were everywhere. Houses were nothing but piles of bricks. 

 Off in the distance, she saw freshly dug holes with wooden crosses stabbed in front of the grave.

Someone has been here - recently. 

Molly hurried to catch up to Natalie. She summoned more earth magic and used the mud and dirt around them to trap Natalie's legs in the earth.

Natalie whirled towards her. "What are you doing!"

"I'm trying to protect you." Molly hissed. "How could you do something so stupid? We traveled for days, and this is what you came up with? You're giving your child over to a roman?" 

"I can't believe we're arguing about this!" Natalie growled. "Release me or so help me."

Molly shook her head. "No, there has to be another way to protect-"

"And if there was, don't you think I would have done that already?" she pulled her cloak back, revealing a bundle of blankets, "Leonidas needs a safe place to grow up, Molly. I know this is risky, but please, give Leon a chance to live." 

Molly sighed. "But you do know that you can never see him again, right?"

Natalie nods.

Molly flicked her wrist, and the mud fell away from her. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

"You . . . you aren't coming?"

" 'course"

Natalie nods and trudged forward. Molly saw their destination in the distance. 

It was the only house that had every brick and the roof intact. They reached the front door ten minutes later, and a young man opened the door.

He had dark green eyes and pale skin from a life spent indoors, and his hair fell down to his shoulders in a greasy mess. 

"Can I help you?"

 Natalie showed him the sleeping baby and explained who she was and why she was there. 

The man's eyes widen, and he poked his head out and looked around. "Are you sure nobody followed you? Come in, quickly."

As Natalie walked through the threshold, Molly noticed the leaves rustle on a bush. Upon further inspection, she realized the bush bore acorns. 

She bowed, turned, and walked into the house.

The man's house was hot and stuffy. 

 It smelled faintly of hemp and cinnamon. The man sat on a moth-eaten couch in the corner and crossed his legs.

"So you're Natalie, eh?" the man cocked his head. "I received your letter weeks ago, but I had no idea you'd be coming by today!"

Molly frowned and folded her arms. "Mind telling us who you are?"

The man nods. "I'd be happy to. Name's Lester. " he nods towards the bundle of blankets. "Is that him?"

"His name is Leonidas."

The man stares at the baby for a few seconds before turning his gaze back to the siblings. "Care to tell me why you're trusting a roman of all things with something as important as this?"

Natalie sighed. "My son was born with elemental powers and the druids hate anything that is not divine. After I had given birth, a druid visited me and said that they'd have to kill him as a sacrifice to the gods." Natalie gave him the bundle of blankets. "I figured that he would be safer with the Romans."

Lester nods. "Hopefully, I can keep him safe as long as no one followed you." he glanced at Molly. "Well, if that is all, you best be on your way."

Natalie thanked Lester and she and Molly left the house quickly. 

Before they even left the roman village people in white cloaks stepped out from behind the rubble and surrounded them.

 A person wearing golden robes approached them and pulled down his hood.

Natalie gasped. "Ward? Wh-what are you doing here?"

Ward frowned. "Don't play dumb. Your sister alerted us of your treachery. Where is the boy, show me him, and maybe I'll spare your life."

Natalie started wailing and screaming about how unfair this was then she turned towards Molly and slapped her. 

"How could you!" Natalie screamed. "I thought you cared about me and my son?"

Molly stumbled back and clutched her cheek, not out of pain but in surprise. She glowered at Natalie. "I do care about you, but you weren't only putting yourself in danger, Natalie. They would have killed all of us if they'd found out what you were doing. You should be thanking me."

Natalie sneered. "Thanking you? Have you lost your mind? Thanking you for what? Ruining my life? Again?" 

 Ward motioned behind him, and two men wearing red cloaks emerged from the crowd of white. Ward cocked his head and stared off into the distance. "Your sister is right. Wandering on roman territory alone would get you killed. I'm guessing your son is hidden away safely in that house, yes?"

Natalie opened her mouth to respond but she closed it and balled her hands into fists. 

Ward nodded and led the men in red towards the house. 

"No!" Natalie screeched. "No! Stop! He's just a baby! An infant!"

Natalie moved to chase after Ward, but Molly encased her feet in the earth.

 Natalie struggled and cursed. Then she squeezed her eyes closed and started changing into the shape of a bear.

The men in white stared on with fear and horror in their eyes. Molly backed away in shock.

Natalie roared and swung a paw knocking over a handful of white cloaks. Molly ducked to avoid the second swing and rolled behind a pile of rubble. She knew Natalie was practically invincible in this form. But Molly had beaten her before, and she was sure she could do it again. 

 She stepped from behind the pile of rubble and summoned earth magic. She lifted the pile of rocks next to her in the air and threw them at Natalie, but she just swatted them from the air like they were nothing but airplanes. 

Molly ducked behind another pile of bricks. 

 Natalie and Molly's magic was controlled by their emotions, so if Molly were able to build up enough anger she could be just as big and powerful as Natalie. But Molly hadn't changed form since she was six.

 Molly frantically looked around the clearing for a safe place to change. 

She closed her eyes and imagined herself as a great wolf. Molly looked down at her hands and watched as they changed into large paws the size of a dumpster truck, her ears popped up on her head and her teeth were longer and sharper. 

 Molly turned and saw Natalie pick up a man in white and bite him in half. She spat out the top of the body and threw the other into the crowd of white who screamed and ran in terror.

Natalie turned and sneered at her. "Ah, Molly. Always one step behind me."

Molly ignored her jeering and scanned her furry body, trying to remember where the weak spots were. 

Natalie swiped at her, she rolled and jumped back onto her paws. Molly ran and jumped onto Natalie's back. She bit between her shoulder blades and Natalie roared.

She reached behind her, grabbed Molly by the throat, and threw her off. Molly landed on top of a pile of bricks with a whimper. She struggled to her feet and looked around for Natalie. 

She was running straight towards her. 

  Molly forced herself to her feet but barely jumped out the way in time. Natalie slashed and cut across her nose and left cheek. 

Molly stumbled and shook her head, trying to clear it. 

Natalie was running at her again but this time she was ready she pounced and without thinking bit her on the neck. 

Natalie growled and pushed her away. 

 When Molly hit the ground she transformed and hid behind a pile of rubble. 

Natalie was swaying on her feet for a moment before she came crashing down, sending bricks, dirt, and dust everywhere. 

Molly peered out from her hiding spot and saw her sister lying on the ground, unmoving. 

She jumped up and raced to her side. Natalie was dead.

 Through the dirt and smoke, three figures walked toward her. Ward and the two men in red emerged. 

Ward looked at the body with distaste. "It would seem that the child and the Roman have vanished." he cocked his head. "What happened here?"

Molly shook her head. 

"You were ordered to stand by and not get involved with any of this." Ward sighed. "But thank you for protecting my chaplains." he placed a wrinkled hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Molly dear, you did the right thing."

Did I?

Molly hid her face in her hands and sobbed.

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