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There are two types of people. Those people who do things in life for other people, and live their lives for others and not for them. And the other type are the people who left the society’s standards and lived their lives doing what they love, and sadly, these kinds of people are very rare because of the society we all live in. People are always headed by other people that are “role models” for them, and by doing that, they end up not living their life how they dreamed to. People don’t really realize that until they are an age that your life is almost finished, but that is a lie. There were so many people who built their life all over again.  

I am Aki Dewei and I started my business ten years ago. I was a normal person too. I was married and my wife was pregnant that time. I had a normal job; I was a lawyer. I was a lawyer not because I wanted to. When my parents asked me what I wanted to become in life I answered “Writer!”. My parents looked at me with a disgusted face, they told me it was not a “serious” job, even if I told them that that was what made me happy and that it is a serious job. They chose for me, they chose what was “right”, and no, I have nothing with lawyers but it wasn’t for me. Even when I told my friends about my dream, they told me that the society won’t accept you because writing is not a “serious” job and they told me that instead, I could have become a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. I listened to them and did what was “serious”, even if, in my heart writing is what make me happy and calm. I could have told them that I don’t want to but, I was poor, I didn’t have any money and being homeless wasn’t a good decision too. My parents were some serious people. They were both lawyers. They have never told me that they were proud or happy for me once. Now, looking back, I realize that they weren’t my parents. They were some sort of people that hadn’t lived their live for them and instead for their parents.  

Now, you are like- “Okay, I got that but where you realize that and why you decided to make a business to help other people.” Well, everything started one afternoon. Me and my wife, Angelina, went to my father’s brother, Akim, who was older than him. He came back from his trip with his family. He had 2 kids, Lily and Lucas. Lily and Lucas had their families too, both of them were married, and had one child. Akim took his family, with their families and kids too, on a trip. He had camper van. He was rich but he wasn’t wearing fancy clothes. He hadn’t got fancy cars or houses. I loved him more than I have ever loved my parents. He did exactly what he loved to in life. He was a business man. Nobody believed in him because he was taking way too dangerous risks but he believed in him and that was what made him successful and happy. They spent one week with his loved ones. He taught his children to become what they wanted in life so they did that. He told my parents to do that too but my parents told them that the society wasn’t going to accept me. We started talking about random things when he asked me- “Are you happy?”, I looked at my wife and he said- “Don’t look at her, I asked you!”. I told him- “I am. I have a house, a child, money to maintain my family.”. He looked at me and told me- “Don’t you want more than that? Why don’t you start writing, and build a business?”. I looked at him and said- “It is late. And the society won’t accept me. I don’t want to be an outsider...”. I started to looking at him. “And what if you leave the society. We both know how toxic people are. It is not too late to start everything from 0. Some people are born to be outsiders, to do the things other people are scared to. Do that right now and you will see that you can more than maintaining a family, having an okay house and instead, go get something way better than that.” When I got home, I started thinking, then I finally came to the conclusion that I want me and my family to leave the society and its standards. The next month, I went to Akim’s house and told him “I want to change”. He told me that if I really wanted to make a change, I should have come to his house. He thought me a lot of things and gave me more than 100.000$ to make everything I wanted to become true. I came home that night and my wife was already asleep. I didn’t sleep in that night; I was putting all the things I wanted to do in order. I wasn’t going to resign from my job even if I had the money Akim gave me, I wasn’t going to do that mistake. I wasn’t that rich to give up everything until my business would have succeeded. It took almost 9 months for my business to be profitable and make money. When my business started to give me a lot of money, more than I actually expected, that was the moment when I gave up my job. Now you are probably- “That is really nice but what was your business about? “ 

Well, I became a writer the next year, and my business is named “A new beginning”, and that was exactly what we do. Normal people are trained by my workers, to do exactly what I did with my life. They are even people that were 50 years old and built their lives all from 0. My writing career is going really well too. 

Now, Akin had this quote that was saying- “Age is just a number. Society is for comfortable people. Life is made to be lived.”. And when he died, two years ago, I added this quote in my business’s description. My business helped more than 1 billion people. Now, on my business's birthday, my wife, my 9-year-old daughter and I, go to the same lake, Akim and his family went to before he died with a camper van.  

Now, I can really say that I am happy with my life..... 

January 04, 2021 11:33

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Ioan Neamtu
06:20 Jan 05, 2021

Well written ! In fact you CAN do everything you want to do. Just DO IT.


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