You were walking back and forth while pulling your beautifully braided hair back in frustration.

"H-Honey, I can explain."

You halted your fast pace and looked at your mother in disbelief.

"Explain? You have the guts to explain why in the first place you were kissing my fiance?"

You barked at her in response.

"Sweetie, it's not what you think."

"Don't make me punch your face on our wedding day, Mark. You stay out of it. I will come to you when her turn is over."

You gave a death glance at your fiance and walked towards your mother who was fidgeting her fingers nervously.

"I should have known what a person you are. Yet I invited you to my wedding, and this how you repay?" Your mother flinched by your harsh tone and bowed her head down in shame.

"Now, I am all ready to hear. Tell me the truth, why was your face stuck in my fiance's lips?"

You folded your hands against your costly bridal dress and waited for her to reply.

"I-I was sad."

"For what? Your daughter getting married?"

Your mother shook her head immediately.

"T-The wedding, the aisle everything reminded of my marriage."

Your folded hands against your chest released it slowly by hearing your mother's trembling words.

"I know that I loved your father, but I miss him."

"If you loved him you wouldn't have done this. And if you had loved me you wouldn't have kissed him."

You pointed your index fingers to your fiance who was gulping hard.

You suddenly started to laugh by seeing their reactions.

"I was just kidding, mother."

You stuck your tongue out making the other chuckle lowly.

"I am sorry, I-I just couldn't wait."

You chuckled by your mother's words.

"Wait for an hour, mother. You can have him once I got married to him." Your mother's face lit up in brightness and hugged you tightly while her tears were ruining your expensive dress.

You soothed her while rubbing circles on the back.

"I got tensed, mother. W-What if someone sees you both and finds out? I am sorry that I yelled at you."

You could hear your mother sniffling her cries and released the hug. You didn't know you were crying until your mother wiped the tears from your face.

"Shh, it's your wedding day. The bride shouldn't cry." She cooed at you making you chuckle through tears.

You looked aside to see your fiance smiling at you. You mouthed him sorry and smiled back.

Time went fast, and here you were walking down on the aisle. You were holding the rose bouquet in your hands and a smile plastered all over your face.

You were going to marry a person whom you didn't love yet you were happy because to make your mother happy.

You never expected what happened in the last three months of your life. Everything happened in a matter of seconds. One minute you were having dinner with your mother and Mark in the house. And next thing you were coughing blood in your bathroom.

After checking up with the doctor, your world shattered by hearing the news. You were diagnosed with lung cancer and it was the final stage. It was weird since you never smoke. But to your unluck, non-smokers do get this.

You were just nineteen, and you never went out on dates. You were happy with your mother and her lover, Mark.

But when your mother brought the topic about you getting married was unexpected.

"Are you freaking kidding me?"

You asked in disbelief by looking at your mother.

"Trust me, hon. I know you find this silly."

"Silly? That's the most ridiculous thing. How can I marry your boyfriend?"

"Don't you want to get married?"

"No. Not when I know I am going to die any time soon."

You heard your mother gasp at your words.

"Don't you ever say that. I am working so hard for the money, and you will get cured."

You chuckled by her words. Everyone in the room knew that it was impossible. The doctor already drew the lifeline for you.

"As a woman, I know what a dream wedding is. And I know that you too would have dreamt about your wedding."

You couldn't reply. Since what she said was true. You have already planned on how your wedding should be, and where it should be. But everything vanished away after finding out your health condition.

"I want my daughter to have what I had."

"But I can't have what you have right now, mother. You love Mark."

"Don't you love him?"

"Of course I do. He makes you happy and treats you like you deserved."

Your mother smiled at your comment.

"I know he is younger than me, and I am grateful to you to accept him."

You nodded to her and closed your eyes when her hands caressed your face.

"Sweetie, do this for me, for yourself. Fate may change. But I want you to experience this."

And that brought you here walking down on the aisle.

To be honest, you loved this feeling. Getting married in a beach setting was your dream and your mother made it come true. Though you were not getting married for real, you felt the happiness.

You don't know how long you are going to live. But at this moment you felt alive.

You looked at your mother who was proudly holding your hands and walking with you. Deep inside your heart, you wished to see your mother getting married. After your father's death, your mother never dated anyone. Her concentration was only on you. And when she found Mark, you were flying in happiness. Though Mark was younger, you could see the love in his eyes.

And you know that your mother is not going to end up alone. She had someone beside her who will love her, treasure her, and protect her. You looked front to see Mark reaching his hands for you. You placed your hands on him after hugging your mother.

The Priest started speaking, the guests sat on their chairs, and the wedding started.

"Please take care of her."

You mouthed to Mark, who in return tightened his grip on your hands by assuring it with a beautiful smile.

Your eyes were only on Mark, your ears were only on the wave sound and your heart was only beating for your mother.

July 27, 2020 12:40

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Brennan Bilberry
23:30 Sep 04, 2020

This is so deeply confusing and lovely. I can't even put words to it. You are an incredible writer.


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B. W.
01:17 Aug 16, 2020

i loved the twist you did for it, i usually don't like stories that have cancer in them because i kind of feel like its just thrown in there but with this one it kinda actually makes sense for it and its kinda cute that shes letting her mother have him. good job with it.


Saranglogy R
03:59 Aug 16, 2020

Thank you for telling me your thoughts :)


B. W.
04:04 Aug 16, 2020

no problem, do you think you could maybe go and read my first story "a friends secret" ? and if you want to i made two others a bit ago


Saranglogy R
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I would be glad to read yours :)


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Saranglogy R
03:19 Aug 11, 2020

Thanks for the feedback :) I would love to read yours.


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Alexi Delavigne
19:26 Aug 06, 2020

When I first saw this prompt I was overwhelmed by it. I couldn’t figure out any way to make a unique story from it (which is why I used a different prompt). But you did just that! This story Is so original and unexpected, great work!


Saranglogy R
09:16 Aug 07, 2020

Thank you for your sweet words :)


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Nandan Prasad
03:52 Aug 02, 2020

Well-done! Unique take on the prompt, with a surprise ending. The dialogue is natural and smooth. Some places had a few punctuation errors, but otherwise, very well-written, and keep writing! Also, please do check out my stories if it's not too much time. Thanks and good luck!


Saranglogy R
04:42 Aug 02, 2020

Thank you for your feedback :) I will read yours


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