The Abandoned Wagon

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Western Fantasy Friendship

   'Vesbrilos hasn't been the same as it used to be. Everything is changing and it's all thanks to the power hungry William Metrarchy,' I said this all to myself as my horsagon Scaleshoe and I left the town where I asked for a simple glass of water. Everything would have been peachy of it won't for the fact that some random orc starting shit. He should have kept his mouth shut. Yet I'm the one who could have walked away. Thanks to my stubbornness and anger, I started a brawl. I obviously won it all thanks to my master's training of being the one of the most skilled spell gunslingers. Not do we know how to shoot a gun and cast a spell but we are also good with hand-to-hand combat. 

   Anyways it came down to that I was asked to leave and so I left there without saying a word. Scaleshoe and I headed to the next nearby town as we walked across the vast landscape of dry heat and burning sand. It's been roughly an half a hour since we left that town and we were already getting thirsty after thirty feet from the salon. Hopefully there was an oasis nearby that we could stop for water and hopefully there will be no water bandits either. 

   Water bandits are always hovering around anything that has water. They were like a group of buzzards who only care about themselves and making profit out of those who can't afford it. One time I once heard that someone tried to get water from they and those greedy bastards asked for a 100 gold for a full canteen! Hearing that just makes angers me even more and no one has the balls to stand up to stop these assholes especially Mister Metrarchy. I swear if I find one water bandit, you bet your money I'm going to do something.

   It came down eventually that Scaleshoe and I did found an oasis and thankfully there was no water bandits. 'Not as of yet,' I noted this to myself. My sted and I quickly made it to the water and drunk from water source that was provided which was in five small paddles but yeah, it was something at least. As Scaleshoe drunk from one paddle, I kneel down to the other and splash some water on my face. I then drunk some and grab my own canteen to fill it up. 

   Once I was finished, I got up and stretch as I then began to look around. Not too far off from a distance was an abandoned royal wagon with two wheels missing. It was one of those royal wagons that were quite fancy and were normally pulled by horsagons for people of the Capital in Vesbrilos. I looked around and there were no horsagons other than Scaleshoe in sight. Those poor things; I sure hope they are okay. As you could have tell I'm a big softie when it comes to animals especially horsagons. Curiosity got the better of me as I heads towards the abandoned wagon and left Scaleshoe with his water. The wagon was only a good fifteen feet from the oasis and I could still see Scaleshoe from where I was near the abandoned wagon.

As I drew closer to the wagon, I got to see the exterior of the wagon. There was sliver horsagons embedded unto the wooden surface looking all majestic as the creatures have always been. Upon the surface there was even a golden orangubear (a half orangutan and half bear) above the sliver horsagons. Orangubears were known to be the guardians of the Capital as well but they all turned when William Metrarchy brought a ruthless tamer to tame the beasts. 

   As I placed my fingers upon the golden bearagle, there came a noise from inside the wagon. I quickly crouched down and drew out my pistol from my holster. The next thing I did was make my way to the door of the wagon. I then quickly got up to my feet and kicked the door while aiming inside of the wagon. 

  Inside of this abandoned wagon, there was a couple of booths on the right side across from each other. To the other side of me and the door was a window. As for the left side, there was a spinning desk with a chair bolted into the bottom so it won't slide around the travels. Everything to my right and straight away were clear, I headed towards the desk as I investigate the noise I heard just now. 

   As I drew closer, I could hear weeping of a little child. I lowered my gun and crouch down to see a little girl hiding underneath the desk. The little girl wore some fancy clothes which were all tore up and worn down. She aquire a messy mop of blonde hair with strands of braids uncurling. She had to be not older than seven years old. The little girl was crying there as she had her hands over her eyes. Once she removed them to look at me with her brown watery eyes, she quickly crawled out to the other side of the desk. 

  I withdraw my pistol into my holster and calmly talked to her: "Hey there, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. You can come out now. I apologize for pointing the gun at you."

   The little girl tilt her head slightly towards me as I saw face of her face. Her eyes were puffy and red as more tears were still wet upon her little face. 

   I continue talking to her calmly: "There's nothing to be afraid. The name is Jeb and I'm a spell gunslinger but don't tell anyone for it's a secret." I even gesture that it was indeed a secret as I placed my pointer finger onto my mouth with a "shh."

   The little girl just continue staring at me without saying a word. She must have been taught well not to talk to strangers. That and she must not trust anyone which I completely understand especially with what has been happening with Vesbrilos lately.

   I encouraged her by saying: "You're one smart kid that's for sure. But I promise I won't hurt you little one for I made an oath to protect anyone as one of the guardians of the Capital."

   She then asked softly yet hesitatingly: "Y-ou're from t-he C-capital?"

   Now we are getting somewhere. I nodded and replied: "Why yes, I am from the Capital or at least was. I used to be the one of the guardians until-" I was suddenly interrupted by Scaleshoe's yell for help. 

   I turn my head towards the girl and suggested while lifting my head slightly: "Stay here please, little lady. I'll be back." I then got up from kneeling and head out to find out what was going with my sted as water bandits were trying to steal him away from me.

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