Adventure Friendship

Chapter one  The Legend 

Nobody can beat The Legend even if you try, know your fate and decide darkness or light. In the moonlight of night you would just be able to see the brawl on the city building of five against one. But this is no ordinary one he is The Legend. You probably don’t know him because you never heard this story before The Legend is unbeatable. Each of the five carry dangerous  weapons two carry  Axes glistening in the dim light another two carry Pickaxes imagine a stick with another stick on it so it looks like a T they are deadly because it can strike then strike again. The last one carried a sword. Now all these weapons were made of iron. If you didn’t know tools can be made of wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond and netherite, netherite is like titanium only much stronger. The Legend wielded a netherite knife and he wore netherite armor. All five men charged they were skilled in their weapons but The Legend simply dodge every attack then he brought out his knife and plunged it into one of the Axmen and he fell cold on the floor he kept dodging and striking until all were on the floor motionless.  The legend straightened and cleaned his knife then looked over what the guys had. He took their first aids and an ax but not far away on the other side of the street a kid had watched the fight. He pulled out an Fr F2 and aimed for him. Pulling the trigger The Legend heard the noise and spinning deflected the bullet jumped off the building and climbed the other inhumanly fast jumping the last few blocks he kicked the gun out of the kids hand and knocked him into a wall about to strike. Seeing the fear in the kids eyes he let him go and gave him a first aid. 

Chapter two  The safe house   

"Come with me and I can get you to safety." The kid went with him but didn't dare ask where they were going. "Where in the world did a kid like you get a gun like that?" asked the Legend. “Um from my friends they were older and one of them had it but in  fight they died and I took the gun.” They walked in silence for what seemed like hours then they heard a Scream. Although it was no scream that could come from a man it was a girl she was surrounded by Zombies and Spiders. 

“Stay here!” Yelled The Legend as he sped down the road. The girl had a wood sword and was barely keeping the mobs at bay. The legend raced in and started a monster massacre. After he had killed the last mob the girl swung her sword at him he ducked and kicked it aside but the girl had some tricks up her sleeve. She pulled out a wooden ax and started swinging. The Legend stopped the girl mid swing and said.

“If I had wanted you dead you would have been in the pile of Zombies before you even swung your sword.” She froze. “Now I can either give you your weapons back and let you die out here or you can come with me to a place where you will be safe and will have food and...”

“Wait did you say food?” She asked. 

“Yes I did and I was going to say training.” 

“I’ll come.” she said 

“Then let's get moving.” He said. They walked another couple of minutes and   before they saw a place surrounded with a stone fence and sweet berry bushes. It was a square box with a lookout tower in the middle. 

“That’s your base?” Asked the kid.

“Yes and No follow me.” He walked in. Inside were chests that had labels of: armor, weapons, firearms, Food. He walked down a staircase and the girl and kid followed then they  saw it a nether portal. 

Chapter three  The Guardians

“Wow is that?”

“Yes it is and if you don't want to die on the way through it I suggest putting these on.” He gave her two gold wristbands and put a gold arm guard on.

“Can I have one of those?” the Kid asked. The Legend gave him one that was small enough to fit perfectly. They walked through and everyone felt nauseous except for The Legend. On the other side the Girl said

“My name's Gem.” 

“Wow a really good time to tell us your name, but since we're at it my name is Leo.” Leo led them down a passage and down a staircase and directly into a Piglin Fortress. He threw six gold ingots down and six picked them up. Then they kept the gold and tossed down items.

“Pick them up, what's your name?” Leo asked 

“Can you call me Leo?” 

“Ok Little Leo is that ok? Pick up the items and tell me what you got.”

“Um  a shiny sword and bow and shield. A shiny Ax and  fishing rod. And a ShinyGold apple.” Leo threw six more down and told Gem to pick them up and tell him what they were.

“Hmm lets see, enchanted sword crossbow and shield,  Potion of invisibility and swiftness and an enchanted golden apple.

“You mean shiny golden apple.”  Little Leo held the apple. 


“WHat?!” Gem spun around but there was nothing there.

“There has been a few other people to get an apple like that but only four have accepted that they were different. There was Max The Magnificent. He protected the place we’re going to with everything he had and he, like others, became an Activist. They go out and try to get every achievement possible so that they win this Battle Royal and release everybody from battle. Then there was Ella The Unbeatable. She had ideas that improved life and she took down the wither like many others.  The third was Luke The Nobal. He was a great leader and had battle strategies for battle and was the leader of the three of them they were called the guardians. The last person to ever accept an enchanted golden apple was me.”

   Chapter four  The Sanctuary

“Wow that is so cool.” Gem was astonished this boy was a guardian and he seemed to be all three of them combined and a little extra.

“Yea but the question is are you two going to accept it i will train you guys myself if you do.”

“I expect but I probably am going to be bad at it.” Little Leo said it as if he already knew it. 

“I expect it” Gem was already getting pumped about training.

“Good then let me show you where we're going.” Little Leo hugged one of the Piglins on the way out and the rest came in and gave him a hug. They walked out and into  a hallway right into the open suddenly Leo pulled out his knife 

“Get back to the tunnel now!” He pushed them back while he deflected a fireball shot from a gast.

“That's a gast, it has a huge shot range and its tentacles are its weak spot. Hey Gem.”


“Want some practice?” Leo said grinning. He pulled out an arrow. He gave it to her and she pulled it back into her crossbow. 

“Now wait and try to see where it’s going not where it is then aim there and fire so it hits the gas when it gets there and not after it passes.”

Gem did what she was told she looked and studied it a little while Leo distracted it. She took aim and shot it, it  flew through the air and hit right in the tentacles killing the gast. 

“Wow that was so cool how you two did that.” Little Leo was jumping up and down 

“Well lets get through the other side before another guest comes. They all walked to the other side and found a staircase leading to another Nether portal.

Chapter Five  Unexpected, Five Years Later  

It has been five years and now Little Leo is bigger and Gem and Leo are dating. They have both killed a wither and have become Achieviests like Leo. Now all they have to do is Defeat the Ender Dragon then they would end the battle royal. Gem had excelled greatly in potion brewing, enchanting and battling. Little Leo who now goes by Lui could chop down an oak in twenty seconds and could catch a giant fish in a couple of minutes and was almost as good as Leo in battle. All three of them were preparing to go to the end so they could try fighting the Ender Dragon. Gem brewed them each a potion of slow falling and a potion and regeneration and strength. Lui started gathering them wood and catching fish to cook so they had food. Leo went into mines and got cobblestone and made arrows and bottles so they could collect the dragons acid for potions and have building materials. When they were all ready they got their weapons. Leo got two more Netherite knives and a bow. Lui got a Netherite Ax and shield and crossbow. Gem got a Netherite sword and got a crossbow and shield. After that they went to the End Portal took a deep breath and jumped in. In the end they set up a base and started by taking out the crystals that would heal the dragon. They took every one out except two the arrows never hit so they started collecting the acid  once that was done they tried to figure out how to get the last two before they could take down the dragon. One day the Ender Dragon swooped out of nowhere and hit Leo. He flew into the air and Gem ran to try to catch him but the dragon shot acid at her right as she caught him. Her Golden apple blew up covering them in light then they were gone.

“NOOO!” Lui ran to the spot where they had been “no.” tears streamed down his face, rage filled him. He turned to the dragon who had disappeared then suddenly it swooped down again but Lui expected it to grab its tail and was taken into the sky. The tail started whipping around and he was flung off. He drank his slow falling potion and then saw it. The crystals were covered in iron bars that's why the arrows hadn't bursted them. He reached the ground and picked up some acid so he could get back to base. He made a memorial for his lost family and put his golden apple in the middle of it. He went to put the acid in the chest but tripped and it spilled on the apple.

“No!” It was shown and then there were Gem and Leo sitting there huddled.

“What happened.” Asked Leo.”

“I don't know but I dont care also I know how to get the last two crystals.” Lui told them about the bars and how they could send a fireball at it to get rid of it then finish the dragon. They decided to do that. Then when they were ready they went out with two fireballs and destroyed both of them and started on the dragon they all kept good hard hits on it then when it was low on health they all hit it and ended it it bursted into light and dropped an egg they all started feeling it they had completed the last achievement. They had ended the Battle Royal. 

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Sapphire ~♚
21:47 Dec 12, 2020

Ok so, um, hello. I made myself a rule to always comment on the stories of people who like or comment on mine, so here I am! Nice Minecraft story, you did a good job with your descriptions of what was happening! - Saph


Louis Lyman
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Lauren K
00:30 Dec 13, 2020

Wow! Good story! How many words did it have? Nice job! Keep writing ~Lo💙


Louis Lyman
16:12 Dec 14, 2020

almost 2000


Lauren K
17:02 Dec 14, 2020

WOW! nice


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