Starting Over After A Century

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Crime Drama Horror

Katerina went over her witness relocation documents again. She found it easier to remember information if she practiced aloud. "Hi, my name is Quin. Johnson." She said. "I'm new to the neighbohood; nice to meet you."

Katerina extended a friendly hand to Agent Barnes. He took it and shook it firmly. "Good;" he said. "Just remember to make your introduction smooth and natural. Now, lets run through your cover story. What do you do for work?"

"I am night janitor for College of New Jersey. Part time."

"What made you move to Erma, New Jersey?"

"I wanted to get away from the big city."

"What big city?"

"Erm..Los Angeles?"

Agent Barnes sighed loudly. "Katerina, you cannot hesitate!" He warned her. "You must say Los Angeles as if you were born and raised there! No one can know you're from Portland, Oregon! That's the point of the Witness Protection program."

Katerina flinched, she hadn't been spoken to this harshly since her father had thrown her out in 1915. She had been molested by her older brother, Peter. Her father had been outraged; he thought Katerina had been making it up because she wanted attention.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, life was tough for homeless sixteen year olds. She had stolen, made ends meet by being a "lady of the evening". Then, on a "date", Katerina had met Clauss. He changed her forever.

Clauss was a vampire from Austria. At the time, Katerina had thought he was just another client. "What's your pleasure?" She asked. "Do you want to freshen up with me or should I just lift my skirts up?" Clauss regarded her a moment. "You're still young;" he said. "So cynical for a flower about to bloom." Katerina was flumoxed, she fidgeted with the fabric just below the bodice of her dress. "Look;" she said. "My job is to entertain gentlemen; not listen to them wax poetic."

Suddenly, Clauss was gently holding Katerina's arms down at her sides. "I could take you away from this;" he said. "I can give you a new life in a way no one else could. Would you like that?"

Katerina had no idea what that meant. She was so tired of letting strange men hump her for money. "As long as it's better than this;" she told Clauss. "You're sure?" He asked. "This might be a little painfull."

"Yes of course;" Katerina said. "It can't be worse than what I've been through." She felt Clauss' breath against her neck. "Hold still;" he wispered.

Katerina gasped as fangs sank into her alabaster throat. She tried to push him off. Clauss' grip was like steel. Taking his teeth away, Clauss snaked his own wrist up to his mouth and bit into a vein. He brought the oozing wound to Katerina's face. "This is sick;" she said. "What are you doing?!" He pressed his wrist to her lips.

"Drink;" he told her. "I can't help you otherwise." Supressing the urge to gag, she swallowed a little of the salty, metalic fluid. At first the absence of change seemed anti-clamatic. Then the burning began.

There were no flames, just an internal inferno; consuming Katerina's impurities from top to bottom. She blazed all night and through the day. When it was over, she awoke to a new life.

The immortality of vampirism had allowed her to witness the marvels of the past hundred years. Now at the begining of the 21st century, Katerina was having to start all over again.

"You're sure Johnathan won't find me here?" She asked Agent Barnes. He had just finished doing a brief walkthrough. "I'm certain;" he said. "The FBI's intel indicates that the European Kindred have no branches on the East Coast." Katerina wasn't disabused of her worries. "Okay;" she said. "But the gang also works with the Klu Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis. I know those groups are out here."

Like an overly protective parent, Agent Brown squeezed Katerina's arm. "We'll have an agent across the street;" he said. "Good luck Quin. Your government thanks you for testifying against The European Kindred." He exited the house leaving her alone.

It was no use worrying, she'd just have to defend herself if Johnathan managed to find her. Katerina unpacked the few boxes of her things. She smiled as she pulled out the jar of dirt she had brought from her native Oregon. She had packed the small jar back in 1945. Her coffin had been in bad shape when she had had to switch to a bed. Keeping earth from your birthplace was an old vampire custom but jars were more convenient and less conspicuous.

Katerina counted all the cutlery as she placed it in the drawer. It reminded her of that Sesame Street character, The Count. Unfotunately, the children's show was correct in using the sterotype about vampires being number obsessed. Once she had finished organizing the kitchen and living room to her liking, she relaxed on the couch.

Looking out the glass door, Katerina noticed the sky begining to lighten. "Ugh;" she moaned. "I guess that means it's time to sleep." She drew all the blinds and curtains before nestling down into her bed.

Vampires are no less helpless asleep than humans are. So instead of being paralyzed in place, Katerina brought herself swiftly upright as she heard the wooden front door crash open. She hid in her closet and berated heself for leaving her phone out in the living room.

Heavy steel-toe boots clomped across the kitchen floor. "Katharine;" a sing-song male voice called. "Quit being shy. I already met your friends. Come on out." Katerina's stomach clenched. It was Johnathan's voice. Someone must have been watching her. How else would he have gotten here so soon?

Katharine tensed preparing to make a stand. The loud footsteps came to righ outside the bedroom. There was a loud bang as Johnathan kicked in the bedroom door. She involuntarily flinched as the closet door blew air into her hiding spot as it opened. "There you are;" Johnathan said. "You little bitch! You thought sending Eric to jail was a good move?!" He flipped open a switch blade knife. "I'd say I'm going to teach you a lesson;" Johnathan taunted. "But I don't think you'll be such a good student when you're dead!"

He lunged towards Katerina, but with inhuman speed she grabbed the knife and plunged it into his upper thigh. "DAMMIT--" was all Johnathan had time to shout before being pinned to the floor. The smell of blood was intoxicating but Katarina hadn't survived a century by being impulsive.

"Sorry, mortal;" she said. "I'm not that easy to kill. Now before I dispose of you, I have questions." Johnathan sneered at her. "Like I'll answer your questions!" He said. "You're a race traitor! You d--AUUGHH!" Katerina had twisted the blade still stuck in Johnathan's leg.

"Now that I have your attention;" she said. "Are you here by yourself?"

"What do you think?--OUCH!"

"Tell me or I'll twist it again."

"Yes! Yes! It's just me!"

"Does anyone from the gang know you're here?"

"No I swear! I went out on my own."

"Good! So this ends with us!"

Katerina pulled the knife out and licked it. She let Johnathan's blood ooze on the carpet. She had to make sure there was evidence of a struggle. After counting to ten, Katerina bit into Johnathan's kneck and savoured the taste of his life force on her tongue.

Katerina couldn't resist licking her lips as she got up from Johnathan's corpse.

As she was cleaning her face in the bathroom, she practiced sounding out of breath. Katerina walked out to the livingroom and dialed 9-1-1. "Hello;" she gasped. "A guy broke into my house and attacked me! ...No he's not breathing...I can't find a pulse! Oh! I think he's--he's dead!...Okay...thank you. I'll stay on the line till they arrive..." Katerina knew how to take care of herself. FBI protection or not.

October 26, 2020 23:17

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C Britt
03:14 Nov 05, 2020

I really liked this! There are a couple typos: -- "...footsteps came to righ outside..." (should be "right" instead of "righ") -- "...Katerina bit into Johnathan's kneck..." (neck, not kneck) Another (super minor) thing: When quoting dialogue, use a comma instead of a semi-colon. (So instead of: "Hello;" use "Hello,") In a couple spots, she's called Katharine, but most of the time it's Katerina. Is that a typo or does she go by multiple names? Overall, I really enjoyed this one.


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Jessica Primrose
16:52 Oct 27, 2020

A creative take on the prompt, love it :)


Marian Reiley
20:17 Oct 28, 2020

Thanks so much Jessica. :)


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