The movie shut off. My friend and I scooted to the edge of the chair and we both got ready to leave. We only left until the lights were on. It only took an extra second, and it was to make sure we didn't leave anything on the floor. I was pretty sure my hair tie was on the floor. I just needed the lights to come back on so I could see. And then there was a loud announcement coming from the back. "Screech...Sorry, everyone. Please stay in the theater for another few minutes please. I need to just, Uhm...check the popcorn machine. If you stay for another few minutes we'll put on another movie. Just please stay in here for another, couple of minutes. Thank you." Then a movie popped on. I didn't want to stay. I wanted to find my hair tie and leave. Nothing else. Not whatever was keeping us from leaving. Whatever it was. I don't know.

I grabbed my phone and put on my flashlight. I found it, but then my friend was hooked on the movie. I was not. I knew what the ending was, as I had heard spoilers. I guess it was predictable though. I walked out. And then I saw some others in the hall. All were crowded by the exit. They were trying to break out. And they were getting nowhere. Then someone comes and tell us that there was no leaving now. Not at this time, or ever. There was nothing we could do, and we were stuck in here to do absolutely nothing at all. My heart broke. Quickly, I ran to get my friend. What was going to happen to us? When could we escape? Could we escape? Is there a way to break out of here, besides the main entrance/exit? There had to be one, right? But no such luck. There were no open exits. We were trapped in here. Internal panic floods me.

I've never been so scared for my life before. I never thought this would happen. Why to me? I could be living my perfect life. I could be doing everything that I had planned for this afternoon. I wanted to go for lunch and then hang out at my house. We were probably going to talk for a while and then we would part. It was a nice rainy day, and now it was the scariest day of my life ever. In a place that made popcorn and provided entertainment. I couldn't believe that this was the way that my life was now. Yesterday I was with my mom and dad, taking care of them. Today was supposed to be a chill day at the movies and then a late lunch/early dinner. It could have been such a great day. And now ruined by a crazy psychopath who has entrapped me in a movie theater. Why to me? On a day like today?

Why could I not be outside? Happy like the passing people. Instead, my freedom was being taken away, in a place that smelled like buttered popcorn and had been in business for as long as the town had stood. I felt destroyed inside. Some were beginning to break down and surrender. But not me. Something inside me just clicked and I knew what I had to do. I told my friend to go hide by a wooden wall. I had to burn the place down. I took some steel wool and a wire and I put them together. Instantly set the carpet on fire. I went running and went to the wooden wall, where my friend was standing. I got everyone low to the ground and I made sure that everyone was close by. I kicked the wall and kept kicking. But after all the wood had burnt, there was just a brick wall. All of them were like this. We were stuck in a burning building. And it was all my fault. I should have never trusted my gut.

I heard the owner laughing. "You idiots. You are now going to burn to death." And then I remembered. Fire alarms. When I came into the theater, I saw a little high-tech one. They went off, but no one really heard them at the time, because of the screaming. I smiled secretly to myself. And then I heard a siren. Thank god that they were there. They destroyed the building and got all of us out. Out of the one-hundred of us that were in the theater, all of us got a little bruised, twenty, including me were burnt. The other eighty people had gone to the hospital and were completely fine. They were sent home the same day they came in. I got sent tons of cards and was even featured in the news. I was famous overnight because I had saved all those people from what we understood, was going to be us become hostages. Well, that's a long story, and we didn't know that until recently.

Months later, I still had burn marks. Others had recovered after some help, but I had the worst burns out of all of them. I attended the court hearing, where we heard why the owner did it. He told us that his theater had lost people, and he needed money. He was going to take us as hostages so our families would pay an amount so that he could gain money, and get rich again. The way he was, "back in the day." He was sent to jail for keeping hostages. My friend and I tried to keep away from talking about that. I didn't know that I could protect something like that. That I would be able to if I truly put my mind to it. I am able to make changes. I didn't know what adrenaline was like before that. And now, now I am a warrior with battle would from that day.

May 20, 2022 17:47

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