Adventure Thriller Science Fiction

Mathan, an Engineer lived with his wife Chandrika and children Gopika,Rashika and Koushik in an apartment.His wife had a desire to live in a house at a pleasant place.To fulfill her wish,Mathan searches for a house in a village and finally found a house surrounded by a beautiful naturalistic things.He liked it and decides to buy it. 

 " Sir, don't buy this house,we are afraid to go near that house, there is a ghost living in that house for decades!" said Ravi.

 " Ha ! you believe in those things in this century?" replied Mathan.

" Sir, It's true.A old woman use to say such things about that house and even i used to have a strange feelings looking at that house myself ! ".

   Mathan looked at the house, its away from other houses, surrounded by trees and looked alike a ghost house. With so much confidence, he painted the entire house and made it look like a palace. His wife, children all came to live ans was living there happily.

  But after few days, there was power cut in an unusual way, different different noises where heard at night, and there was a nagging feeling in his heart, but he didn't make it an issue. 

One evening,Gopika asked her mother for juice.

 "Mom... give a cup of grape juice"

"Just a minute dear!"replied Chandrika and as soon as she switch on the Mixer,the power went off.

"Oh God! What the hell did you do Chandrika?"asked Gopika's father Mathan.

"Nothing dear. we have a power cut this time.

Don't you remember?

"Oh yes ! What shall we do now, in this darkness?"

"Dad! I have an idea" said Rashika .

"What ? What idea? "asked her brother Koushik. 

"we shall sit together in the backyard ".

"yeah! Let's do a camp fire too! ".

"oh! that's really exciting, we couldn't sit inside house, 'cause of hot climate "said Rashika .

 Koushik and Rashika, collected few sticks and woods to make a campfire. The everyone went to the backyard. But Gopika sat inside the house.

"Gopika! Come outside"

"What are you doing there?" asked Koushik.

"Yeah... I am coming!"she replied .

"Happie to be with you all.These moments are precious.As everyone is busy in this world. We are sharing Our happiness in this darkness" said Mathan.

"Mom. . . . . . . . .!"

 They heard a cry inside the house. It's Gopika.Everybody came inside the room of Gopika and found her mobile on the other side  and Gopika lying on the other side on the floor.

By seeing her,the mother asked Koushik to bring water


"What happened"?

"What had happened dear?"

"Go! bring a jug of water". said Chandrika.

Koushik brought some water and they sprinkled few drops on her face,but she didn't woke up.

"Gopika! Gopika!" Her daddy called.


She opened her eyes and screamed again.

"Gopika! What happened ?

Why are you screaming???? asked her mother.

"Mom.....I saw a ghost in my room.It touched my shoulder".

"what ????"


"Yes !Mom"

"Ha Ha Ha !she saw a ghost" said Koushik and made fun of her.

"Ha !Ha! "Rashika laughed.

"You...!You'll never believe me, you should see it,till then you wont believe me."said Gopika and went out.They all sat around the campfire and started to chat. While Koushik and Rashika where playing, Gopika held her mother's arm tightly out off fear.By seeing her Mathan started to think about their house, 'cause the people in their village said to him, that it is 'a ghost house'.He bought the house just to make everyone believe that nothing like those exist. Now, he started to think the words of those people. He himself had faces such incidents. 

  Again ,Gopika screamed.

"Koushik !see.....!It's standing behind you."

"Daddy,Look behind him!"

"What the hell are you talking? asked Koushik.

"Koushik! Be quiet!"said Mathan.

Everyone remained silent and questioned Mathan.

"Daddy! why are you so serious?

"Dear !what happened to you ??"asked chandrika.

"No ....No! Nothing! Nothing!"

"Ah! Power came ,thank God!"said Rashika and went inside the house with Koushik.

But Mathan and Chandrika sat there and Mathan was so serious in thinking and looking at the fire.Yes! he saw someone on the fire.The scene made him worry.Noticing his face, Chandrika questioned him.

 "What has happened to you? 

Why are you getting tensed? After Gopika's conversation?"

"No, nothing , will you shut your mouth?

Chandrika understood that something is wrong and she didn't uttered a word and went to bed with the children.

 "Yes ! someone was here. Last month, while I watched television, someone stood back of me, the other day a shadow was there in the kitchen while I went to have an apple'.Someone had been holding my legs too at night.Yes ! Gopika is right' he said to himself and decides to know more about the house.

   The children started questioning Chandrika about the ghost.

 "Mom. . .! Is there any ghost around us?" 

"Hey no...What are you blabbering"? 

"Gopika got frightened by looking at the shadow of the moonlight" So, the mother diverted their conversation. But Gopika is still very frightened. It's the time for dinner. They had their prayer in the hall.Some vessels fell here and there,while they were praying. Mother did not finish the prayer 'cause of the noise. The entire family slept but Mathan was thinking about the unusual happenings of that day. He decides to enquire about this to the person who stayed in their house before his arrival to the village.

          Next day, early in the morning he went out for a walk to get the information about their house . 

"Sir! Who stayed in our house before ? "

   "Ah! Is there any problem in that ghost house?" Ravi replied.

"I said to you know.Don't buy that house,its difficult to live there" said Jim.The replies from different people made Mathan depressed. He was sure that 'a ghost is there in his house'.With a heavy heart he was about to depart to his house.A old woman came to him "Mathan! Mathan! I want to talk with you"


"I know that you are depressed,I know the reason and the solution for it''said the old lady.

  Mathan was shocked by the words of the lady.He keep on questioning her. But she remained silent and said "I'll come to your house and will save your family".He accepted her request and took her to his house.Hearing her foot steps near the house, the birds flew away from the trees.She asked Mathan to take his children out of the house.Everyone came out and the doors got shut automatically.They hid near a tree and curiously looked at their house and saw a ghost walking here and there and finally stepping out with blood sheds in its arms.

  They stepped inside the house in the evening and found old woman dead with blood sheds everywhere. With the blood the old lady wrote " Live happily....!The reason was me! " They understood that the old lady saved them from the ghost and lived happily thereafter. . .

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