Riding the Tightrope of my life

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Drama Fantasy Fiction

I stand leaning on a railing, looking out at a wonderful view of two cliffs as high as the sky, in between them runs a beautiful stream. I suddenly wonder what the place is called, but I know I may as well never return, so what was the point of knowing anyway?

In just a couple minutes I'll be back on my motor-cycle zooming far away, to somewhere I won' know until reach... Which is the usual. It's been so long since I can remember myself in a gathering with more than a just a couple people. Everyday I wonder why I'm like this why I just zip through the world on my Night-hawk, but then I remember what drove me to this place in the first place...

You see my name is Evelyn Wilde, I ran away from my home back in Scarsdale, New York 14 months ago. I have only returned once... To see my younger sister.

I returned to her to see her, she may not believe it but I truly did and do miss her. I want her to find out who she really is... what she truly can be if only she allows herself to be...

That last time I met her was on the field of her high-school where she was in the middle of an fight with a girl, Lizzie Jacobs... I found out the fight was over a boy named Rich Lesley.

Both Rich and Lizzie when I arrived where on the grass with clear pain showing to the blow they must have suffered from Ashline. Lizzie made a comment about our adoption, I couldn't help it, I lashed out, hit her... bad... when I turned to see Ashline, she was crying and asked me, "Why couldn't you have just come back to see me? why must you always make it about destruction?" I strode over to her, and leaned down to be more at eye level and said, "You hit her and it's retaliation and Self-Defense. I hit her and it's destruction. Where do you get off making that distinction?" her response was this, "Because I don't enjoy it!"

What she said isn't true.

What she said will never be true. I've seen people, innocent people die, right in front of my eyes. I will never enjoy that no matter what she may think.

I told her to come with me, to stop pretending as if she belonged in that horrid school, but she refused, and I left.

The same night I met her on the roof of my old house, when Lizzie was vandalizing it... I admit I was young, stupid, and reckless... I killed Lizzie using my special gift... and me and my sister had an argument I threw her off the roof... and left. To this day I still regret it, but there's nothing I can possibly do now. I haven't returned since...

If only she knew... That she and I are both goddesses with gifts...

She still is yet to find out her ability's, while I on the other hand have mastered them. You see with my mind alone I can control the weather. I can make it snow, rain, or even bring sunshine.

I ran away from my home... My parents... My sister... To find out who I am... What I am... and what I found out, to me was thrilling, but I know Ashline will hate the truth. But no matter what the truth will remain.

Today however, as I stand looking out the horizon, I realize I'm facing North, miles from here somewhere my sister is... For the first time, I feel as though I want to tell her... Tell her who she truly is. Who we truly are, but I fear her response, and fear I may lose her forever.

I know however, no matter what I say she will tell me to return to a normal life, Tell me to return to our adoptive parents. If only she knew... That I can't... I just can't...

If she knew what I knew perhaps... she may have a different perspective.

In all these months I met so many amazing people, people like me and my sister, all gods and goddesses with their own unique powers.

The first time I found this out, I felt as though everything I knew about myself was a lie... I thought that I wasn't supposed to be alive... I was scared... petrified... what may happen if someone found out...

I've also learned since then, that all the gods and goddesses are immortal that life-time after life-time, we return as someone else... and we won't know anything about our powers... until they show themselves to us.

All the gods and Goddesses I've met, and talked to share one thing is common... Confusion. Why can we not remember all our previous lives? Why are WE gods or goddesses, why us?

To these questions I wish I knew the answers but I fear I may never.

However, it pains me to know this, that being a god or goddesses, comes with flaws as well.

As you grow your memories of some of your previous Live's memories will come back... You will remember everything... The good, and the bad... What you see in your bad memories, will create new grudges for you... You will have a thirst for revenge... and so I say this with experience, that there are many, many gods out there who prey on the innocent.

As I said previously I have seen people die... and though I'm not proud of it I have killed people... I have killed people over revenge. However, let me tell you this. I felt absolutely no glory, no happiness, when I killed someone.

The more I think about it the more I feel she should know, for the longer she stays oblivious to this... The more danger she grows to herself.

I walk over to my Night-Hawk, get on it, and start the engine. It rumbles to life and I drive forward... What the future waits if even we the gods and goddesses don't know, I don't think anyone will...

June 15, 2021 23:07

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Akshara P
01:01 Jun 16, 2021

Hi Retee! The story was great! Well done, I really liked how you organized the story and welcome to reedsy! 😊


Retee Satish
14:48 Jun 16, 2021

aww! Thanks Akshara!


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