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  I found myself in Paris after a whirlwind of drama back home. I was free and so damn happy. Warm winds blew my hair as I walked along the famous lock bridge. I stopped in the middle and looked out at the layers of buildings, roads and water around me. Just as I looked up, a pair of blue eyes caught mine as he passed by. My heart jumped in my chest. With a lock still in my hand, I followed him with my eyes. He looked back after a few steps and gifted me with a second glimpse of those radiant eyes.

 I walked on, I wanted to see everything. I had always wanted to see Paris and I was finally here. Alone. On my terms. I felt empowered for the first time in years. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue. Just like that guy’s eyes, I smiled to myself. Next I came across the River Seine. So many years I’d heard those words. I was finally here. I lifted myself up on my toes and peered over the edge, taking in all the sights. The colours of the trees and grass, the people chattering away. I grinned like a fool, but I was just so proud of myself. I made it to Paris.

 Huh! Is that the same guy again? His eyes flitted to mine and yep, there he was again staring at me with that stupid grin plastered on my face. This time I followed him. Where is he going? We walked separately and he didn’t look back. I giggled to myself as I thought, I’m following a strange man on the streets of Paris and he doesn’t even know it! We reached the Louvre and stood in line to pay. I was a few people behind him and he still didn’t notice me. I tell myself this was somewhere I wanted to see anyway. Maybe I could get a two day pass because it’s already after lunch and this place is huge. It would take at least two days to see it all. I reminded myself that I am alone and there is no one telling me what to do or holding me back with their bullshit.           

 Once inside, I lose myself in all the amazing artifacts. The Louvre is like a maze of organized wonders. It’s like walking through time. My mind completely absorbed in the era as I passed through each one. Hours had passed and I suddenly felt exhausted. I saw a bench and sat down. Letting out a puff of air, I wondered where I should eat dinner. There’s a little bistro at the base of the hotel. I’ll probably just go there. I had slept on the plane so when I got off, found the hotel and checked in I was off like a rocket to see all I could possibly see. Finally tired, I decided to head back to the hotel via taxi, if I could catch one. I giggled to myself. That silly grin pasted on my face again. Leaning back to stretch my tired legs, I looked up and there he was again. This time I allowed myself to fully take him in. He was tall, with dark hair. I bit of grey edging his ears. He had the kind of body that I liked. Thin with a cute little butt, wide shoulders and a nice flat stomach and those incredible soul shaking blue eyes. Eyes like the ocean. I’d love to swim in those, I giggled. Oops, he’s looking at me. I must look crazy, sitting alone, giggling to myself and staring at him! He smiled and nodded as if to say what are you thinking? Quickly, I got up and headed for the exit. Well, if you’ve ever been in the Louvre, you’ll know to plan ahead at least an hour before you want to leave. It took me that long to find a damn exit.

 Exhausted, I finally found myself in a taxi heading towards my hotel. I thanked the driver in extremely bad French as I paid and exited the cab. Stepping out, I spotted him again, getting out of his own taxi on the same street. Walking directly towards each other, staring into each other’s eyes, until we reached the door of the hotel. He jumped ahead and grabbed the door for me, motioning me to go in first. My heart skipping, I nodded and walked to the elevator. He jumped in behind me. Oh my!

Speaking for the first time, he asked, “What floor?” I glanced at his fingers waiting to press the buttons. His pointer finger hovered over the six just as I answered, “Six, sil vous plait”.

 Why the hell was I speaking to him in French? I stared straight ahead. He had asked in English. What a jerk I am! Suddenly very nervous and yet somehow intrigued at the same time, my panties moistened. This gorgeous piece of man was staying at the same hotel AND on the same floor! Insane!

 I got one last delicious glimpse of those soul sucking eyes as we said goodnight, each tapping our cards and opening our doors and stepping through the thresholds, in sync. We were neighbors.

 I jumped in the shower and freshened up before heading down to Le Bistro. I was sick hungry, if you know what I mean. It was early for a Parisian dinner, apparently because the place was nearly empty. I asked for a table near the window. I ordered a glass of red wine and Foie Gras which came with little slices of warm bread. It was the best thing I had ever eaten. Whipped to perfection. Creamy, smooth and full of fatty goodness. I can do whatever I want, I thought to myself! I ate slowly, savouring every bite. I had planned to eat dinner too but the need for sleep overtook me. I paid and as I was exiting, blue eyes was entering. He held the door for me. I smiled. He smiled. My heart stilled.

 Once in my room, I tore off my clothes. Spinning my dress over my head like a child. I let it go! It flew through the air and smashed into the lamp. The lamp started teetering so I jumped on the bed to catch it. I started jumping and dancing on the bed. All of Paris bouncing with me through the window. On the last jump I fell into the huge soft pillow. Ahhh, so sweet. Like sleeping on a cloud I thought as I scurried under the comforter. I remembered nothing else once my eyes closed and deep sleep took over.

 I woke to my pussy calling to me. Imagining him right next door. His blue eyes staring at me as he pounded himself into me. The shape of him. That smile igniting my soul. Release came quickly. I showered and started my day. Another freaking day in Paris! Pride filling my body. I had escaped and now I am free. Forever free from that incessant narcissist. Life is GOOD.

 I walked from the busy streets outside my hotel to the lush greens surrounding the Eiffel Tower. The atmosphere changes as one walks towards the tower. This is not what I pictured. There are tall trees and green grass surrounding the tower. Once you get closer, under the tower is paved. All the ticket booths were closed that day and people of all shades are chattering in all kinds of different languages. The air is filled with chaos. Beautiful chaos.   Enjoying being alone I walk to the middle and look up. I feel like I’m looking up a robot’s skirt. Giggling to myself, I overhear that there is a strike. The elevators to the top will not be working that day. I look up the skirt of the Eiffel Tower again and move on. I walk the same direction until I reach L’Arc De Triumph and a gigantic roundabout. Talk about chaos! I never want to drive on that road. You should see it. Cars circling and circling, stuck in never-ending circles. Stuck, like I once was. I turn towards the arch and see him. His back is to me so I take it all in slowly, remembering my blissful orgasm that morning. Without him noticing me, I carry on. I walk for hours. Looking in boutiques, pretending to the sales people, ‘They just don’t have what I’m looking for. Only $4000 for that Gucci bag? No, not expensive enough’, I sigh. It’s a beautiful sunny day once again and nothing is stopping me. I am like a sponge. Sucking up life.

   I hopped in a taxi and ask to be taken to Notre Dame Cathedral using my ‘perfect’ Ontario French. I think I see the driver cringe when I ask, but she’s polite and offers me a smile.

 As I step out of the car, I look up at one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. The architecture is exquisite. Why don’t we design buildings like this anymore? Pride is absent in design, imagination is dead. I think of my red brick house back home. Strike that! Where I used to call home. Now I haven’t a clue where I’m going to live and I don’t give a shit! Giggling, I begin my ascent up the steps of this masterpiece of human creation. Inside is even more breathtaking. The attention to detail incomparable. I take my time walking the inner perimeter. As I walk down the centre, between long wooden pews, I stare up at the artwork that is the ceiling. God really could be here, I think. Not in those strip mall churches popping up at home. Faith feels genuine here. Maybe I don’t have to go home. I could use my return ticket money as a down-payment on a rental unit. I should visit the embassy tomorrow. Maybe if I lived here a while, my French would improve. I would improve. My poor beaten soul and my confidence would improve. Tears sting my eyes and I realize; I am alone and free. I plop down in a pew. Wiping my eyes, I turn towards a sound beside me and find a blue eyed god sitting beside me. Way down near the opposite side of the pew but still beside me. I smile. He smiles. I kneel down and say a little prayer, imagining I was here 1000 years before, even closer to God.

 With regrets, I light a candle and leave the basilica walking. Walking on my own two feet it rather feels as if I’m floating, gloating, sailing, boating…Another giggle. Life is GOOD.

 After another full day of soaking in Paris, I head to a seafood restaurant. Once seated, I find myself staring at sexy blue eyed boy at a table across from me. I ordered the mussels. He ordered mussels. I lick each shell meticulously, not wanting to waste a bit of the sauce they are soaking in. I look over and see him doing the same. I smile and we exchange giggles as we eat. I drench the bread in sauce and bite it as the juice runs down my chin. We take about an hour to eat, each bite sexier than the last. I’m savouring a glass of white wine, taking my time. He does the same, like a thoughtful lover. Slow and easy. By the time we’re done, my panties are soaked and I’m wiggling in my seat. I get up first and wave goodbye.

 When I reach the doors of my hotel and step through the threshold. It feels wonderful, like I’m home. My belly’s full. I’ve drunk an entire bottle of fine wine, and stumbled back once again blissfully exhausted.

 The elevator door is about to close and I run to grab it. As the door slides open our eyes meet once again. Our smiles shine once again. A knowing, an understanding connects us like a beam of light. I watch as his manly finger presses the six. He motions for me to step out first, like the gentleman he is. We walk side by side down the corridor toward our rooms. I pass my door and wait aside him as the lock clicks. We walk inside. Before the door closes, I’m ripping his shirt over his head. As I stare into his eyes, he pulls my t-shirt over my head. He kneels in front of me untying my shoes. I kick them off as he tears down my shorts.

 The second sentence he ever says to me hits me like a brick, “You have a beautiful pussy.”

Feeling suddenly shy, I giggle and say, “No I don’t…”.

 “Oh yes you do! Oh my god, those lips.” He kisses them, tastes them and works his way up, working his belt off as he goes, trailing kisses until he reaches my mouth. We kiss for the first time and the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced is gifted to me. I want more, I eat him alive with kisses. Biting his earlobe and pulling his hair. I’m on my tiptoes because he’s so tall. I work my way down his sexy chest stopping at each nipple for a suck. Impatiently, I kiss his flat belly only once before moving down to finally reward myself with the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen that many but oh! It is long and capped with a giant mushroom shaped head.

 I pop it in my mouth and begin licking it from base to tip. I can do whatever I want. He tastes salty sweet and I lick more frantically until he’s moaning like a wild animal. He pushes me away, rock hard and pink. I watch as his cock bounces from the motion. He spins me around and lays me on the bed grabbing a pillow he props me up and says, “My queen”.

 In circles, he licks and licks. The cars in the roundabout pop into my head. I groan and cum like I’ve never cum before. Tears burst in my eyes. Where has this man been all my life? We are like one person as he turns me around entering me from behind. His giant head rubs just the right places deep inside me and it’s like one long orgasm shattering through me. His orgasm sounds explosive as he grunts and groans like a caveman. Giggling, we crawl onto the bed, our heads on the pillows as we catch our breath. Without a doubt, I found myself in Paris.

November 11, 2022 15:12

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