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It all started when my father died, he was the only family I had left so with him gone I was all on my own. That’s when I began to think. 

What is life if death will eventually kill us all? Honestly, why care for anybody on this planet? They will all eventually die and so will I. That’s when I decided I would go on and live in the woods, I have some people who I call friends but they’re really just people I’m forced to be around because of school. Leaving school behind and living in the woods would have no effect on society. 

It wasn’t easy to prepare for a lifelong journey of solitude; at first, I only thought that I needed tools and clothing but I soon realized food would be a massive issue. Food is typically bought with money and then consumed but with no money or markets in the woods, I would need to pack enough food for me to wait until a farm would grow. 

With the cash my dad had stored in his desk drawer, I was able to purchase some corn, bean, and squash seeds along with a nice camping jacket and bag. All I needed was a sustainable piece of forest that could last me decades. I had to find a place without many natural predators, a good climate, and most importantly no humans. 

I haven’t yet explained in clear detail why I’m avoiding humans. If I’m going to be honest, I’ve lived my whole life with my mother and after she passed when I was 15 years old a social worker reached out to my father, who I had no idea about, and eventually made it work out to where I could go live with him in North Carolina. When I lost my mother I was devasted she was all I knew from the beginning whether I like it or not she was always there and to have something that felt like a part of you be stolen from you, it was devastating. Because of the state I was in I was very skeptical to accept my father as has purposefully left me and my mother for a reason and I thought believed he hadn’t loved me. However as the months went rolling by, I soon realized my hatred toward my father was completely unnecessary as he was providing for me and keeping me fed so I decided to try to befriend him; and I did but as you know he passed away and now all I can think about is death. We all die, it’s just a matter of when, so what is really the point of other people? I just want to be happy and let my soul be set free without being distracted by the things which eventually perish. 

The place I chose was Tennessee, not only is most of the state rural but there are the Appalachian mountains too; I hope it will keep me safe for many years as it is a national treasure that is probably protected by the federal government from any destruction. 

Six hours of driving later I arrive in Tennessee at the Appalachian mountains where I begin my hike into the woods, I wander for hours looking for a small spot in the forest with no trees so I can build my camp and get started on farming. I eventually come across a small stream and begin to follow it upstream in hopes of finding a larger body of water.

I eventually find a lake and hope that it’s not a tourist attraction or a well-known site for recreation and build my fire near the lake. As I mentioned before I want this to be a soul-freeing experience, I want to be able to free myself from all the unworldly possessions and live a life of solitude. 

As I settle into my new environment, I make a lot of progress on wood collecting for my future cabin and farm. I do have a farm but it is obviously small and not growing yet, and I’m also closing in on my last couple of cans of tuna. I know I’ll have to start hunting animals to even survive before my farm yields crops. 

As I’m fishing in the lake, I also begin to question other life forms such as plants and animals: is their sole purpose to feed humans and allow them to live? What purpose do humans serve when they die? It seems as if humans just steal the lives of organisms on earth and extract resources and eventually just create trash that ends up just harming the earth, therefore serving no purpose at all but to just wreak havoc on earth while decreasing the population of plants and animals.

I, however, have a proposal, if we all can realize that life is simply meaningless we should all collectively as a whole separate ourselves from society and abandon our environmentally harmful practices in order to feel like we as a human population did something good for the earth and the living organisms on Earth. Of the billions of galaxies in space, we are the lucky planet that was able to support life, if we continue to live in our wasteful methods we will eventually trash the earth causing plants and animals to die out and eventually the whole human population to die out. Using the extremely lucky opportunity of life, we should not support the destruction of other life forms on Earth and strive to achieve the longevity of our human population. Although the life of one person is useless, it would be terrible if we are the cause in which we kill all of life on earth causing the eventual death of ourselves.

I’m not saying to completely abandon society and go live like a nomad, I just saying that we as a human population should agree on the idea that the cycle of life for humans be eternal.

February 11, 2023 04:12

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