Be Careful What You Wish For

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

  It was a delightful summer night. Lucian was at the library as usual. He was lost in his book. Finally, he lifted his head from the book and checked the clock. The clock was approaching midnight. He cursed his luck. He was late again. His parents would be furious when he got home. He wished he could go back in time. In that way, he wouldn't be in trouble. He put everything into his backpack and left the library as fast as he can. He was in such a hurry, he didn't notice the dark grey clouds gathering in the sky. As Lucian was walking towards his home a bolt of lightning strikes out of the blue. For a moment the white light of the lightning was the only thing Lucian saw, and then he went blind. When he regained his sight, he realized it was raining. After a while, he noticed something strange about the raindrops. They were rough and shiny. This shouldn't be true but it was raining diamonds.

He kneeled and took a closer look at the diamonds on the street. They were the same size as the raindrops. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was literally raining diamonds. He thought it should be a dream. That is the only logical explanation for this situation. He took some of the diamonds on the floor and put them in his pocket. They won't be there when he woke up anyway.

He started to walk down the street in this strange dreamland. He wondered what other crazy things he would see. As he was walking down the street, he realized all of the buildings were abandoned. There wasn't a single sign that anyone lived there. It was strange. If no one was living here why there would be buildings and who build them and if there was no one why did someone build that much of a building. It didn't make any sense. Then he remembered he was in a dream. Since this was a dream he decided not to try to find logic in anything. Dreams don't have to be logical and most of the time they don't make any sense at all.

The reality of being a dream dawned on him a little late. It was a dream and nothing could hurt him he realized. That meant he could do anything he wanted to do. Being aware of being in a dream gave him the courage to do things he wouldn't dare to do in real life. Because none of his actions will have any consequences. He decided to get into one of the houses on the street.

When he opened the door of the house, he found himself standing in front of a forest. He was shocked. This wasn't one of the things he was expecting to find in the house when he opened the door. He stepped in and took a look around. When he turned his back to get out of there, the door was no longer there. He didn't have any other choice than to walk in the forest. Who knows what kind of strange things were waiting for him.

Suddenly he heard a roar behind him. He was excepting to see a lion but instead of a lion, there was a dinosaur standing behind him. Lucian started to run. The dinosaur was chasing him. At that moment he was sure he would get eaten by the dinosaur. While running, he didn't see the hole on his way, and he fell down the hole. Everything went black after that. He felt like he had been falling for hours. When he finally hit the ground and was able to see again. He found himself in the middle of a war zone. Why couldn't he find himself in a place where his life isn't in danger. It started to feel more like a nightmare than a dream. He crawled on the floor with the hope of finding a foxhole to protect himself from the bullets flying around. Luckily he found a foxhole and sheltered there. He thought he was safe now. Then a bomb land a few meters away from his whereabouts. Lucian thought it must be a joke. The bomb exploded and he lost not only his sight but also his hearing too.

Lucian regained his senses back, but he was frightened of what would happen or where he would find himself if he opened his eyes. He was sitting on something soft and his arms were on something made of wood. He raised his head without opening his eyes. There were bright lights wherever he is. After a while, he decided to open his eyes.

When he opened his eyes he saw he was in the library. He felt immense joy and relief. He must have fallen asleep. He looked at the clock and it was ten P.M. So, everything that had happened or he thought had happened was just a bad dream. After the joy, he felt wear off he felt a heaviness in his pocket. He had no idea what it could be. He was sure he didn't put anything into his pocket. He pull out what was in his pocket. When he saw the diamonds he picked up in his dream, he couldn't believe his eyes.

This can't be true he thought. The things that he thought was a dream can not be real. It doesn't rain diamonds, or you can't find a forest in a house, there is no way you can see a dinosaur in real life, definitely, you can not survive an explosion of a bomb, and most importantly time travel is something impossible.

He wanted to believe all of this was a nightmare, but those diamonds were right in his hands. It was enough to prove everything was real. In the end, he got what he wished. He did go back in time.

You should always be careful what you wish for. Sometimes wishes come true in the most unexpected and scary ways.

September 24, 2021 18:31

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Tetsuya Date
10:25 Sep 26, 2021

Lucian in wonderland :D Wonderful story.


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