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Thriller Lesbian

My name is Catrine. I go by Cat.

Today is Halloween. My favorite holiday. Me and my friends do huge scare games every year. We have teams, and see who can last the longest. This year, I'm going to win.

I'm in ninth grade. I started school late, and was held back in seventh grade, so I can drive. I live with my dad, but he doesn't care what I do. I stay at my friends houses all the time. All of them are boy's. They're parents don't care, since I'm gay.

I have frizzy brown hair, and light skin. I'm fast, and strong.

Right now, I'm driving to my Ryan's house. Sam, Mason, and Jason (Jase) should already be there.

I pull up in his driveway, and walk to his door. I'm wearing my usual black jeans, and my favorite black jacket. My hair out, since I hate to pull it back.

"Hey, Ryan." I say when he answers the door.

He steps to the side. "Come on, everyone's waiting, slowpoke."

I roll my eyes, and follow him.

Ryan has fuzzy black hair, and dark brown skin. He's taller then me, and on the basketball team. He's incredibly smart, and most of us are sure he's gay, or at least bi.

I say hi to his mom, who is feeding his little sister, Rachel. We go to his basement. It's huge, and they have a bunch of games down there.

There's a couch, beanbag chairs, a carpet, and a couple of chairs.

"Finally!" Mason shouts when we go in.

I throw a pillow at him. "Shut up, there was traffic."

"Sure." He says, cathching the pillow.

Mason is built like a football player, which makes sense, since he is one. He has dirty blond hair, and tan skin. He's loud, and always has something to say. He can be annoying sometimes, but is really protective, mostly of his twin brother, Jason. He looks mean, but is actually really kind, and funny. He's also really good with kids.

Jason kind of looks like Mason, but isn't built. He has shaggy blond hair, and light skin. He's thin, but fast. We keep trying to convince him to join the track team, but he hates sports. He prefers reading, and drawing. He's gay too, which is partly how we met. He's sitting on a beanbag chair, watching Sam play a video game.

Sam is my best friend out of all of them. I've known him since seventh grade. He was the first person to talk to me when I switched schools. He has messy auburn hair, light skin, and dozen's of freckles. He usually wears a hat, like the blue baseball hat he's wearing now. He's on the track team. Once he was stronger and faster then me, but I joined the track team, and I'm way faster. He's suprisingly good at doing make up, probaly because he has five sisters.

I sit on the couch by Mason, and Ryan sits by Jase. (Sam and I are convinced they like each other.)

"Sammy, come on." I call. Only I can call him that.

He puts down the controller, and drops onto into a chair.

"So, what are we doing?" He asks.

"This year, we have to catch them at the field."

Every year we pick different places to catch each other. First, one of the teams turn off the towns power. It's us this year. It's ridiculously easy. The game is bascially a huge game of hide and seek tag. If you can scare someone, it's even better. You have to find a way to attack everybody on the team. Once you're down, you can't help, you can only watch. We all have orange flags somewhere on us, and you have to take that. Costumes are for after when we go trick or treating.

"Mason?" I say. He's raising his hand like he's in class, or something.

"We're dressing up like zombies and axe murders, and some other stuff Luke found!" Luke is his older brother. "Then, we'll go after them, and bait them to the field, then attack them!"

He's oddly happy about that.

We look through the pile of clothes and we all pick different outfits.

I change in a bathroom, and look at myself in the mirror.

I'm dressed as a creepy doll. I'm wearing an old black dress that is way too short, with black stockings and shoes. It has two black gloves that go to my elbows. There are splatters of red, I assume is supposed to be blood, all over. There are also cuts and rips on the dress.

I hate dresses, but this will look awesome once Sam does the makeup.

I go back to the basement to go see the boys costumes. I'm looking at my phone when I walk in, but I look up when I hear someone clapping.

"Shut up, Mason." I say.

He's in a zombie clown costume. He's sprawled on the couch.

"You should wear dresses more." He tells me, as I sit by him on the couch.

I snort. "Absolutly not."

"Why not? It looks nice." Jase tells me as he comes in.

He's dressed as a vampire, minus the pale face.

"Do you see how short this is? This is a one time thing." I say.

"Synthia would like it." Mason says, grinning.

I glare at him. "What?"

Synthia is my only close friend that is a girl. She's as fast as me. She's on the other team, and everyone is convinced we like each other. Mason most of all. I don't. Not like that. At all.

Well, maybe a little, but I don't want to ruin our friendship or anything.

"She would love to see you in a dress." Mason says, wiggling his eyebrows.

I make a face. "No, she wouldn't. Why would she?"

"Because she loves you! Synth loves Cat!" He shouts.

I slap my hands over my ears, even though he doesn't stop.

Ryan comes in, and I uncover my ears.

"What on Earth?" He says.

He's wearing what looks like a seriously messed up hunters outfit. I think he's supposed to be dead, but I can't tell.

"Mason won't shut up about Synthia." I tell him.

He grins. I groan. "You, too?" I complain, covering my ears again.

They tease me until Sam comes in. He already did his make up.

He's a zombie. He's wearing ripped old clothes, and his face is a light green. He has fake scars on his face an arms.

"Ok, who wants make up?" He asks as he comes down.

Nobody says anything.

He rolls his eyes. "C'mon, Jase. Yours is easiest."

He does everyone's make-up in an hour, and we all look pretty scary. He painted my face a pale white, and my lips are bright red. He did something that made me look younger, and more like a doll. He flat ironed my hair, the put it in two braids with black bows at the bottom.

Mason's face is white, and he's wearing a red wig. He has a huge hammer that looks like Harley Quinn's, and fake scars on his face.

Jase has a pale painted face, and his lips are bright red.

Ryan is the same color as Sam, but has more 'blood'.

When he's finished, Sam drops on the carpet. "Finally."

"We've got to get going." I tell him, nudging him with my toe.

He groans, but gets up. Ryan checks to make sure Rachel won't see us, and we head out.

We go in my car, and I drive us to the power towers. Mason was worried we were going to scare little kids, so we go the long way.

"C'mon." I say to Sam when we get there.

Sam and I go inside.

The doors aren't locked, and there are no guards. We do this every year, and they don't try to stop us. I think their okay with it.

We go to the huge room that controls the town's power. Sam finds the button, and we flick on our flashlights as the lights go out.

We race back to the car, and drive away quickly.

We get there, and vote Ryan and Jase as bait. They stand in the middle of the field. They have a walkie taklie Jase is keeping in one of his pockets. Mason and Sam wait on one side of the field, and have the second. I have the third. I'm by myself, hiding behind the tall bushes.

I watch Ryan and Jase, but nothing happens. Nobody does anything for a while, so Sam says he's going to check inside.

I see him stand, and jog to the doors. Ryan and Jase are deep in conversation, and Mason is crouched between the bleachers. He looks bored.

Sam comes back outside. "I don't know. I can't find -" He gets cut off, and I look to see what happened.

He got tackled by someone in all black. Based on the height, I can tell it's Danny. He's the shortest of all of us, but freakishly strong. He's also super competitive. He has dark hair, and tanned skin. Sam's trying to hold him off, but isn't doing well.

"Shoot." I mutter. Ryan and Jase are running, because two people are chasing them. It's Luke and Lucas. They're best friends, and look alot alike, even though they aren't related. But, also, they are really different. They both have short curly brown hair, and light skin. The main difference in looks, is Luke wears glasses, and Lucas is more built. Lucas is really smart, and Luke hates school.

Now, they are both wearing black like Danny, and chasing Ryan and Jase.

Right before they can catch them, Mason comes running out. He catches Lucas, and takes his flag, but Luke takes Jase's flag before Mason can get to him. Lucas and Jase go sit on the bleachers to watch.

Wait. Synthia and Geor. Where are they?

There. I see someone lumbering towards Mason. Mason sees him in time, and dodges.

Geor is pretty much exactly like Mason. His name is George, but he hates it so he shortened it to Geor. He has frizzy black hair, and light brown skin. He's on the football team too, so this should be interesting.

Mason tackles him, and I can see he's careful not to actually hurt him. They wrestle around for a minute, but Geor comes up with the flag.

I see Ryan grab Luke's flag, and Jase cheering. Ryan and Geor look at each other. Suddenly, Sam runs out, and grabs Geor's flag. Ryan exhales in relief, and Mason bursts out laughing which gets him a punch in the arm. They go sit on the bleachers where Danny is sitting with Jase and Lucas.

Now, only Ryan, Sam, Synthia and I are the only ones left. I'm about to go to them, when someone grabs both of their flags.

The boys on the bleachers all stand. Was that Synthia?

Ryan and Sam walk to the bleachers.

Synthia's standing in the middle of the field. She has long black hair in a neat braid down her back. She's wearing a black jacket, and pants. I can see the flag sticking out of her pocket. She looks around, and when her back's turned, I sprint towards her. She turns at the last second, and dives out of the way. I slide to a stop, and she rises quickly.

We circle each other.

"Hey, Cat." She says softly. The boys will tease us over anything we say to each other. It's not like they'd be able to hear us anyway.

"Hi, Synth. What do you think the boys are talking about?"

They're all pointing at us. I have a guess.

"Talking about us liking each other." She guesses.

I nod. "Yeah, probaly."

"They are so immature." She says.

I snort. "Definitly. Do you like me?" Did I really just ask that?


Wait, what? I stop, and stare at her.

She rushes at me, her hand going to flag. I catch her hands, rolling them into fist. I'm stronger then her.

"What did you say?" I demand.

She smiles. "I like you. Always have."

"Seriously?" I ask.

She raises an eyebrow. "Yes, Cat."

Ok. I have an idea. The boys are going to love this.

"I like you, too." I say softly.

She brings her face close to mine. "Seriously?"

"Yes, Synth."

"Hmm." She says.

"Can I kiss you?" I ask, holding me breath.

She nods, and I press my lips aganist hers. I can hear the boys hooting and cheering. I slowly pull the flag from her pocket, and wave it behind her head, so the boys can see.

Then, I drop it, and hold her face. She pulls my waist towards hers, pressing body aganist mine.

When we break apart, I grin at her, and she smiles back.

I look at the boys, who are coming over. We both groan.

"I won, by the way." I tell her.

Her hand flies to her pocket. "Touche."

The boys come over, all talking over each other. Mason and Geor shout"I told you so", Luke and Lucas yell ship names. I see Jase and Ryan holding hands, and Jase blushes when I ask him about it. Sam cheers about winning the game, and Danny admits what I did was smart.

Finally, we start to go trick or treating. The lights have come back on by then.

We all have huge pillow cases, and we get candy until we can't carry it anymore.

We all go to Danny's house, since his house is huge, and his parents aren't home.

We eat candy and watch horror movies until we all fall asleep.

September 04, 2020 21:52

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Ava Villa
16:44 Jun 08, 2021

I absolutely love this story! The plot and characters were so enticing! Keep up the great work! *Random talk time* I'm and Amity too! I would be a Seawing- I've only read the first book of Percy Jackson but I absolutly love it :)


Ari Berri
00:25 Jun 25, 2021

Thank you! You should definitely keep reading the series.


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Chloe McLellan
17:26 Jun 04, 2021

I love this story so much. I would love to do something like this with my friends and girlfriend. You've inspired me to make up my own game that I could play for the rest of my life.


Ari Berri
21:47 Jun 06, 2021

I would love this, too. Sadly, I hate running, and I don't have enough friends. But it's fun to imagine.


Chloe McLellan
11:22 Jun 07, 2021

I feel you. I hate running too, but I'm really fast. I have no friends although I'm sure I could get a lot of people to play.


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Leo Reynie
23:47 Mar 21, 2021

*smirk* Lesbian *smirk* Yay. LOVED ITTTT!


Ari Berri
13:03 Mar 22, 2021

XD Thanks!


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Jace A. King👑
19:53 Oct 07, 2020

I loved this so much, It was well written besides the grammar.


Ari Berri
01:03 Oct 08, 2020

Thank you so much! I'm working harder on the grammer thing in other stories.


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☆ Ariadne ☆
03:35 Sep 16, 2020

There are some grammar errors in this story - run-on sentences, incorrect pronoun placement, and some incorrect quotation marks. Maybe use an editor next time? I personally use Grammarly and Hemingway and they have changed my life. The storyline is excellent, though. I also love your pen name! Nico di Angelo is one of my favorite characters from Percy Jackson - he's so misunderstood, and he's too young to be going through everything he has gone through. Please check out my story and like/comment! Thanks! :)


Ari Berri
15:37 Sep 16, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to double check next time. Nico is one of my favorite's too, along with Grover, Hazel, Zoe, and Alex Ferrio (from magnus chase). Your story is really great. You're a great author. Keep writing!


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14:43 Feb 14, 2021

This was such a roller coaster ride! It was like this, Normal-ABSURD-normal. It was soo cool!, especially with such authentic characters!, do you base your characters on real life people or something?


Ari Berri
17:46 Feb 14, 2021

Thank you! I don't, but this is the type of thing I'd want to do with my friends,


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