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I refuse to go anywhere near anyone, I don’t need them to hurt me again.

I miss my mom. She was the only person that understood me, the only person that even cared. Mom was the only human that made me feel better being an Axile, but now she’s gone too. An Axile can control people’s thoughts and movements, so I guess that’s why flying-freaks Atsoises are after me. They say I’m the last generation left, and that they were going to teach me how to use my power correctly. I was caught once, when I was five years old, and they were nothing they said they were. 

They cut off chunks of my hair for the spell to make them overpowered, plucking out my eyebrows to control my brain, and just as they were about to take the blood for the finale, my parents arrived. They took down the bad guys, doing what they did to me, just to give them a taste of their own medicine. I watched dumbly, my eyes staring at the moment. 

It still happens. Touching my eyebrows makes me shudder with fear, and my hair hasn’t been cut for years, just to avoid the feel of that night. I know fainting at the sight of blood might be a little overboard, but blood is my first option on my list of scary things. Every once in a while, I remember my mother. That leads to my father, how they were a couple, and the night with the kidnappers. I yelped. The people that took me didn’t look half as vicious as they actually were, they pretended to be a nice pair, looking for a dog. Sounds pretty classic, eh? I should’ve known better, but five-year-old me had no idea. I followed them into their car, and they suddenly took off driving at full speed. 

By the time we arrived, they had pulled off their nice act and put on dark masks over their heads. They each got a good grip on my wrists, and yanked me out of the car. I screamed. “Let’s take this devil in and get it over with.” one of the bad guys said under gritted teeth. I screamed louder, this time kicking and punching air with all that was left

in me. At the time, I didn’t know how to use my power, so I couldn’t break free. 

Once I was inside, I saw someone scarier. Payton. He used to be an uncle of mine, but once he found out about my talent of power, he wanted to assassinate me. Before, he had been a nice, clean uncle, his hair always secured and combed with gel. I looked at him now. He was inked up with tattoos, his hair was messy, and he was sniffing drugs with a hand and smoking cigars in the other. 

He smiled, as I walked inside a blank room. He sat in the center of the white room, on a chair that looked like a throne. He laughed an evil laugh, “my dear niece, you look beautiful today, remember me?” I stopped to look at him. The two sidekicks took advantage of the moment and cut off my hair. “No!” I screamed. It was no use. They stuck Duct tape over my mouth and cuffed my wrists and ankles. I sat down, exhausted and furious. I forgot about my hair, and at the moment it didn’t seem to matter. 

Then, siren sounds started. The bad woman plucked my eyebrows. The siren got closer. She got a pocket-knife. The car parked. She got closer. The car door opened and someone got out. She was inches away. The door opened and Mom and Dad burst in. They took out the woman and moved on to the man. Upper punch. A kick in the privates. Blood. He was out too. Lastly, my uncle. They circled him and when least expected, they shot him. Mommy unlocked me and Daddy picked me up. Once I got home, I lay down on my bed, tired and frustrated. My parents cleaned my wounds. And fed me water.

I still remember that day. Now whenever someone comes by, I look or run away, pretending not to see or hear them. I never know what’s coming if I make more interactions with others, so I decided not to at all. I have my own world, so I live in it. In my world, there are grass and animals, flowers and trees, houses and cities, all for me. There is nobody else in here, no way in, one way out. Only for me. To me, my world is flawless, no bad guys, no danger. Uh, oh, here comes a human. Better run! I leaped off my chair, then ran as fast as I could, knocking down a chair as I went by. I can’t risk it. I just can’t…….Wait, I’m an Axile. I can control one’s mind! 

I turned around and focused on their eyes. Once I got access to their mind, I removed the image of myself so I would be there but not seen. Then, I sat down again, relieved that there was no harm done. Usually no one is here at this abandoned convenience store, but once in a while backpacked people walk in looking lost. 

Right then, in came a drunk dude, peeing on the floor of the store. I covered my eyes, ewww! “Hey, got any beer?” he asked. Once again, I focused on his eyes. “I’m a store clerk.” “Well, you got some beer?” “No. You’re already drunk.” He walked away. I sighed. This may be the only way I may ever talk to others. Hypnotizing them. I hope the magic wears off soon, or the clerk thing may haunt him for a while. I shuddered. No more things about haunting. Here comes another person. I think I should run, but it’s too late. He comes in. I sprint into the back door, where I saw a full moon. This may be a start of something new.

July 24, 2020 00:06

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