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Every day is a global fashion event when you are a Targeted Individual. The T.I. is not the fashion connoisseur, it is the stalkers, who revel in making decisions on what to wear to cause suffering to the T.I. Perhaps the stalkers mistakenly believe that the decisions they make in the clothing they wear will somehow trigger the T.I. into doing, saying, or even thinking something that is not in the T.I.’s best mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or financial best interests.

Imagine, this world, then, that the T.I. lives in. People don’t behave, dress or speak according to who they are, but they act in a way that they want the T.I. to believe something. Each stalker believes themselves above the T.I. because they have all grouped together to bully the T.I. The fact is, it is weak people that group together to bully one that is stronger than them all.

If you observe clothing, you will see that all the popular brands conform to certain rules and regulations. It is no accident that there are so many clothes with numbers and symbols on them. It is mind control, which I have labelled Neural Linguistic Malware. Programming is helpful. Malware is not. The Elite design clothes and saturate the market with certain kinds in order to keep people enslaved. This is the reason why I revel in buying clothes without symbols, numbers, names, or patterns on them. Not only for my mental health, but knowing what I know, I do not want to wear a piece of clothing and accidentally trigger some unknowing individual into doing something that is not in their mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, or financial best interests. It was alright for me to wear what I wanted before I understood the Matrix that we live in. Now, I have accountability and on my judgement day, I will be called into account for every thought, word, and deed that I have forgotten to repent of.

Do not be fooled. The stalking thing is spiritual warfare at its core, though the stalkers have been conditioned, groomed, programmed, and trained to believe that it is not. If the stalkers understood that it was spiritual warfare and engaging in such ludicrous (at best) and vile, putrid, evil, and cruel (as a norm) behaviour was going to affect their afterlife and future lives in unpleasant ways, would they be so keen to be programmed and part of a program.

The enlightened T.I. is a rare individual. As I have only met one true Targeted Individual, I can not generalize anything about other so-called targets. My sneaking suspicion is that whom the Elite have targeted are those souls that have been called, chosen, redeemed, and favoured by the God above all in this realm. It might not seem like favour from God when you are being persecuted, but his favour is there in that he sent his son to redeem your everlasting soul so that you could have a pathway back to God.

The Elite call themselves Illuminati, with their pet dogs as Freemasons, who have enslaved pretty much everyone. For them, it is about preventing souls from achieving true illumination. Because when a room full of light is next to a room with no light, one can see the difference. Whereas 2 rooms with no light, there is no difference.

Why do the Elite fear the light? Because it threatens their way of life. They have lived in the darkness for such a long time, that they do not understand that there is another way. But the evils that they have committed and continue to, they would not only have to give up, but they would every one of them engage in genuine acts of repentance. This would take them lifetimes to master.

They would have to let go of the flesh. If God called them, God would take away their pleasure from the flesh. He can do that, and he does that, when he calls you to be one of his. God doesn’t care who you were or what you did before he calls and choses you. God will guide you into being a representative of him.

Maybe the Elite can see the markings of those whom God has chosen when they are born. Maybe they have people who can detect true light from a baby. I am convinced the Mark of the Beast is not a number, or even a microchip but has to do with something imprinted in an individual’s soul. I am positive every person engaging in community stalking already has the Mark of the Beast. It is not my problem, and I am not marked with the Beasts Mark. If I was, I wouldn’t have any problems in life.

It is hilarious, when you see the stalkers, all dressed up to elicit a response from one person. I do not think that the stalkers understand what amusement the enlightened T.I. gets from their juvenile antics.

I have achieved a mental space where I hold myself accountable for even my moods. What the pups do no longer bother me. Their behaviour is not my karma. It belongs to them, and everyone pays, whether they like it or not. What these people do now, is irrelevant to my thought process, what I want to do, and where I choose to spend eternity. What my outcome is for me in life resides in full on the decisions I make.

When I used to get upset, I can look back and see, that the person who benefitted the least from my anger was myself. There is nothing I can do about the behaviour of these people. The only thing I can control is myself, including feelings. If I were to let other people dictate my moods to me, who would be in control of me? Myself, or them? I have no intention of letting anyone control my mind, energy, or soul. Unless, of course, I am in an act of surrender to God. This I have done to win, and it is working.

What these stalkers have failed to realize, and what I have noticed, is that they are more programmed and easier controlled than I ever was, because if you are not making a conscious decision on behaviour based, not on reward, but what the karmic and thus eternal consequences are, you are nothing more than a programmed robot thinking you're awake in a world full of other sleepers.

I am not a sleeper. I am alive. I am awake. I am happy. I am comfortable. I belong to God. I will have eternal peace after 100 odd years of suffering provided by the terrified Elite and their chihuahua Freemo’s.

And what I realize about suffering now, is the more accountable I become, the more I connect with my inner self, the more I surrender to God, the more I choose my positive moods, the less I suffer, no matter what the stalkers throw at me.

Have a beautiful day. If you are my enemy, may the Lord bless you and keep you.


May 07, 2022 05:03

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