The turning point

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Romance Happy Fantasy

"I think I won't be able get him out of my mind, never".

Not even a single day in her life was without the memories of her childhood love who has now been engaged to his high-school girlfriend.

"Okay, let's focus on work" has been now the new thought that has started dilly-dallying into her mind.

The new job was the dream company, the people, the surroundings and everything related had her eyes off from her not-so-okay love life.

One fine morning, the shift changes. 

"Okay folks! Due to expanding team size, we are moving few people of the project to another shift, the Team Leader announced"

New shift, new people, sudden changes, her heart sank. Little did she know, that this could turn out to be the most wonderful turning point of her life or may be the "life changing one". 

New shift-Day 1, entering the floor, she whispers to herself, oh my my who's this guy behind the laptop, perfect build, charming face, calm and serenity all around the posture and top of it soothing and authoritative voice. 

Must be a senior associate, she wonders. 

Day 2- How is he so sorted and confident about anything and everything going on in the project. He is uniquely blessed to handle so cumbersome situation with utmost ease and comfort. 

Day 3- What, he is our Manager? Isn't he too young for that much responsibility and power. Amazing, we must take a leaf out his life. 

Day 4-Not only he has an expertise over project, he is a charmer as well. 

Look at all the female associates, buzzing like bees around him and finding ways to start a conversation. 

Day 5-Ummm, am not like these girls. 

Let's work hard and have his attention through good scorecard report. 

Weeks later, I think am not enough a person for such an all-rounder like him.

I have to work harder for my reports to speak. I have to do it, there is no other way. 

A few more weeks later, "so this is critical and important, the client needs to know all that is troublesome in the project's success and I think mauli, you can connect with the client and help the team with the outcomes", the manager told to the team. 

For the first time mauli felt like her wings have grown and she is ready to take a flight. 

Her feet has already stopped touching the ground as she was sure this was the perfect opportunity to know how high she could fly. 

The client meet went pretty well and the manager turned admiration congratulated and appreciated mauli on her outstanding work. 

The days were passing by and mauli was regaining her strength as if someone has come and reminded her of her superpowers like the Hindu Diety, Raama. 

She was becoming the person she never knew she could be. 

Sharp, smart, adorably dressed, fun loving, beautiful, feeling comfortable in her skin, confident than ever and all of that she had left far behind with not being able to get his childhood love. 

She was happy, in glee and lovely. 

Her luck started coming back to her hand-lines again and she could conquer anything coming in her way now all thanks the strong belief in herself that has come from nowhere. 

It's true that sometimes the vibes are enough to change someone's destiny. 

But, destiny like always had some other plans. 

Mauli was just collecting and putting some alluring moments into the time capsule. 

She could sense his manager giving him attention more than other female associates. The more he bestowed trust on her, the more she started having faith in her broken self. 

Another bunch of days passed and mauli was convicted that if someone could make her feel better about herself, then he would be the best person for her to sail through life. 

Everything around her was making a little more sense. 

Each day started with all smiles when her manager would just come and work sitting besides her, telling his life stories, his adventures and what type of world he imagines in his mind & the day would end with laughter and so much of positivity. 

There is now a dramatically changed personality that mauli could see each morning in the mirror. 

"Okay, am not gonna lose this person that I've become. Let's make it forever." 

Mauli decided to confess her feelings to him but was very reluctant as she was too afraid to lose that pure bond of friendship that had developed between them all this while. 

She would grumble day in and day out sinking in the thought of losing the person she had become, if one more time her love turned out to be unrequited. 

Also, she was worried as to how she would face him in the office the next day of making the confession. 

The big day was here, as general as the shift started mauli normally entered the floor and took her desk to begin work. 

After a while he enters the floor (and so do butterflies in mauli's belly) after waving hands towards every bay greeting all associates. 

Quite usually he grabbed a chair and sat besides mauli. 

"Hi mauli", he greeted. 

"Hello Sir" , the melodious voice replied. 

So, am breaking this news to you, not many folks know about it that tomorrow is my last day in this project and I am being moved to a newly established pilot project for supervisor's role. 

"Ohh! That's great, all the best sir" mauli's shaking voice was no match to a blast of emotions shouting inside. 

With a fake smile very cleverly she hid the moan of her heart which was breaking bit by bit. 

The nerves of the brain were aching to be heard and the soul was begging to pluck up the courage to speak her heart out before it's too late. 

Few minutes later mauli texts him to come in the break area as she wants to have a word with him. 

She was full of anxiety and glee both at the same time as this was the moment she had been waiting all her life, to propose someone for life. 

They sat down over a coffee and mauli starts to place her heart to the table. 

But, then again who would know that was the last time she could feel as her best self, blessed inside that she is doing it for real. 

In no time the best moment of her life turned out to be the one from where she could never take herself back to life again, back to the "unknown person" she had become in his company when he says "we can always be friends, right". 

And there the most inexplicable feeling of 'falling in second love for the first time' just choked the beautiful bond of friendship to death. 

There was an awkward silence, afterwards which continues till date. 

But, the person dumped insides mauli still yells out to feel the same all over again, so she reminisces the memoir of her from time capsule which was the only thing she was left with.

October 05, 2020 20:30

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